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Conspiracy Theory – Part 6 : International Conspiracies

Conspiracy Theory – Part 6 : International conspiracies


By now the reader will have a good understanding of the nature and complexities of conspiracy theories. To some extent, everyone involved in politics and power, knowingly or unknowingly, are exposed to the reality of conspiracy theories because there are invariably an “us” and “them”. What “they” do is more often than not just some kind of conspiracy theory.


This article focuses on the last grouping of conspiracy theories namely International Conspiracy theories.


The Coefficients Club:

A club of influential people during the early 1900s with the purpose of charting the future of the British Empire. Their main focus was to determine the best strategy to defend and expand the liberal British empire. Although they seemed to be the enemy of the British Oligarchy, they were actually one of its most prized instruments for world rule. They  saw big business and multinational corporations as  forerunners of a World socialist state. They believed that the systematic destruction of existing social structures would create the social magma needed  for the future world state.


The Anglophile Conspiracy:

This theory holds that the British Crown as far back as the 1400s moved  towards world domination. In later ages the Crown was in strong competition with the Vatican in this field and succeeded in purging  Masonry from pro-Vatican elements, in preparation of turning Masonry into Britain’s premier intelligence service, which led to the Vatican repudiating its  previously loyal underground intelligence network.


The Masonic World Government Conspiracy:

This  conspiracy is best described in a notorious document which is said to have been published in the early 1900s but is alleged to be a  forgery, connected to Hitler , called the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. This document consists of 24 Protocols that seem to be an address to an initiated  group, describing in much detail the methodologies of obtaining world dominion by the Jewish race, being a superior race, destined to rule the  world. The document describes how a monarchy should be moved  via a liberal democracy to the position where world government can be instituted. The fundamental driving force in this process is “the blind force of the mob”  which must be divorced from its loyalty towards the king, and thereafter  through  political-, economic-, educational means,  and the deliberate action of the media guided to a position of desperation, which will lead to the universal acceptance of  a global ruler.


The Bavarian Illuminati Conspiracy:

This organisation was established in May 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, who was a Professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt with the idea of furthering mutual helpfulness, counsel and  philosophic discussions to increase morality and virtue. Other documents, dated 1796 and 1798 however, alleges that their ultimate goal was the destruction of all religious and political institutions, all forms of religious faith and all governments. They were devoted to a campaign of world-wide revolution to destroy the existing order and bring about a new world order. Allegedly the French Revolution of 1789 was the result of their  first experiment in subversive destruction.  Weishaupt  was supported by the influential Baron von Knigge who left the organisation in 1784. The Order opposed the Jesuits  and as a result became very unpopular with the Roman Catholic Church. The organisation was  expelled  from Bavaria by edict in 1784. In the organisation they employed the methods of the Jesuits, for the order seemed to consist of a system of spies and  counter-spies, and only the best could advance. Although Weishaupt became a Mason in 1777, the affairs of the two organisations were not interrelated. For more than 200 years history is silent about this organisation but in the 70s Robert Shea and Anton Wilson restarted popular speculation about the continued influence of the organisation.


The Opal File : A Secret History of Australia and new Zealand:

This is a complex theory that starts with the discovery of rich oil deposits in the Great South Basin south of New Zealand, and the awarding of sole drilling rights to American interests, followed by a subsequent monopolising of the oil production by the Seven Sisters (Major American Oil Companies). Hereafter a network of banking concerns were opened in Australia and New Zealand to launder money for the Onassis heroin operations in the golden triangle, funnel CIA funds into the area and other  reasons. Chains of other companies were also opened  inter alia  to support the Seven Sisters’ controlled - car culture, monopolise the food industry and media  in the region, and introduce the Mafia to the region. With various of the Australian and New Zealand politicians on their payroll the intention of the international financiers had the intention to integrate the region into the Pacific Rim economy as a part of the wider monopolisation  of the world’s resources, production facilities, labour technology, markets, transport and finance. In these activities, the Trilateral Commission, as well as the Round Table Organisation played a part.


Iraqgate : The US/Iraq - Conspiracy:

During the war between Iran and Iraq in the early 80’s American appreciation was that Iraq was the lesser of the two evils and it could not be  afforded that Iraq should lose the war. Secret efforts  were taken, financed through an Italian bank, to support Iraq. A Florida based company  supplied cyanide to Iraq that found its ways into chemical weapons. In  the Spring of 1982, Iraq was on the brink of losing the war, and Iran discovered a gap in the Iraq defences, which was  also discovered by US satellites. The US intervened by warning Iraq, and  by giving strategic operational assistance.


The Iran-Contra Conspiracy:

Early in the  1980s the CIA was involved in the  instabilities in El Salvador and Nicaragua, and  had the overthrow of the Nicaraguan government on the agenda via the  contra-rebels. During the second half of the 80s an unauthorised shipment of missiles to Iran through Israel  was  approved by the US President in violation of the Arms Control Act, and this had to be  covered up. The residuals of the arms sale to Iran was used as a sort of diversion in this process.


Conspiracy theories are powerful. Many people, who do not have a scientific or legal type of background do not appreciate how important the ‘facts’ or ‘hard evidence’ about a matter is, and find it sometimes difficult to distinguish between perceptions and reality. Especially so if there is circumstantial evidence that may point in a certain direction. It is strange how the human mind can find ‘facts’ to fit a specific dearly held ‘perception’.


Hopefully this series of articles have sensitised the reader about this interesting subject and has contribute somehow towards a more realistic world-view




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