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Updated CIAN Crime Report - Dec 2014

Reported Crimes for 30/31 Dec 2014     
 Sector One

1) Theft general Schoemansville Oewer. Fishing gear/ rods and model boat stolen. 

2) Theft general Baldwin St Schoemansville. Security fence allegedly stolen. 

3) Illegal sale of liquor Ten Rooms. Two suspects arrested in separate cases. 

4) H/B and theft Melodie plots. Mattress stolen.                                 


Sector Three

1) H/B and theft Duggan st Kosmos. Laptop and other items stolen.



Reported Crimes for 29/30 Dec 2014                                             

Sector One                                    

1) Theft general Melodie plots. Spare wheel stolen. 

2) Theft general Rietfontein. Copper cable stolen. 

3) Theft general Kuyper St Schoemansville. Gate motor stolen. 

4) Assault GBH (two cases) tavern Ten rooms. Victims beaten by several suspects. 

5) Theft general restaurant Meerhof. Jewelry stolen. 

6) Theft general Melodie plots. DVD player and TV stolen. 

7) Assault common apartment Ifafi. Female suspect arrested.        

Sector Two                                     

1) Theft general restaurant Broederstroom. Liquor stolen. Two suspects arrested.


Special Report for Monday 26 Dec 2014 

Subsequent to a search operation for suspected armed robbers in Welgegund area on 26th December 2014, CPU members of Hartbeespoortdam Police arrested 6 suspects in. Atteridgeville on Saturday morning. In an unrelated case a seventh suspect was arrested in Welgegund in possession of two stolen mountain bikes. Well done guys in achieving excellent results.


Criminal Case Report for 26-29 Dec 2014

Sector One.                                    

1) House Robbery Rietfontein. Victim beaten to death. Firearms and cellphones stolen by suspects.

2) H/b and theft Dam drive Ifafi. TV stolen.

3) Stock Theft Rietfontein. 13 geese stolen.

4) Theft from motor vehicle Hertzog st Schoemansville. Four wheels and battery stolen.

5) Assault GBH Sunway. Couple assaulted by three suspects.

6) Theft of motor vehicle/ trailer Findlay ave Meerhof. Trailer/ caravan stolen.

7) House Robbery resort vd Hoff road. Four suspects held victims at gunpoint and robbed them of multiple items.

8) H/B and theft Hertzog st Schoemansville. TV stolen.

9) Theft general Viviers St Schoemansville. Gate motor stolen.                                           


Sector Two.                                    

1) Robbery with weapon other than firearm Welgegund. Four suspects robbed victim of cash and groceries..

2) Possession of stolen property Welgegund. Suspect found in possession of two stolen. mountain bikes and arrested

3) Assault GBH Broederstroom. Female assaulted by two suspects.

4) Common robbery Broederstroom. Victim offered lift and robbed of cellphone and cash.                                             


Sector Three.                                 

1) Assault GBH Skeerpoort. Female assaulted by boyfriend with stick.

2) H/B and theft Hartbeesfontein. Household goods and liquor stolen.

3) Malicious damage Schaumberg. Motor cycle burnt

4) Burglary security estate Kosmos. Laptops , cellphone and cash stolen.

5) Robbery with weapon other than firearm. De Rust. Victim robbed at roadside of cash, GPS, cellphones and bible.

6) Robbery with weapon other than firearm Skeerpoort. Five suspects robbed victim at knifepoint of his bicycle.

7) House Robbery resort De Rust. Suspects robbed victims at knifepoint of cash, cellphones, clothing and other items.

8) Stocktheft Remhoogte. 400 chickens stolen.

9) Burglary business poultry farm Remhoogte. 12 Volt batteries stolen.



Crime Report for 23/24 Dec 2014

1) House Robbery Elisabeth St Schoemansville. Victim shot several times and hospitalised. Police investigating circumstances. 

2) Murder Rietfontein plots. Victim appears beaten to death by several suspects. House ransacked and safe contents stolen. In the light of these two vicious attacks, residents are warned to be extremely vigilant over the festive season. Any suspicious activity to be reported to the Police and your block watch and/ or your security company.


Crime Report for 22/23 Dec 2014     
1) Dog Poisoning. Long Tom st Ifafi. Two dogs died from poisoning, 

2) Theft out of motor vehicle Powder st Ifafi. Handbag stolen containing cash.

3) Theft general Rietfontein. Waterpump control panel stolen. 

4) Malicious damage Melodie plots. Sliding door damaged. 

5) Shoplifting Sediba Plaza. Suspect arrested.

6) Attempted housebreaking and malicious damage Syferfontein. Alarms cables and fencing cut.


Crime Report for 19 to 22 Dec 2014

Sector One:
1) Theft General Rietfontein. Cable stolen. 2) H/B and theft Rietfontein. Electrical tools stolen. 
3) Fraud Melodie plots. Fraudulent payment made for goods received. 
4) Theft general resort Ifafi. Safe with jewelry stolen. 
5) Theft general Water affairs. Clothing, liquor and tents stolen. 
6) Malicious damage Silverside parking. Vehicle windscreen broken. 
7) Burglary business Silverside Centre. Expensive perfume and till stolen. 
8) Theft out of motor and from vehicle Baldwin St Schoemansville. Battery and electrical items stolen. 
9) Fraud hardware store Melodie. Fraudulent payment made for goods 10) Theft of motor vehicle Jasmyn. Toyota double cab stolen. 
11) Burglary business Powder st Ifafi. Laptop, screens and meat stolen. 

Sector Two. 
1) Possession of drugs Welgegund. Suspect arrested for possession of heroine. 
2) Possession of stolen property Broederstroom. Two separate cases relating to burglary at lodge. Two suspects arrested. 
3) Theft general Broederstroom Tools stolen. 

Sector Three. 
1) Assault GBH Remhoogte. Victim assaulted by two suspects . 
2) Burglary business Orange Farm. Cash stolen from Tavern. 
3) Malicious damage Paul Kruger St Kosmos. Vehicle window broken. 
4) Theft out of motor vehicle Kosmos. Three vehicles broken into in Paul Kruger st, Bosman Beyer st and Jocelyn ave. Various valuables stolen. 
5) Theft general poultry farm Skeerpoort. Copper cable stolen. 
6) Housebreaking Simon Bekker St Kosmos. Nothing stolen.


Crime Report for 17/18 Dec 2014

Sector One: 

1) Fraud: Bank Sediba Plaza. Card Cloned and R 14 000.00 fraudulently withdrawn from account in Philippines and France. Case handed over to Interpol. 
2) Culpable Homicide: Estate, Ifafi. Drowning of infant to be investigated. 3) Theft General: Cannon Crescent. Over locker stolen and pawned. No break-inn. 

Sector Two: 
1) H/B and Theft: Security Estate, Broederstroom. I-Pad, keyboard and 4 laptops stolen.
2) H/B and Theft: Security Estate, Broederstroom. Laptops, 3 G, Memory stick and Liquor stolen.
3) H/B and Theft: Security Estate, Broederstroom. Samsung phone stolen.
4) Fraud: Bultfontein. Victim defrauded of cash deposit after applying for a loan. 
5) Theft general: Estate, Broederstroom. Cell phone (BB) stolen from Golf-cart. 
6) Theft general: Estate, Broederstroom. Suspect bought and picked up bed but failed to pay for it. 
7) Theft general: Hartbeeshoek. Jewelry and coins stolen, no break-inn.

Sector Three: 
1) Theft out of motor vehicle: Coleman st, Kosmos. Bag containing documents stolen. 
2) Theft general: Remhoogte. Electrical cable stolen on small holding.


Crime Report for 15 to 17 Dec 2014. 

Sector One

1) H/B and theft Marais st Schoemansville. Car radio and other equipment stolen. 
2) Theft general Marais St Schoemansville . Handbag. Camera and laptop stolen. 
3) H/B and theft Cassien st Schoemansville . Three TVs and decoder stolen. 
4) Theft General Canon Crescent Ifafi. Gate motor stolen. 
5) H/ B and theft Melodie plots. Multiple items stolen. 
6) Theft of motior vehicle Bloodwood st Melodie. Red MG stolen. 

Sector Two

1) H/B and theft Hartbeeshoek Road. Three separate cases reported. Multiple items and cash stolen. 

Sector Three
1) Theft out of motor vehicle Simon Bekker st Kosmos. Two separate cases. Iphone, Ipad and laptop stolen. 
2) Theft general wharf Kosmos. Ipad stolen. 

Special Report: 
During a special operation on 16 Dec Hartbeespoortdam Police arrested 19 suspects for the following transgressions. 9 for illegal shebeens
2 Drinking in public.
1 Drunkness. 
3 Possession of dagga.
1 Illegal immigrant.
1 Drunken driving.
2 Common robbery.



CIAN Crime Report:
12-15 Dec 2014

Sector One

1) Reckless and negligent driving. Two cases reported one on R511 Melodie and the other on Beethoven Road.

2) Drinking in public Sector One. Seven suspects arrested in separate incidents.

3) Drunkness Beethoven Road. Suspect arrested

4) Theft from motor vehicle Rietfontein. Sparewheel stolen.

5) House Robbery manor Syferfontein. Couple held at gunpoint by two suspects and robbed of cellphones, cash and jewelry. 6) H/B and theft manor Syferfontein. Valuables stolen.

6) Assault GBH Ten Rooms. Victim assaulted with gas bottle.

7) H/B and theft St Monica St Schioemansville.. Pistol and ammunition stolen.

8) Malicious damage Kuyper st Schoemansville. Pallisade fencing damaged.

9) H/ B and theft Strydom st Schoemansville. Cellphones, laptop, shoes and set of knives stolen.                                  

Sector Two                                         

1) H/B and theft lodge Broederstroom. Six units broken into with bedding and TVs stolen.

2) Failing to pay accommodation estate Broederstroom. Suspect left without paying.

3) Drowning estate Broederstroom. 19mth infant drowned in pool.

4) H/B and theft Hartbeeshoek. Cash stolen.        

Sector Three

1) Malicious damage De Rust. Fence cut at resort.

2) H/B and theft Golf estate De Rust. Three units broking into with cellphones, Ipads and jewelry stolen.


CIAN Crime Report:
11-12 Dec 2014


Sector One                                       

1) Prohibition of waste spillage Sunway. Sewerage spilling onto adjoining plots.

2) Robbery Syferfontein. Complainant alleges he was  threatened by business associate and robbed of silwer VW Polo.

3) Possession of presumed stolen property Schubart St Melodie. Vehicle stolen in (2) recovered by tracking company. Three suspects arrested, one released whilst two still in custody.


CIAN Crime Report:
5 - 8 Dec 2014

Sector One

1) Theft General garage Damdoryn. Cable stolen.

2) H/B and theft Melodie Plots. Curtains stolen.

3) Assault GBH Sunway. Victim assaulted by numerous suspects.

4) Drinking and driving Mount Amanzi Road. Suspect arrested.

5) Theft general restaurant Village Mall. Cellphone stolen by suspect whom was arrested.

6) H/B and theft Baldwin st Schoemansville. Multiple goods stolen.

7) Assault GBH estate Rietfontein. Worker assaulted by client in payment dispute.                                            

Sector Two                                       

1) Theft general Bultfontein. Fencing poles stolen.

2) Burglary business Hartbeeshoek Road. Numerous items stolen from butcher.

3) Theft general Leeuwenkloof. Camera, cellphone and gold pendant stolen.

4) Theft out of motor vehicle pub/restaunt Roosseoord. Laptop and handbag stolen.                              

Sector Three

1) Armed robbery, burglary and attempted murder manor Scheerpoort. Caretaker attacked and badly beaten with bolt cutter before suspects broke into and ransacked house.

2) Theft out of motor vehicle Kosmos. Four cases reported of which two in Coleman st, one in Simon Bekker st and one at boat club.

3) Theft out of motor vehicle cheese farm Scheerpoort. Brown bags stolen.

4) Theft general Scheerpoort. Borehole pump stolen.

5) H/B and theft Remhoogte. Steel cable stolen. 


CIAN Crime Report:
 4/5 Dec 2014

Sector One. 
1) Possession of dagga Scott st Schoemansville. Suspect arrested. 
2) Re Rape case reported on 3/4 Dec. Additional charges made against suspect including Possession of dangerous weapon and assault on three Police officers. Furthermore a female was arrested for trying to prevent Police arresting the above suspect, 
3) Robbery with firearm Damdoryn. Cash and cellphone stolen. Police chased and apprehended suspect before arresting him. 
4) H/B and theft Canon Crescent Ifafi. Various household items stolen including TV, video camera laptop, computer, cellphone, bedding. Clothing and jewelry. 

Sector Two. 
1) House Robbery Leeuwenkloof Broederstroom. Six suspects held two victims at gunpoint and robbed them of cash and cellphones before fleeing the scene.

2)Attempted murder and business burglary Bultfontein. Suspect fired four shots into victim's room and thereafter broke into office before stealing laptop.

CIAN Crime Report:
 3/4 Dec 2014. 

Sector One:   
1) Fraud bank Sediba Plaza. Suspect attempted to open account with false documents. 
2) Theft General Baldwin St Schoemansville. Former tenant removed valuable fixtures from premises and further damaged the house. 
3) Rape and resisting arrest Ten Rooms Rietfontein. Suspect arrested. 
4) Theft out of motor vehicle Syferfontein. Radio, battery, perfume and clothing items stolen.                      

Sector Three.                                  

1) Theft general boat club Kosmos. Electrical cable stolen.

CIAN Crime Report:
 2/3 Dec 2014.

Sector One.

1) H/B and theft Rietfontein. Construction equipment and cash stolen

2) Drinking in public Sunway. Suspect arrested.

3) Possession and dealing in dagga Ten Rooms Rietfontein. Three suspects arrested.

Sector Two.

1) Burglary Business Broederstroom. Microwave, cutlery,kettle and gas stove stolen at lodge.

Sector Three.

1) Fraud village Kosmos. Cash unlawfully withdrawn

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