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Don't Let Your Electrician Swindle You!

Most homes run on a single phase system; in other words, you have a three core cable coming from Eskom to your house with a Live, a Neutral, and an Earth conductor. This means you (should) have a double pole Mains breaker (Live & Neutral) to isolate your whole place. The Eskom supply (should) ALWAYS be connected to the top side of this breaker. The bottom end of this Mains breaker then goes to the top of a double pole Earth leakage unit (the green one with the test button). Your Earth leakage unit is a major safety device that detects if any problems arise and Trips for this reason – to keep you safe! 9 out of 10 times if your Earth leakage trips it means something IS wrong… (the other 1% of trips could be the unit is old and mechanically worn out and HAVE to be replaced at a ridiculous cost).

The bottom of your Earth leakage unit MUST supply all your socket outlet Circuit breakers, stove, geyser, borehole, swimming pool etc. Lights do NOT have to be connected to your Earth leakage unit.

TIP - Before an Electrician swindles you to replace your Earth leakage at a ridiculous cost. Have him disconnect the bottom of the Earth leakage completely (remove both the Live and the Neutral wires) and then try to reset the Earth leakage. If it switches ON then the Earth leakage unit is fine and the fault is somewhere else in your home; (it could be something as simple as a kettle plugged in and the kettle element has a fault), also… even if the kettle is switched OFF at the wall plug, but the kettle element is faulty; it will still trip the Earth leakage cause is senses that the Live or Neutral can leak to the Earth conductor… So unplug EVERYTHING before you pay for a new Earth leakage unit!

Okay, so now you know the Earth leakage unit is fine. Connect it back up and (with EVERYTHING unplugged) switch it back on. If it stays on, then one of your unplugged appliances was the fault. If it still trips; have the electrician disconnect the geyser, swimming pool, bore hole etc. and reset the Earth leakage. Re-connect the above equipment one by one till the Earth leakage trips and THAT is your problem appliance!

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