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History Of Kosmos Community Church

A Short History of the Kosmos Community Church, formerly known as the Kosmos Garden Chapel and Wall of Remeberance.

This spiritual centre for meditation, religious services and the internment of ashes of deceased members of the community was developed in 1979 and the first service was held in April 1981. It was the brainchild of Peter Haskins and complemented his role in addressing the spiritual needs of our community. Peter was the incumbent preacher who conducted the Non-denominational services in the Garden Chapel until 1998 when he became ill. Until that time he had hardly missed a Sunday in the Garden. This was one of the most important and significant parts he played in our lives and this Chapel will always be a living memorial to a man who showed us, rather than told us, how to live the Word of God.

The site was formerly a workmen’s compound and was made available to the Kosmos Community for the establishment of the Chapel garden by the LAC, which was the Local Authority in those days. It is currently leased from the Madibeng Town Council. Grace Haskins was asked to create the garden , which she did until the year 2000. She was also responsible for all the music for hymns which she compiled over the years and which are still being used today.

In the establishing of the garden and the raising of the necessary funds to build and plant it, the entire community of Kosmos was involved in many different roles and it became a focus for the community life in Kosmos.

The original beautiful and natural cross was cut from trees on the mountain. The various bird baths, benches, gates, statues, plants, and slave bell were all donated by people in memory of loved ones.

Many weddings, baptisms and funerals have taken place here, and at Easter a Passover Supper was held  for many years until Peter’s illness.

The Carols by candlelight ceremony at the end of the year is a most beautiful evening with children, holding candles, coming down the mountainside to the Nativity service in the garden. At times this function would be attended by as many as 200 people. When Peter became ill, a small group of regular attendees at the Sunday morning services decided that the services should continue in spite of Peter’s absence and not having the resources for the hire of a full time minister.

After a shaky start and some ups and down the present format of the worship and the message from visiting preachers has arrived and is now  appreciated by all , who find the stimulation of different Christian view points most interesting. These days the Kosmos Christian Community is run by a group of Elders , selected from members of the congregation by ballot, who are assisted in the day to day requirements  of maintaining the garden and providing the services by many willing Christians.

Since then the congregation has grown , and once again a vibrant and well-attended Sunday school is functioning. Various functions are gradually being planned and held during the year and a few cell groups are in existence to further the spiritual growth of the members of the church who attend.

November 2006.


Received from Dr Keith Michael of the Kosmos Community Church

Retyped by KPJ Nel


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