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Load Balancing To Radically Save On Your Electricity Bill

Don’t let your electrician swindle you – you cannot balance a single phase supply to your place! (ie; Live, Neutral & Earth conductors only) see previous article…

Load Balancing can ONLY be done if you have a 3-phase system supplying your premises; (see the attached picture – your Main Circuit breaker has 3x circuits connected mechanically as 1) ie the supply cable to your place (typically) has 4x cores; three of them is Live conductors (colors; red, white or yellow, and blue ) plus a black for Neutral and normally the steel armoring around the cable is used as the Earth; for proper protection some electricians run a separate earth cable with the supply cable (a separate uninsulated copper cable, a black or green/yellow conductor).  I recommend a separate Earth; you cannot rely on the cable steel armoringing as a proper Earth because most electricians can’t even put a SWA (steel wire armor) gland on properly which will lead to a BAD Earth!

You CAN find significant  energy-savings through load balancing on a 3-phase system! BUT…
you need a qualified Electrician with the proper equipment to do this exercise!

1st the electrician will have to do a LIVE survey under normal working hours conditions. He measures the usage (Amperage/Load) on every  circuit breaker in the DB Board and writes it down.  Later he will decide how to mix and move circuits around to get all the Loads to be more or less equal on every 3-phase breaker.

The reason we do this is because most  electricians… every time a new appliance/circuit is added, they put it on the Red Live (1st) phase with the result that later on, the Red phase runs too high, it screws up your Power Factor and your electricity bill will show increased costs.

On a domestic home supplied by 3-phase power, you will see a reduction in electricity cost and know that your system is balanced & SAFE!

On a larger complex, every DB board has to be balanced separately all the way back to the complex Main DB board.

SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS can be achieved if this exercise is done on a Shopping Centre for instance!

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