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CIAN: Reported Criminal Cases For February 2015

Reported Criminal Cases for 27 Feb to 2 Mar 2015

Sector One: 
1) Inquest estate Ifafi. Victim deceased after shooting incident. 
2) Theft general school Schoemansville. Cellphone and soccer ball stolen.

3) Dealing in drugs Ten Rooms. Suspect arrested. 
4) Possession of dangerous weapon Ten Rooms. Suspect arrested. 
5) Fraud bank Village Mall. Victim scammed at ATM. 
6) Drunkenness Ifafi and Schoemansville. Three suspects arrested.
7) Drunken Driving Ifafi and Damdoryn. Three suspects arrested, one in Ifafi and two at Damdoryn. 
8) Burglary residential Rietfontein. Grinder and welder stolen but later recovered in possession of suspect on v d Hoff road. Suspect arrested. 
9) Theft general supermarket Village Mall. Bag stolen with wallet and cards. 
10) Possession of dagga Damdoryn. Suspect arrested. 
11) Malicious Damage, Schoemansville. Car drove into wall. 
12) Reckless and Negligent driving Damdoryn. Vehicle collided with pedestrian whom was hospitalised. 
13) Business Robbery and contravention of explosives act filling station near Xanadu Centre. Five suspects wielding rifles blew up ATM and fled scene with old gold coloured Mercedes Benz after stealing cash and cigarettes. Sixth suspect filled up vehicle with fuel. 

Sector Two: 
1) Possession of dagga R512 Broederstroom. Suspect arrested. 
2) Illegal sale of liquor Matshela patta and Broederstroom. Two suspects arrested. 
3) Reckless and Negligent driving. Two motor cycles collided with Honda Ballade. Both bikers hospitalised. 
4) Stock-theft Bultfontein. Sheep stolen. 

Sector Three: 
1) Pointing of firearm Kosmos. Suspect to be arrested. 
2) Theft general estate Kosmos. Camera, watch and cash stolen.


Reported Criminal Cases for 26/27 Feb 2015.

Sector One.                                    

1) Malicious damage resort Damdoryn. Car window broken. 
2) Theft general Sediba Plaza. Cellphone pickpocketed from victim. 
3) Burglary residential Lillaby St Ifafi. TV and jewelry stolen.

4) Burglary residential central Schoemansville. Numerous household goods stolen. 
5) Fraud Maluti centre Melodie. Goods purchased via fraudulent payment.                       

Sector Two.                                  

Theft out of motor vehicle Mountain Lake Broederstroom. Camera,equipment and glasses stolen.                                            

Sector Three.                                  

1) Contravention of forest act.Kosmos area. Three suspects arrested for cutting down trees.

2) Robbery with firearm De Rust area. Four female supermarket employees boarded taxi to go home. Three occupants in taxi assaulted victims in taxi before robbing them of cellphones,cash and clothing at knife and gunpoint. Victims later dropped off near Magaliespark.

3) Stocktheft Skeerpoort. Cow slaughtered and stolen.


Reported Criminal Cases for 24 and 25 Feb 2015

Sector One: 
1) Common Assault and malicious damage in a main street through Schoemansville. Motorist alleges his vehicle was damaged and he was assaulted by biker who fled the scene. 
2) Possession of dagga Ten Rooms. Two suspects arrested. 
3) Illegal sale of liquor Rietfontein. Three suspects arrested in separate cases. 
4) Robbery with weapon other than firearm Melodie plots. Victim robbed on roadside at knife point by two suspects of cellphone, groceries and wallet. 
5) Theft general beauty parlour in Ifafi. Cellphone and laptop stolen. 

Sector Two: 
1) Theft general Leeuwenkloof. Three wheels stolen from trailer. 

Sector Three: 
1) Theft out of motor vehicle lodge De Rust. Sunglasses and cricket equipment stolen.


Reported Criminal Cases for 20 to 23 Feb 2015.    
Sector One.

1) Fraud Village Mall. Cash deposited via supermarket money market fraudulently withdrawn. 
2) Theft general Rietfontein. Electric cable stolen. 
3) H/ B and theft estate Ifafi. Former tenant broke into house but nothing stolen. 
4) Business burglary Vodacom tower Syferfontein. Eight batteries stolen, seven recovered. 
5) Possession of dagga Damdoryn. Two suspects arrested. 
6) Burglary residential central Schoemansville. Computer boxes and screen stolen. 
7) Theft from and out of motor vehicle Syferfontein. Battery and radio stolen 
8) Malicious damage Ten Rooms. Household goods damaged. 
9) Drowning Oewer Schoemansville. Male victim drowned after diving into water.         

Sector Two.                                      

1) Housebreaking Skuilkloof Road. Entry gained but nothing stolen. 
2) Assault GBH Broederstroom. Victim assaulted by unknown suspect.                       

Sector Three.                                        

1) Stock Theft Skeerpoort. Cow stolen. 
2) Burglary residential and theft of motor vehicle Skeerpoort. Stolen loaded into Chev Spark prior to suspects driving off.
3) Assault GBH. Orange Farm. Male victim assaulted by two female suspects.


Reported Criminal Cases for 18 and 19 Feb 2015.

Sector One: 
1) Theft from motor vehicle northern Schoemansville. Four wheels stolen from car. 
2) Theft general Ifafi centre. Complainant claims jewelry handed in for repair and suspect has never returned it. 
3) Robbery with weapon other than firearm Village Mall. Complainant alleges he was robbed of large cash sum in parking area and stabbed in leg. Detectives. investigating this matter further. 
4) Drunkness Scott st Schoemansville. Suspect arrested. 
5) Reckless and negligent driving R511 near Xanadu traffic lights. Two separate accidents at same location. Several victims hospitalised. 

Sector Two: 
1) Theft general nursery Broederstroom. Shade netting stolen. 

Sector Three: 
1) Assault GBH Hartbeeshoek Road. Victim beaten by suspect with a hammer and seriously injured. 
2) Theft general Skeerpoort. Mealies stolen and suspect arrested.


Reported Criminal Cases for 17 and 18 Feb 2015

Sector One: 
1) Possession of drugs R511 Ifafi. Suspect arrested with packets of drugs.

2) Business robbery Refentse Rietfontein. Victim alleges he was robbed of cash, airtime, cigarettes and cellphone by three armed suspects. He further claims that the robbers returned to burn down his shop. 

Sector Two: 
1)Theft general Jalalpor Road Broederstroom. Old rusty farm trailer stolen. 

Sector Three: 
1) Robbery with firearm Skeerpoort. Two complainants who stopped to assist stranded motorist in white Audi were held at gunpoint by two suspects and robbed of handbag, purse, car keys, cellphones and two remote controls. 
2) Reckless and negligent driving Hartbeeshoek Road. MVA between car and bakkie resulted in one victim being hospitalised


Reported criminal cases for 13 to 16 Feb 2015. 

Sector One:

1) Possession of dangerous weapon and drunkenness, R511 Melodie suspect arrested. 
2) Possession of dagga R511 Melodie and Damdoryn. Three suspects arrested. 
3) Dealing in drugs Damdoryn. Suspect arrested also for dealing in counterfeit cigarettes. 
4) Driving vehicle without owners consent in Meerhof. Suspect never returned after supposedly running errands. 

Sector Two: 
1) Possession of drugs Welgegund. Female suspect arrested. 
2) Contempt of court estate Broederstroom. Complainant allegedly denied visitation rights of child by female suspect. 

Sector Three: 
1) H/B and theft estate near Kosmos. Two cases. Goods recovered and suspect apprehended by security and Police on the estate. Suspect positively linked to numerous burglaries on the same estate. Suspect arrested in possession of stolen goods. 
2) Robbery with firearm De Rust. Complainants whom were fishing were robbed at gunpoint by three suspects of clothing, cash and cellphone. One victim stabbed twice with knife. 
3) Drinking in public Kosmos. Suspect arrested. 
4) Burglary residential estate near Kosmos. Towels, handbag. Cash and cellphone stolen. 
5) Burglary residential Skeerpoort. Bedding and furniture stolen. 
6) Theft general poultry farm Skeerpoort. Mealies stolen. Two female suspects arrested.


Reported Criminal Cases for 11/12 Feb 2015.    
Sector One.                                    

1) Pointing of firearm and assault GBH Sediba Plaza. Victim allegedly assaulted by two suspects.                                  

Sector Two.                                    

1) Burglary residential Jalalpor Road Broederstroom. Laptop and cellphone stolen. 
2) Burglary business estate Broederstroom. Cellphones and cash stolen. 
3) Assault GBH tavern Broederstroom. Female assaulted by boyfriend with axe and chair.                                       

Sector Three.                                  

1) Theft from motor vehicle Skeerpoort. Suspect arrested after stealing two batteries from truck.


Reported Criminal Cases for 10 and 11 Feb 2015.

Sector One: 
1) Theft General and malicious damage apartment block Ifafi. Garden chairs stolen and canopy on bakkie damaged. 
2) Possession of dagga Scott St ext Damdoryn. Two suspects arrested. 
3) Fraud at property in Meerhof. Victim paid deposit for vehicle on internet scam. 

Sector Three: 
1) Burglary business Tuck-shop Schaumberg area, Groceries and radio stolen. 
2) Theft general Skeerpoort. Copper cable stolen. 
3) Burglary residential Skeerpoort. Meat and takkies stolen.


Reported Criminal Cases for 9 and10 Feb 2015. 

Sector One: 

1) Intimidation Melodie Plots. Victim received threats via internet. 
2) Unlawful discharging of firearm Rietfontein. Shots fired during argument. 
3) Attempted theft shop Village Mall. Suspect attempted to steal clothing iron. Female arrested. 

Sector Three: 
1) Theft general Skeerpoort. Steel pipe and foot valve stolen.



Reported criminal cases 6 to 9 Feb 2015. 

Sector One: 
1) Theft general shopping centre in Ifafi. Car keys stolen from shop. 
2) H/B and theft security estate Melodie plots. Fishing rods and reels stolen. 
3) Business robbery sub station Rietfontein. Three suspects held two security guards at gunpoint and robbed them of cellphones, cash, laptop, boots and takkies. 
4) Assault GBH Ten Rooms. Female assaulted with brick by ex boyfriend.

5) Theft general Rietfontein. Water pump and cable stolen. 
6) Drinking in public Melodie. Suspect arrested. 
7) Assault GBH Refentse Rietfontein. Victim seriously assaulted by unknown suspects. 
8) Burglary business restaurant Damdoryn. Cigarette machine, computer, cash and desktop computer stolen. 

Sector two: 
1) Drunkenness club Lanseria Road. Suspect arrested. 
2) Common robbery Hartbeeshoek Road corner. Victim robbed of handbag and clothing. 

Sector Three: 
1) H/B and theft Skeerpoort. Large mirror stolen. 
2) Armed Robbery and theft out of motor vehicle. Campers robbed at gunpoint by four suspects of cellphones, cash, car radio/ Cd player and personal belongings. No injuries sustained. 
3) H/B and theft estate Kosmos Medicine, cellphone and 9mm pistol stolen. 
4) Assault GBH Schaumberg. Victim attacked by three suspects near tavern and stabbed in hand.



Reported criminal cases for 5 Feb 2015

Sector One

1) Intimidation estate Melodie plots. Female threatened by male suspect at security gate. 
2) Business robbery spaza shop Refentse. Victim held at gunpoint by three armed suspects and robbed of cash, airtime, Iphone, cellphones and cigarettes. 
3) Business burglary Chameleon Village. Empty cashbox, cashbox with R200 and liquor stolen from three shops.


Reported criminal cases for 30 Jan to 2 Feb 2015

Sector One: 
1) Theft general Rietfontein Three cases of copper cable theft 
2) Burglary business restaurant main Street through Schoemansville. Cigarettes and cash stolen. 
3) Possession of stolen goods Damdoryn. Suspect arrested in possession of stolen laptop. 
4) Drunkenness Sector One. Three suspects arrested. 
5) Possession of stolen goods Ten Rooms Rietfontein. Suspect arrested in possession of stolen copper cable. 
6) Theft general Chameleon Village. Cash-box stolen. 
7) Robbery business cafe Syferfontein Beethoven Road. Four suspects held shop assistants at gunpoint and fled with cigarettes and cash after tying up victims.
8) House Robbery Ten Rooms Rietfontein. Victim alleges she was stabbed by ex boyfriend and robbed of her cellphone.

Sector Two: 
1) Business Burglary Broederstroom. Cash, cigarettes, biscuits and airtime stolen. 
2) Robbery with firearm Lanseria T junction. Victim alleges he was robbed at gunpoint by a single suspect of laptop and personal belongings from his motor vehicle.
3) Theft general Leeuwenkloof. Mountain bike stolen.

Sector Three: 
1) Malicious damage security complex Kosmos. Padlock broken on electric switch sub board. 
2) Theft general Becklake st Kosmos. Chainsaw stolen.

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