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Our Community Doing It For Themselves

Community doing it for themselves

CommunityNews— 30 January 2015

Community doing it for themselves
The community clean-up projects in Hartbeespoort.

After the recent violent crimes in our town, coupled with the ever-increasing failure by local government to deliver essential services such as water, refuse removal and electricity supply, it has become clear that residents can no longer rely on the municipality or law enforcement agencies to do the job.
If we want change, we need to make it happen. Several businesses and individuals in town have packed the bull by its horns, but they need all the help and support they can get. Moaning about these issues on social media or around the braai does not solve anything.
In the first instance, after the special community meeting on crime, overgrown and bushy areas and neglected open plots were identified as hotspots that serve as hiding places for perpetrators, or for storing stolen goods until transport arrives to pick it up.
Waterside Rentals in Schoemansville decided to get involved in the fight against crime and to help secure the area. They bought a bush cutter and a few pangas and with the help of sponsored workers, started cutting down the veld, which is very dense after good summer rains. They need help from the community with more equipment, sponsors for workers, labour, food for the workers or whatever other assistance you can offer. It costs about R130 per day to sponsor one worker.
Not only is safety and security a concern, as a tourist town we need to advertise it as such to draw more visitors for everyone’s benefit. With Madibeng municipality basically being bankrupt, the upkeep of pavements, traffic circles and islands are very low on the list of priorities.
“I want to make a difference in our town. So many people and local and international tourists drive through here every day, and the image of our town currently is a very poorly one. I decided to start with the circle and traffic islands near Sediba Plaza in Ou Wapad, as it is an important access road. Initially there was support from businesses in the vicinity and for two days I could employ five labourers, which also contributes to job creation. Unfortunately, there are no more funds and I have had to put the project on ice for now,” says Celia du Plessis, a local businesswoman.

Celia and Waterside Rentals are calling on anyone in the community, businesses or stakeholders to become involved, either by way of a financial contribution, time, plants, equipment, labour, sponsoring a labourer or food for one, or whatever else assistance you can offer.
Contact Celia urgently on 079 879 567, or Chanel of Waterside Rentals at the office on 012 253 2039, or 082 879 7245 if you want to assist.

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