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Glen Afric

Yes I'm a Bachelor, never married... (got close once). I am blessed to have had this little ooops 'accident' with an amazing lady I dated for a few years. And his name is Jean-Pierre, or as me, my loving family and his mom call him; 'Bokka'. So every end of the month Bokka and his mom come to visit me in Harties. And I have to keep coming up with new adventures and things to do for my 'laaitjie', which seems to be quite easy at Harties! So much to see and do yet so precious little time; but we make the best of it! Me and Bokka's mom are friends for life (not romantically involved anymore), which people find odd when I tell them we get along just fine... we 'love' each other but it has grown into an amazing mutual respect and all for our son.

So I booked us into Glen Afric for the weekend (just the other side of NECSA). We opted to 'rough it'  as I'm anyway staying in a B&B in Ifafi anyway (which doesn't excite my son)... thus the reason we decided to stay in Glen Afric' tent camp.

The staff at Glen Afric go out of their way to accommodate and assist their guests fully! They escorted us to our tent, warned us not to wander around on foot at night. Our tent was impressive to say the least, electrical lights, a 'donkie'  at the back (that's a wood fired geyser for hot water), a flushing toilet and gorgeous bath. Two neatly made single beds and a mattress on the floor for my son; (we moved the beds together and made a double for us three).

Glen Afric lets you drive around their huge property with your own vehicle and we decided to spend a lot of money and eat at their restaurant each day... the food and service was excellent and the barman even organised me a cooler box with ice to keep our liquids cold and fresh for the weekend; (no fridge in the tent camps).

While the sun was out, we strolled around our tent, drove the trails with our vehicle and took lots of photos. We found some zebra's which Bokka wanted to touch obviously, (they allow you to get pretty close but still wild).


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