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Author:  Fanie
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Naivety: Are We All Falling For A Grand Show?

My mind has been meandering into generally unexplored territory and I think I may have stumbled over a valuable rock of knowledge - the content of which needs to be tested for authenticity. When that little voice starts whispering in the back of one's head, usually - if you pay close attention - the truth gradually starts to come into focus.

Now - after you have wiped away the tears of laughter - keep the alternative hypothesis available for testing against the general experience as they unfold in our country. I don't say the alternative is true. I say: We need to keep it in mind.

What am I talking about? Well - I want to test whether the relationship between Zuma and Juju is really so bad as we are led to believe.

In history we find that there are highly trained and capable think tanks behind public leaders' actions. These think tanks can orchestrate mass events and manipulate whole societies, while having these societies believe that everything is a result of natural progression. This can be good or bad, depending on the moral compass and the motive of the people driving the change. The truth in each case of the unfolding of historical events is somewhere inbetween natural progression and hidden manipulation. It definitely is never either 100% the one or 100% the other.

In a review of the Book: "Shaking Hands with Billy" by Anthony Turton, the following statement is made: "The transition to democracy in 1994 is thus not driven by weakness, but rather by  moral principle and deliberate design". In his book Anthony submits evidence of SA's intelligence agencies' primary role in driving the change behind the public figures. Today - I believe - there are also intelligent forces in the employ of the government who are 2, nay 5, steps ahead of the general public in their thinking. I do not believe these forces are so morally healthy as perhaps those of 20 years ago.

True statemanship has been lost somewhere in the mist of history. Integrity and principle is out of the window and the art of politics lies in deception and self-marketing. Saying one thing and doing the opposite. Saying to each audience what you know they would like to hear. Playing on the naivety of the general public in faithfully believing what is presented to them. 

Now to our point:

Reigning Hypothesis:

Zuma and Juju have developed into big enemies and the fiasco in parliament is just a result of the personal conflict between them.

This may well be true and everything that we see and hear may be just that: A personal vendetta.

Alternative Hypothesis:

The EFF is a plan executed by the government. Zuma and Juju are still big buddies, while the so-called enmity between them is an elaborate production in deception.


OK - please assemble yourself after your fit of laughter, and give the idea time to settle in. Consider each hypothesis against the national events as they develop and see where the weight of evidence build up.

My opinion:

Hypothesis 2 makes sense if you consider:

Firstly: If there were no EFF, there would be no potential 2/3's majority vote for radical changes to our constitution. This potential now exists.

Secondly: The EFF is a handy tool for the ANC to blame destabilisation of our country on - while they themselves stay spotlessly clean - even as Lady Justice draws the noose closer against the necks of the government's Circle of Power.

Thirdly: While or our attention is focussed on the antics of EFF in parliament and elsewhere, radical legislation is stealthily being introduced - i.e. the end of foreign property ownership and abolishment of the willing buyer / willing seller concept with Zuma's (or rather his intelligent advisors') new concept of the Valuator General.   

I hope that these thoughts contribute to our obtaining better and more truthful answers than the ones that we are presented with on the surface.

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