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History Of Doxa Deo School

History of Doxa Deo School  Hartbeespoort


In 2006 Pastor Karel Botha and Braam Botha (not related) saw the need for a Christ centered school that could accommodate English and Afrikaans as language for learning and teaching in Hartbeespoort. At that time Xanadu Eco park also started consulting with possible school providers to build a school on a dedicated area adjoining their estate. They met with the Doxa Deo School in Faerie Glen Pretoria and decided to go into an agreement with Doxa Deo to take responsibility for the Doxa Deo Xanadu School. This would also solve a space problem for Doxa Deo Hartbeespoort church as their venue in Schoemansville became too small to host their meetings.

Fig 1: The Building Project in 2007

On 13 January 2008 the school started with 29 learners from gr R – 3. The buildings were not finished yet and classes were prepared in the Schoemansville auditorium. On 4 March 2008 the classes could move over to the Xanadu site although the auditorium was only finished by the end of August 2008 when the church services also moved over to the new site.

Fig 2: The Pioneers in 2008

The first principal of the school, Mr Carel Krige, at that time managed both the Faerie Glen school and the Hartbeespoort school and sometimes had to travel twice a day between the two schools.

During 2009 a new principal was appointed at the Pretoria school and Carel Krige then took responsibility for both the Doxa Deo school as well as the Doxa Deo church.

In 2010 Pastor Kobus Windt took over as campus Pastor of Doxa Deo church and Carel Krige could give all his attention to the school. A learning centre was started for high school learners that wanted to study by means of distance learning with the necessary academic support provided by the school.

In 2012  the demand for space for the primary school forced the high school learning center with approximately 60 learners to close down. This was a huge disappointment for many, but provided the opportunity to have separate English and Afrikaans classes from grade R to 7.  

In 2014 Doxa Deo Hartbeespoort became one of the first primary schools in South Africa to start a blended learning programme for all grade 4 – 7 learners where all textbooks were provided on tablets for complete interactive learning. Further classrooms were added every year to provide optimal education for 235 learners at present.

Fig 3: Mr Carel Krige - The Principal


History by Carel Krige

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