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Feedback - Hartbeespoort Community Crime Watch Presentation - 18 Feb 2015

The Hartbeespoort Community Crime Watch has been officially launched on 18 February 2018 during a HIF community meeting at NG Church Schoemansville. There were about 100 community members present. 

Stan Bezuidenhout - driver of the initiative - made it clear that HCCW can not be compensated in any regard for any service until such time as the PSIRA registration is finalised.

It was stated that Crime Watch is not a neighbourhood watch. It is also not a profit driven security company. It is in-between. It is a non-profit community driven security company with full PSIRA registration. The aim of Crime Watch is not to replace anyone, but to supplement the existing community security effort.

While being essential to our survival and worthy of our fullest support, the draw back of neighbourhood watches include the fact that no compensation can be taken for security services. This limits the ability of a neighbourhood watch to expand beyond what is offered freely by community volunteers.

In addition Crime Watch will be able to give the active young bulls who looks for adventure - a way to protect themselves and their families with PSIRA registration and proper insurance. Furthermore the degree of protection for the less able community patrollers will be increased in that Crime Watch can assist as spearhead and shield for the community in the period when the patroller notices an incident and before SAPS arrives. This will enable the patrollers to be only "eyes and ears", while avoiding dangerous situations as far as possible.

Existing private security companies do assist enormously with this task as a free service to the community and they are thanked for it. The need for a community directed crime watch will - however - grow larger in future and while the existing security companies respond to client alarms, the idea is that HCCW will not be in the alarm response business. Crime Watch will focus on protecting people and not just premises. Since profit is not an issue, HCCW vehicles will not be allowed to stand still - they must patrol at all times. 

Stan showed a video of the Milnerton Crime Watch initiative, which has been running for 14 years now with such success that SAP's Visible Policing directs their resources more to other areas. It is expected that HCCW will also follow the same pattern as with Milnerton crime Watch, namely that all profits will be ploughed back into the community by way of new equipment, more manpower, training etc. No one will get rich from this initiative - it is for the community and only the best manpower and equipment will be implemented for the buck that the community is willing to invest in their own security.

Stan made it clear that HCCW will patrol and react for the whole community. There will, however, be certain exciting advantages for the paying members.

Crime Watch will offer services to accompany people locally on request or to assist in protection of specific public events. Special attention may be given to sensitive public places, i.e. schools and nursery homes during specific times of the day.

One of the new initiatives mentioned is a new Crime Watch app that will assist in establishing an accurate and central data base of suspicious behaviour and criminal incidents. Any member with this app installed on a smart phone will be able to take a picture and add a description. The app will add the info to a central database, along with the picture and coordinates, while immediately noting corresponding information. 

Crime Watch may also grow to assist with services for registration of SAP cases, as well as correct affidavids etc. The possibilities are endless with an enthusiastic community!

Crime watch will - however - only work if the community supports it.

The business is registered and most of the initial equipment is donated by IBF Investigations. The PSIRA application is in process and will hopefully be finalised within 2 - 3 months. After registration HCCW can start registering monthly debit orders. For now additional initial start-up funds of about R 50k is still required. The details of the required equipment and costs were shown to the meeting.


For now, any donations with respect to the set-up equipment and HCCW initiation can be made to:

Account Name: Harties Community Crimewatch (Pty) Ltd

Bank: FNB

Account Number: 62519894803

Branch Code: 250044


No service will be rendered against these donations, however, until such time as PSIRA registration is completed. These donations will only go towards initialisation costs and obtaining the remainder of equipment required.


The following future running contributions after PSIRA registration are foreseen:

Monthly cost per family:  R 200

Monthly cost per residence if an estate buys in: R 50

Monthly cost for small businesses: R 250

Monthly cost for large businesses: R 500


Each vehicle will be manned by 2 security staff, one highly qualified.


The number of contributing members required for certain milestones are more or less:

- 300 members for one vehicle 8 hours / day 

- 500 members for one vehicle 12 hours / day

- 750 members for one vehicle 24 hours / day

- 1,700 members for 3 vehicles 24 hours / day


Since the community is the only focus, there is a scenario where HCCW may in the far future also perhaps scale down their activities should the happy days arrive where crime is better under control in our country.

Community assisted crime fighting will, however, remain a necessity for the foreseeable future and an initiative like Crime Watch will fill a very important gap in the existing community armour. 



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