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Harties Reported Criminal Cases: April 2015

Reported Criminal Cases for 29 and 30 April 2015. 


Sector One: 
1) Malicious damage restaurant near Dam wall. Window and burglar bar damaged during attempted break in. 
2) Theft out of motor vehicle Jasmyn parking. Cds and glasses stolen 
3) Dealing in drugs Damdoryn. Suspect arrested. 
4) Theft general Syferfontein. Cellphone stolen. 
5) Theft general shop R511.four suspects posing as customers fled with cash, laptop, cellphone, harddrive and computer toolkit. Getaway vehicle thought to be silver BMW. 
6) Theft general Rietfontein. Electric cable stolen. 

Sector Two: 
1) House Robbery near Broederstroom T junction. Domestic worker held at gunpoint, Whilst house was robbed of cutlery, laptops, groceries and safe containing firearm. 
2) Theft general golfing estate Broederstroom. Domestic worker allegedly stole various clothing items.


Reported Criminal Cases for 28 and 29 April 2015.

Sector One: 
1) Theft general Rietfontein. Copper cable stolen. 
2) Theft general Cloister st Meerhof. Cellphone stolen. 
3) Theft general lodge Linda st Ifafi. Microwave stolen.


Reported Criminal Cases for 24 to 28 April 2015. 

Sector One: 
1) Possession of suspected stolen/ hijacked vehicle Scott St Schoemansville Two suspects arrested after high-speed car chase by Hartbeespoortdam Police. 
2) Possession of dagga Ten Rooms. Two suspects arrested. 
3) Burglary residential Karel st Schoemansville. Tv, laptop and jewelry stolen. 
4)Burglary residential Scott St Schoemanville. TV, DVD player and remote control stolen. 
5) Theft out of Motor Vehicle Post Office parking Schoemansville. Camera stolen. 
6) Theft general Rietfontein Cable stolen. 
7) Common robbery Bach st Melodie. Female robbed of handbag with personal belongings by suspect along roadside.
8) Malicious damage Melodie Plots. Household goods damaged by ex boyfriend. 
9) Burglary residential Sunway. Tv, amp, and dvd player stolen. 
10) Theft out of motor vehicle R511 tavern Melodie. Memory stick stolen.

11) Theft out of motor vehicle Melodie plots. Mini safe and Garmin GPS stolen. 
12) Reckless and negligent driving Damdoryn crossing. Pedestrian hit by car. 
13) Theft general Karel st Schoemansville. KTM off-road bike stolen. 
14) Reckless and negligent driving. Sunway. Child hit by motor vehicle and hospitalised. 
15) Business robbery and theft of motor vehicle R511 tavern Melodie plots. Six suspects held staff and clients at gunpoint and robbed them of cash, cellphones, liquor before also stealing customers white Mitsubishi Colt single cab bakkie. 

Sector Two: 
1) Theft general Kalkheuwel. Gas cylinder and electric cable stolen. 
2) Theft general Kalkheuwel East. Gate motor stolen. 

Sector Three: 
1) Illegal sale of liquor Schaumberg. Suspect arrested. 
2) Fraud estate de Rust. Victim paid R2000 deposit for puppy sale scam. 3). Malicious damage estate Kosmos. Vehicle window smashed. 
4) Reckless and negligent driving R560 Skeerpoort. Mva between two vehicles resulting in one passenger being hospitalised. 
5) Inquest Schaumberg. Male person found hanged in shack. 
6) Burglary residential estate Kosmos. Cosmetics,, clothing, laptop, handbag, perfume and jewelry stolen.



Reported Criminal Cases for 23 and 24 Apr 2015. 

Sector One: 

1) Burglary residential Hertzog st Schoemansville. Laptop stolen. 

Sector Two: 

1) Malicious damage resort Broederstroom. Bakkie window broken. 
2) Illegal sale of Liquor Broederstroom. Three shebeens closed down and suspects arrested. 3) Business robbery filling station T junction Broederstroom. Three armed suspects held staff at gunpoint before robbing them of cigarrettes, cash and cellphones. 

Sector Three: 

1) Burglary residential Schaumberg. Generator, toiletries, cash and cds stolen. 
2) Drinking in public Schaumberg. Suspect arrested. 
3) Illegal sale of liquor Schaumberg. Two shebeens closed down and suspects arrested.
4) Possession of dagga Schaumberg. Suspect arrested. 
5) Robbery with weapon other than firearm de Rust. Hitchhiker picked up by bogus taxi (white Quantum) and overpowered by four suspects whom tied him up before robbing him of cash, cellphone, clothing and solar panel. Victim was dropped off near Randburg bridge.


Reported criminal cases for 22 and 23 April 2015. 

Sector One: 

1) Possession of dagga Damdoryn. Suspect arrested. 
2) Drunkenness Damdoryn. Suspect arrested. 
3) Reckless and Negligent driving High School. Bakkie allegedly reversed into pedestrian and then sped away. 
4) Rape Sunway. Police investigating.
5) Theft general Syferfontein. Waterpump cable stolen. 

Sector Two: 

1) Illegal Sale of Lquor Matshelapata settlement. Suspect arrested. 
Sector Three: 
1) Burglary residential Paul Kruger st Kosmos. Mountain bike, bedding, TV, cash, travelling bags and dvd player stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 20/21 April 2015.  

Sector One:
1) Possession of dagga Scott St Schoemansville. Suspect arrested 
2) Theft general Rietfontein Scrap metal stolen. 
3) Theft out of motor vehicle Filling station Damdoryn. Briefcase and sportsbag stolen.    


Sector Two:
1) Theft general Hartbeeshoek. Borehole pump stolen.                       


Sector Three:
1) Possession of game animal skins without permit. Suspect to be charged.


Reported criminal cases for 17 to 20 April 2015

Sector One: 
1) Assault GBH traffic lights Village. One hawker stabbed by another during dispute. 
2) Possesion of dagga Scott st ext. Suspect arrested. 
3) Theft general Rietfontein. DB boxes and copper cable stolen. 
4) Drunken driving Schoemansville and Ifafi. Three suspects arrested. 
5) Failing to comply with road traffic rules 4 way stop Melodie. Suspect arrested. 
5) Robbery with weapon other than firearm Rietfonein. Two victims robbed at knifepoint of clothes, cash and cellphones by three suspects. 
6) Drunkenness Scott st. Suspect arrested. 
7) Rape vd Hoff Road( two cases). Two sisters raped along roadside by three suspects. 
8) Burglary business Scott St Schoemansville. Restaurant broken into and liquor stolen. 
9) Assault and malicious damage tavern Sunway. Two suspects arrested after assault on Police officer during brawl at tavern. 
10) Child neglect Ten Rooms. Suspect arrested.
11) Theft from motor vehicle Sunway. Battery stolen. 

Sector Two: 
1) Burglary residential Hartbeeshoek. Screwdrivers and sidecutter stolen. 
2) Theft of motor vehicle and theft general plot Broederstroom. Fiat uno and household goods removed from plot. 
3) Drunken driving near Lanseria T junction Broederstroom. Suspect arrested. 

Sector Three: 
1) Theft general residential complex Skeerpoort. Garden chairs stolen. 
2) h/B and theft and common assault Orange Farm. Suspect arrested.


Reported criminal cases for 15 and 16 Apr 2015

Sector One:

1) Theft out of motor vehicle central Schoemansville. Laptop stolen. 
2) Fraud atm Village Mall. Cash fraudulently withdrawn. 
3) Conducting business without registration central Ifafi. 
4) Theft general central Schoemansville. Jewelry stolen. 

Sector Three:

1) Common assault estate gate. Security guard assaulted. 
2) Malicious damage Remhoogte. Fence cut.


Reported criminal cases for 10 to 13 April 2015      

Sector One.                                    

1) Theft general Melodie plots. Waterpump and cable stolen. 
2) Carjacking Damdoryn. Toyota panel van allegedly carjacked at Damdoryn crossing. 
3) Possession of dagga Damdoryn. Two suspects arrested 
4) Theft general Rietfontein. Electric cable stolen. 
5) Theft out of and from motor vehicle Schubart st Melodie. Two cases reported whereby handbag, battery, radio and tools stolen.                       

Sector Two.                                      

1) Dealing in dagga Broederstroom. Suspect arrested.                                              

Sector Three.                              

1) Malicious damage Remhoogte. Fence cut. 
2) Theft general Bultfontein. Cable stolen. 
3) Burglary residential Bultfontein. Numerous household goods stolen. 
4) Drunkenness Remhoogte. Suspect arrested. 
5) Common robbery Hartbeesfontein. Victim allegedly robbed of cash by two suspects. 
6) Assault GBH Schaumberg Skeerpoort. Victim assaulted with fists.


Reported criminal cases for 9 and10 Apr 2015

Sector One:

1) Illegal discharging of firearm estate Ifafi. Complainant alleges bullet hole found in her window. 
2) Burglary residential upper Schoemansville. Computer and takkies stolen. 
3) Common assault restaurant Damdoryn. Two cases reported. Initial charge followed by counter charge. 


Sector Two:

1) Burglary residential Hartbeeshoek. Container broken into with various items being stolen.

Sector Three: 
1) Contravention of protection order. Kosmos. Suspect threatened victim with sword.


Reported criminal cases from 3 to 7 April 2015

Sector One: 
1) Theft general Village Mall. Cellphone stolen. 
2) Illegal gambling Sunway. Two suspects arrested. 
3) Culpable homocide Beethoven Road Melodie Plots. Female pedestrian killed. 
4) Burglary residential Hertzog st Schoemansville. Numerous goods stolen. 
5) Drinking in public Schoemansville and Melodie. Six suspects arrested. 
6) Possession of dagga Damdoryn and Rietfontein. Four suspects arrested. 
7) Theft general Howitzer st ifafi. Tenant allegedly stole various items. 
8) Theft from motor vehicle Malan st Schoemansville. 
9) Theft out of motor vehicle filling station Damdoryn. 
10) House Robbery Syferfontein. Worker held at knifepoint by two suspects and robbed of personal belongings. 
11) Theft general Restaurant Melodie.
12) Culpable homocide Scott St Schoemansville. Father and two year old son killed in MVA. 
13) Assault GBH Ten Rooms. 
14) Burglary residential Scott St Schoemansville 
15) Burglary residential Malan st Schoemansville. 
16) Burglary residential Rietfontein. 

Sector Two: 
1) Fraud restaurant Mountain Lake. Cash paid for scam delivery. 
2) Driving vehicle without owners consent Broederstroom. 
3) Theft general Leeuwenkloof. Waterpump stolen. 
4) Burglary residential church Hartbeeshoek Road. Numerous items stolen. 
5) Possession of dangerous weapons near Sangiro. Three suspects arrested in possession of knives and toy gun. 
6) Burglary residential Hartbeeshoek Road. Numerous items stolen. 

Sector Three. 
1) Theft general Vulture farm Skeerpoort. 
2) Theft out of motor vehicle Coleman st Kosmos. 
3) Burglary residential Skeerpoort. 
4) Burglary residential Schaumberg Skeerpoort. 5) Burglary residential estate Kosmos. 
6) Burglary residential time share resort De Rust. Two cases reported 
7) Theft general Schaumberg Skeerpoort.


Reported criminal cases for 1 and 2 April 2015

Sector One: 
1) Reckless and Negligent Driving Beethoven Road near Makalani. Pedestrian hit by motor vehicle and hospitalised. 
2) Burglary residential and theft out of motor vehicle Malan St Schoemansville.Garage broken into whereby bicycle, cycling shoes, baby car chair, gazebo as well as car radio stolen. 
3) Burglary residential Sunway. Music system, tv and clothing stolen. 

Sector Two: 
1) Theft general estate Broederstroom. Clothing stolen. 
2) Malicious damage lodge Broederstroom. Fence cut in three places. 

Sector Three: 
1) Malicious damage Skeerpoort. Fence cut.

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