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Keeping Cool - Advice Against Road Rage

For those people who are so quick and inclined to “take the law into their own hands” and who have a tendency to hoot and shout at other drivers and who would even approach them, swear at them or threaten them with attack - THIS is why you should rather consider your options and find ways to calm down, think hard and ask yourself: What is the worst thing that could happen to me?

Imagine the effect it could have on your family, if what happened this morning (06 May 2015 at 07h4), happened to you…

Johannesburg - A motorist was shot dead when he accused a man of skipping a stop street in Bonaero Park, east of Johannesburg, metro police said. 

"The victim was shot point-blank into the face when confronting a driver who allegedly he was accusing of skipping a stop street," said Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department spokesperson Chief Superintendent Wilfred Kgasago.

The shooter had two school children in his car with him at the time of the incident, around 07:40.

Kgasago said the driver of a VW Jetta apparently did not stop at a stop street in Daeraad Street. He was then pursued by a man driving an Isuzu bakkie.

Both vehicles stopped, and the driver of the Isuzu got out and walked up to the Jetta driver, sitting in the car with the two children.

A confrontation ensued and the Jetta driver pulled out a gun and shot the Isuzu driver in the face.

He was arrested and would appear in the Kempton Park Magistrate's Court within 48 hours.

Kgasago said the name of the 53-year-old victim can only be made public once all his next of kin had been informed of his death.

He said there were emotional scenes after the shooting.

"The wives arrived and both were hysterical."

My advice, when faced with a driver acting illegally (whether you are right, or not), would be to take the following steps:

1. Relax. Take a deep breath and THINK before you ACT. TELL yourself NOT TO ACT.

2. DO NOT make eye contact, if possible. Sometimes even just a look on your face can trigger a very violent response.

3. If need be - APOLOGISE and EXPOSE YOUR PALMS, “begging forgiveness…” This is hard I know. But it can SAVE YOUR LIFE.

4. If this does;t work - DO NOT STOP and CONFRONT the other driver. Try to get away.

5. Phone someone immediately and read the registration number of the other car to them so that they can report to police, if needed.

6. Get an in-car camera. You HAVE to these days. We use the Garmin GPS20 and they’re wonderful.

7. If you are using an Android Phone, install something like the Application called Total Recall to ensure that your calls are RECORDED. This can become a record for use in court later.

8. If you cannot escape approach by another driver, blow your horn (hooter) to attract attention and scream for help (yes - even if you’re a man) to get assistance or to ensure that there are witnesses.

9. REMEMBER that you’re not bullet-proof, even if you are angry or feel tough. Bullets kill even angry people.

10. If you are a woman, DO NOT believe that being a woman is enough to prevent you from being attacked. DO NOT antagonise men!

11. If all else fails, DRIVE DEFENSIVELY and COURTEOUSLY. People might still shake their heads and wave their hands at you - apologising is safer than confronting other drivers.

While NOTHING can GUARANTEE that you will survive road rage or that it will be prevented, a courteous, apologetic, friendly disposition can go a long way.

And DO NOT SHOOT PEOPLE for “driving badly!”

Stan Bezuidenhout
IBF Investigations

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