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Author:  Fanie
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Hartbeespoort Christians Unite

24 May 2015 - Hartbeespoort's Christians united on Sunday afternoon at GHS Primary School on the 16th annual Global day of Prayer. 

This movement was started by South African businessman - Graham Power - in 2000 and it has since grown to an event supported by millions of Christians in over 200 nations globally.

The Hartbeespoort event was attended by Christians from diverse backgrounds who were all united in prayer. 

Kobus Windt (Afrikaans), Keith Michaels (English) and Allet Cindi (Tshwane) presented the event.

After an opening by Jules Asher - coordinator of the Hartbeespoort Christian Forum, the people were treated with songs from angelic voice - Thuli Lengwate - and by a worship team with Guillaume.




David Mcluwa - a local businessman - gave a short and inspiring message regarding the dominion we have over the earth as God's children. He requested the people who wanted to change things to refrain from complaining on social media, but rather to spend this time in prayer.

The GHS senior choir (instructed by Pierre and Pauli) gave a lovely recital, after which Bertus Steenkamp asked all the local Church leaders to come to the front. He prayed for them.  


Recognise your Pastor / Minister?


Anton van Zyl then requested local government representatives to come forward.

Councillors Erna Roussouw and Ralleigh Ellis responded and the people divided in small groups and prayed for local government. 


The GHS junior choir gave a moving performance, after which Margaret Depson asked the people in their groups to pray for schools.




Jules Asher asked the people to pray for Social Services, after which Johan de Wet asked the people to pray for people involved in Sport activities. Karen Krige asked the people to pray for people involved in Art.




Karel Nel delivered a short message and asked that we pray for those that have lost their way.


A choir led by Pierre and Pauli led the people in the Hout Kruis song, whereafter Kobus, Keith and Allet closed the proceedings.

We hope that Hartbeespoort people will use opportunities like these to reach out to each other and that our local community participation in the Global Day of Prayer will grow from year to year.