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Harties Sewerage Works - Government Can If It Wants To!

10 June 2015

We should take government to task whenever they fail their citizens in service delivery. Sometimes the poor local officials get sandwiched in-between poor political decisions straining their resources and the public pressure to deliver. Politicians of the governing party in our local Councils are quick to let the same officials get the rap, while hiding their own primary guilt in non-delivery of services.

This is why it is important to acknowledge work well done whenever government manages to deliver proper services. This may help to boost the morale of officials in their daily struggle to keep the local government engine running in spite of devastating corruption, crippling political ideologies and poor decision making at Local Council level.

An example of a job wel done is currently the Hartbeespoort Sewerage Works at Rietfontein. There has been no sewerage spillages into Swartspruit from October last year! Swartspruit flows into Hartbeespoort dam. Although some may argue that this is the basic task of local government, our community is just to thankful whenever the required level of services is reached. 

A discussion with Jan Moller from Xanadu revealed that the water downstream from the sewerage works is clean. They undertake a lab test every 6 weeks. 


Who must we thank for this? The Central Government's parliamentary standing portfolio committee on water and sanitation. Committee member Leon Basson from the DA initiated the process and committee chair Lulu Jackson from the ANC saw it through. This committee visited the works middle of 2014 and ensured that Madibeng delivered on its commitment of October 2014 for rectifying critical problems at the works. 

Some of the upgrading Madibeng undertook include:

- Completion of the balancing facility (an intake dam to accommodate large sewer inflows)

- Chlorine gas treatment

- Installation of a diesel stand-by generator

- Encasing of the balancing dam pump electrical supply cable in concrete

Xanadu Estate assisted with a Panick Unit, and currently ensures that the Works routinely gets visited by security staff. 

Let's hope this situation can stay positive and that the community doesn't get disappointed again after a while!


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