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Author:  Fanie
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Harties Electricity Cut

There goes the power again!
This the story of the power supply to Hartbeespoort residents. But last Friday (14 Nov) there was a difference: The electrical supply to the residents on the eastern shore of Hartbeespoort (Schoemansville, Ifafi, Meerhof & Melodie) was cut by Tshwane Council. The reason? Madibeng Council did not pay their electrical account to Tshwane! At the end of the day, after intervention of the Premier and a loan of R6m to Madibeng Council by a 3rd party, the power was restored.

It was discovered that there are a lot of people for which a long power outage is not only uncomfortable, but also life threatening. We think here of people connected to life sustaining medical equipment and oxygen cylinders. The Bravo November network rushed to help one such a person in Schoemansville with a spare oxygen cylinder.  Afriforum was in contact with this person as part of preparation for a court interdict for Tshwane to restore the power, but the legal process was abandoned when power was eventually restored via political means and with the diligent efforts of our DA Councilors.

We must realise that this situation will repeat itself sometime in future. If not with power then with the outstanding Madibeng account to Rand Water. This time we must be ready for an immediate court interdict to protect defenseless people against cutting of essential services.

And - not to forget - the Hartbeespoort residents have paid and are paying high rates for these services out of their hard earned earnings. This situation screams for a better solution than the unacceptable situation which the responsible Local Authority currently forces on it's citizens.

Let's all put our thinking caps on, consult with the relevant authorities and then act together to realize a way to ensure fair availability of paid up essential services to our community - being it through political pressure or a court process.

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