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Author:  Fanie
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Commentary: The See-Saw Effect

The thing about a see-saw is that the one party is always above the other party - and looking over his head. Only for a split second do the parties see eye-to-eye while the playground equipment races towards the other extreme.

Due to human nature it is the bullish types - used to getting their way and enforcing their opinion - that reaches the upper echelons of power in this see-saw race. Just look at the world's history. In South-Africa we have been over-exposed to the one side for decades, while the other side now tries its best to enforce its extreme opinion on the population.

It is with great relief that we acknowledge that we still have neutralising forces, such as a fairly free media and judiciary, to balance the scales and work back towards the valuable point-of-truth. This point where the erratic see-saw effect stops and the bullish leaders are forced to see eye to eye in the see-saw's stationary position.

This is a "moderation of thought" - a place where one acknowledges to yourself that your understanding is limited. That others' lungs are also entitled to their share of our common atmosphere. In this maturity of spirit that we all have to strive towards, you understand that no human is purely bad or purely good in our current state. In our natural laziness to file personalities in our brains as only "villain" or "hero", we ignore reality in the possibilities in-between and refuse to exercise our thoughts in these possibilities.

A more positive attitude will work against division and clique-forming.

We have been exposed to divisive local power play for years, where competitive personalities in influential positions see our town as the playground of some sort of game. The reason why this has not been discussed open-mindedly in the media up till now should be obvious.  

This is now where the reasonably minded should adopt a "gentle but firm" approach in our carving out of a new dispensation in our town. Build on the good experiences and learn from the bad experiences.

Gentle: Emphasize achievements and give ample chance for correction in those cases where faults have been made.

Firm: The law, however, need to run its course if there should possibly be any cases where actual trangressions took place.

Gentle: We need to allow the go-getters and people who make things happen some leeway.

Firm: These people need to be kept in check by wise and accommodating leadership - something that we desperately need in our town to ensure a positive outcome.   







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