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Harties Sewage System Update

Last week we have reported on the condition of the Rietfontein sewage works, as well as sewage spills at Xanadu pumpstation and Sunway. Afriforum afterwards put pressure on the responsible official from DWA in this regard and some progress has been made. That is - the sewage spill at Xanadu Pumpstation has been stopped and the pumpstation runs again.

Yesterday DWA staff and sub-contrators were working at Venice Village sewer pumpstation.



A pump was started and the sewage level - which came to the very top of the sump - started to fall visibly. At the time sewage dams were visible below the pumpstation.




Venice Village pumpstation has been out of operation for at least a few weeks and the upstream system has overflowed. While the problem seems to have been addressed for now, the second pump needs to be repaired urgently. Normal operation of pumpstations require a duty and stand-by pump. With such high volume flows, two pumps are essential. DWA needs to indicate when the second pump will be in operation.

This pumpstation is also switched manually. It seems that Madibeng retained some responsibility for design and operation of the telemetry system for communication between the various pumpstations. This system is not operating at all and requires urgent attention to automise operation of the total system and prevent flooding of pumpstations and the main works.

The condition of the smaller pumpstations need to be assessed, though it seems that vandalism and theft may have impaired the proper operation of these smaller pump stations.    

Venice Village supplies Ifafi Pumpstation with sewage and the proper operation of Venice Village pumpstation requires the manual operating of Ifafi Pumpstation to be again be undertaken diligently to prevent spills (until switching can be automated).

The better operation of Venice Village, Ifafi and Xanadu Pumpstations will now again shift the focus to Rietfontein Sewage Works where there will now again be an increased sewage inflow. The situation will be exacerbated by the commencement of the rainy season and the authorities need to focus on solving the problem at Rietfontein.   


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