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Author:  Fanie
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Harties Re-Demarcation: Overwhelming Response

Over 500 Harties inhabitants have given their support to date for re-demarcation of our town!

On the Petitions website, there are 468 signatures thus far (and growing), while over 200 have indicated their support by E Mail. 56 people left comments.

The people of Hartbeespoort have had enough! It has been a long while since Harties residents united behind a common cause like this.

Everyone seems to support the idea of Harties taking control of it's own infrastructure, though there were some objections based on the "incorporation into Gauteng" idea.

After 2 meetings the fine people who are willing to sacrifice their time in an effort to get the ball rolling, have decided to form an interim committee, until the approach can be ratified in a mass community meeting.

We ask the community to please indicate their support by registering their vote on

People vote for a re-demarcation into Gauteng and for Hartbeespoort autonomy.


The support would have been even bigger, but some people question the idea of Harties going to Gauteng.

Let it now be clearly stated: The crossing into Gauteng is only one of the options on the table. The application to the Demarcation Board is only the initial step. A lot of water has to run under the bridge before we know how our new dispensation will look like.

If you don't agree with the Gauteng move - please still register your vote, but add a comment that you don't support the Gauteng move.

The thoughts of the interim committee in this regard will be clarified to keep everyone up to date up to the community mass meeting. Rest assured that the very first option is to work together with Madibeng and North West to reach a workable plan. If this plan works for us within North-West - so be it. We need our taxes to work for us - bottom line.

But IMPORTANT: The people and institutions who previously tried to negotiate with Madibeng will agree: The Council always - without exception - is initially very positive and supportive of community initiatives and concerns - up to the second or third meeting. After that there seems to come a realization that the beautiful promises need to be acted on outside of the meetings. The enthusiasm of the Council always deteriorates up to a point where the negotiators from the community are so frustrated that they feel their time has been wasted. Short term gains are made - a pump station here and a section of road there. And only for a time. But all the efforts up to now did not achieve a shift of direction in Madibeng yet. Every time our local projects get swept off the Council's IDP  budget (infrastructure development plan) in favour of other wards. We see very little of our R 10m+ taxes a month working for our local community.

Hartbeespoort Inhabitants Forum had over 35 meetings with Madibeng and generated over 85 documents. The most important of which was the community infrastructure report, which was submitted in the NW Council and was instrumental in a R 10m upgrade of the sewer network. But, the feeling kept growing that Council only humours community delegations and is not serious in acting on our concerns and maintaining a good enough standard of services. Therefore, HIF invited Afriforum in February 2012 to a community leader meeting and the Afriforum Hartbeespoort Branch was established. Afriforum now continues the battle for services, though with national backing and more bite than a local community delegation.

That is why - this time the community feel they do not want to waste their time again. We are not going to burn down buildings and block streets. But we will go with a very serious intention for a better solution for our community. And we must be prepared to go all the way, back the final elected committee and look at all legal options to carve out a better dispensation for the people of Hartbeespoort.

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