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Efergy Energy Monitor Classic

Providing my clients with Load Shedding Solutions requires that I show them the benefits of purchasing the system. This entails doing a load survey of their current installation to determine how much power they are using and the associated circuits that will run on the backup system. To do this, they want to see actual Rands and cents values. I have found that people in general do not like the electrician’s way of showing them the actual current that an appliance consumes by using a tong tester that measures amps and then manually calculate the running costs.

So I opted to purchase an Ellies Efergy Classic Energy Monitor  that would directly show the actual Rands and cents of running their appliances per hour, day and month.

In the box:

The unit comes neatly packaged with easy to follow instructions. In the box you’ll find a display unit, a radio transmitter and a clip-on current transformer (CT) with 6x AA batteries to power the display and the transmitter complete with a detailed instruction manual.


Installing the system does not require an electrician but you need to be comfortable opening your DB board and correctly identify your Main Supply cable to connect the CT (JFK Technologies will assist if you feel uneasy doing it yourself). Fit the batteries into the display unit which switches on automatically. Now put the batteries into the transmitter.  The CT opens up to clip around the cable and then it plugs into the transmitter unit. Pair the display with the transmitter (as per instructions) and program the display with the current date and time as well as your electricity unit costs.



  • Ease of installation with easy instructions
  • Small portable display unit (no wiring) that you can place anywhere
  • Long range radio transmitter – no loss of signal through walls etc
  • Displays SA currency in Rands
  • History backup – it saves all your data for manual review later (doesn’t connect to pc)
  • Custom alarm setting to alert you of high usage
  • Multiple electricity unit costs – if you pay different rates for different times of the day



  • Non-technical users have to open up their electricity DB board to install it
  • This basic model does not provide history data download to your computer



If you need a good indication of your daily/monthly use, I would absolutely recommend this energy monitor. At around a R1,000 incl, it is definitely worth the investment as it shows you the reality of your electricity costs and it makes you acutely aware of how much power you’re actually using.

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