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Author:  Fanie
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Rating Of The CPF (Community Police Forum)


Poor (1-)

Accept-able (3)

Good (5)

Great (7)

Excellent (9+)


Co-operation between Community Safety Structures







Communicate with and Mobilise Community







Social crime prevention projects







Solving of crime related problems







Monitor SAPS/ Transparency and accountability








How would you rate our CPF according to this scorecard? My rating would be 1/3/5/3/1. It is thus with a bit of scepticism that I wonder on which basis SAP "rates" CPF's. Now we have noted that there is a culture clash between the community's professionals who are used to the industry requirements and a state organisation like the SAPS. I have a feeling, based on personal experience, that the SAPS rates CPF's largely on the amount of control wielded and the "rose garden effect" wrt their image to seniors. While we know the CPF has a responsibility to hold SAPS accountable to the community as well, this idea mostly does not sit well with SAPS. The wrong idea that community structures "fall under SAPS command" still lingers in the heads of many. Nobody wants to be scrutinized and everybody wants control. It is good to praise SAPS if they deserve it, but there must be a space for criticism as well - where required. The right of the community to this space is currently vehemently opposed by SAPS through ways and means. Now - the success of Harties' community security effort is undisputable and something of which we rightly can be proud of. What I say is: This success is due to the community members on the ground in the neighbourhood watches offering their time and working together in structures like the Bravo radio network. This is what makes the difference. Now what is the role of the CPF other than to ensure that everyone comes along and pulls together in our town? Do they really achieve this at this stage? Is it not a matter of "ploeg met iemand anders se kallers" where the real coal face contributors on the ground are rarely acknowledged? Thanks to all those silent guys and girls who offer valuable time and hours of effort to help with community safety, while shirking the limelight.

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