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Reported Criminal Cases For October 2015 - Hartbeespoort SAP

Reported criminal cases for 1 to 5 Oct 2015

Sector 1:
1) Theft General. Nikon Camera stolen from bag. Scott Str Ext area.
2) Common Assault. Rietfontein DV.
3) Theft out of MV. Marais Str Laptop & Camera.
4) Scott Str Ext Spare wheel stolen value
5) Arson. Syferfontein area. Shack burnt down DV related.
6) Drunk Driving. area R511 Melodie.
7) Reck & Neck Melodie area. Serious injuries occurred.
8) Fraud Meerhof area. Sale of goods and proof of payment on Internet via stolen I.D. & forged P.O.P.

Sector 2:
1) Common Assault. Broederstroom area.
2) Theft General. Tablet stolen. R512 Mountain lake area.
3) Theft General. Groceries stolen Leeuenkloof area.
4) Burglary- Res. Clothing, bedding, CD's, video equipment. Area Broederstroom.

Sector 3:
1) Robbery with AC. Cach & phone stolen.
2) Stock theft . 5 pigs stolen Bultfontein area.
3) Burglary Skeerpoort various tools & cable stolen.
4) Burglary Cosmos, Bosman Beyers Rd. Clothing & bedding.
5) Burglary-Buss. Skeerpoort area. Bedding, fridge & general items stolen from a lodge.
6) Possession d. Weapon. 2 suspects arrested after tip off by a victim allegedly robbed by 9 suspects and subsequent follow up operation.
7) Attempted robbery. Skeerpoort 2 suspects arrested.


Reported criminal cases for 05 to 07 Oct 2015 

Sector 1:
1) 2 x Drinking in public. Damdoryn.
2) Theft from a M/V. 1 x Battery, Radio/Tape & Speakers stolen, Window broken to gain entry. Schoemansville, Waterfront Str.
3) Spare wheel stolen in parking area of a Melodie Shopping centre.
4) Reck & Neck. Cyclist allegedly hit by a motor vehicle & injured in Scott Str Ext . Motorist did not stop.
5) Common robbery. Bank card allegedly stolen at a Melodie Tavern and used to withdraw.
6) Theft General. Cell phones & Keys allegedly stolen from a table during a function in the Melodie plot area.
7) Malicious damage to property. Illegal connections on a Rietfontein plot resulted in the transformer overloading and blowing up.
8) Attempted robbery with Firearm. A business man approaching a  bank money was pointed with a firearm and attempt was made to grab the bag of money, The complainant fought of the person who fled the scene. 
9) Burglary Buss.  Padlock broken overnight to gain entry, Flat screen TV, Desktop Computer and laptop allegedly stolen. Schoemansville Scott Str.

Sector 2:
1) Theft General. Circuit beakers stolen from a meter box on a property in Welgegund area.

Sector 3:
1) Theft General. Electric cable allegedly stolen Cosmos Orange farm area.
2) Theft General. Telkom cable allegedly stolen in Skeerpoort area.


Reported criminal cases for 8 and 9 Oct 2015

Sector One: 
1) Keeping of wildlife without permit Silkaatsnek. Fine issued. 
2) Theft general vd Hoff Road Rietfontein. Cable stolen. 
3) Theft from motor vehicle Scott St Schoemansville. Battery stolen.                                          

Sector Three:                                    

1) Theft of motor vehicle Skeerpoort. Maroon Nissan bakkie stolen. 
2) House Robbery Remhoogte. Female victim held at gunpoint in her home prior to being robbed of cash, cellphone and schoolbag.


Reported criminal cases for 9 - 10 October

 Sector One.                                        

1)Illegal  Possession of ammunition Syferfontein.Live ammunition found and suspect arrested. 
2)Theft general and presumed possession of stolen property Syferfontein. Truck wheel rims stolen and recovered. Two suspects arrested. 
3) Burglary residential Boekenhoutkloof Rietfontein. TV stolen. 
4) Assault GBH Ten Rooms. Victim assaulted by suspect with panga. 
5) Burglary business guesthouse Scott st Schoemansville. Iphone and cellphone stolen. 
6) Theft of motor vehicle Harrison st Schoemansville. Blue Mazda sedan stolen.                                     

Sector Two.                                    

1) Burglary business restaurant near Mountain Lake. Quadbike and liquor stolen. 
2) Theft general Broederstroom. Generator stolen. 
3) Drinking in public Broederstroom. Suspect arrested. 
4) Burglary business and illegal use of explosives Mountain Lake complex. Two suspects broke into supermarket and blew up drop safe prior to fleeing the scene in a silver grey Audi with the stolen cash.                                    

Sector Three.                                    

1) Burglary residential Hartbeesfontein. Numerous household goods stolen. 
2) Burglary business Kosmos. Thieves broke into community hall and stole tables and chairs. 
3) Theft general Skeerpoort. Air compressor stolen. 
4) Burglary business Skeerpoort. Generator and welding machine stolen.              

Special Report.                                  

During the early hours of this morning Hartbeespoortdam CPU arrested six suspects in the Skeerpoort area believed to be responsibe for at least seven armed and house robberies over the last two weeks. Excellent work by constables Ngobeni and Lelaka.


Reported criminal cases for 12/13 Oct 2015.                                               


Sector One. 
1) Theft general Afsaal Rietfontein. Cable stolen 
2) Fraud bank Sediba Plaza. Suspect attempted to cash forged cheque. 
3) Malicious damage Rietfontein. Transformer damaged. 
4) Theft out of and from motor vehicle Malan st Schoemansville. Flash torch and battery stolen.                   

Sector Two. 
1) Possession presumed stolen goods filling station Broederstroom. Suspect arrested.                                                       

Sector Three. 
1) Possession presumed stolen goods. Skeerpoort armed and house robbers found in possession of stolen goods in Mmakau and subsequently arrested.


Reported criminal cases for 13/14 Oct 2015.

Sector One.

1) Burglary business and theft from motor vehicle vd Hoff Road Rietfontein. Five batteries, cameras and monitors stolen. 
2) Possession of dagga Damdoryn. Two suspects arrested.

Sector Two.

1) Burglary business near Pelindaba. Two premises broken into. In first case Isuzu bakkie and office equipment stolen whilst in second case alcohol and wine stolen from bar. 
2) Burglary business resort near Mountain Lake. Five fridges, microwaves and kettles stolen out of five chalets. 
3) Malicious damage and theft general security estate Welgegund, Female suspect broke victims car keys and stole his cellphone.       

Sector Three.

1) Possession of dagga Damsig. Suspect arrested, 
2) Assault GBH and pointing of firearm Skeerpoort. Case opened after arrest of six Skeerpoort robbers when additional victims opened cases.
3) House Robbery Skeerpoort. Two additional cases opened by victims coming forward subsequent to arrest of six robbery suspects.


Reported criminal cases for 14/15 October 2015

Sector One.

1) Reckless and negligent driving R511 vd Hoff Road. MVA between two vehicles resulting in injuries to school children. 
2) Theft general pet shop Ouwapad Ifafi. Handbag stolen supposedly by two females posing as customers. 
3) Theft out of motor vehicle cnr Monene and Malan st Schoemansville. Bag with jewelry stolen. Victim persued suspects and were apprehended near Wimpy Marais st and subsequently arrested. Stolen goods recovered.


Sector Two.

1) Malicious damage Welgegund Cables to waterpump cut. 
2) Theft general Kalkheuwel. Trailer stolen.

Sector Three.

1) Business Robbery Daggapad Skeerpoort. Truck stolen and later recovered. Suspect arrested. 
2) Fraud Hartbeesfontein. Deposits paid for goods never delivered 
3) Theft general Kosmos. Radio and speakers stolen from boat.


Reported criminal cases for 15/16 October 2015.

Sector One:
1) Fraud Rietfontein. Cash unlawfully withdrawn from account. 
2) House Robbery Waterfront st Schoemansville. Three armed suspects held two domestic workers at gunpoint prior to stealing TVs, laptop, jewelry, cellphones and various other household goods. 
3) Malicious damage vd Hoff road Rietfontein. Pole cut down.
4) Business Robbery Rietfontein. Suspect robbed shop of cash and other goods.                             

Sector Two: 
1) Robbery with firearm Pelindaba Road. Victim held at gunpoint after trying to repair puncture, assaulted and robbed of cash and sunglasses.
Sector Three:
1) Burglary business lodge Remhoogte. Fridge, microwave, bedding and various household goods stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 16 to 19 October 2015.
Sector One:                                    

1) Theft general Jasmyn complex. Vacuum machine collected for repair and never returned. 
2) Theft general Hertzog st Schoiemansville. Two bicycles stolen. 
3) Burglary residentuial Beethoven road Melodie Plots. Tools and computer stolen. 
4) Contravention of protection order Sunway. Female threatened by ex boyfriend 
5) Assault GBH Sunway. V ictim stabbed with beer bottle near tavern.
6) Malicious damage Rietfontein. Windows, table. Cupboards and curtains broken by victims ex partner. 
7) Drunken driving vd Hoff Road Rietfontein. Two drivers arrested.                                        

Sector Two:                                        

1) Theft general Jalalpor Road. Cellphone stolen. 
2) Theft general resort Broederstroom. Stage lighting stolen. 
3) Trespassing resort Broederstroom. Suspect arrested. 
4) Theft general estate Broederstroom. Jewelry stolen.
5) Theft general Skuilkloof. Jetski stolen.                                                      

Sector Three:                                      

1) House Robbery and rape Hartbeesfontein. Three suspects held couple at gunpoint robbing them of cellphones and personal belongings whilst all three raped victims wife. 
2) House Robbery informal settlement Hartbeesfontein. Female robbed at gunpoint of purse and cellphone 
3) Murder Hartbeesfontein. Four suspects of which three were armed fired at three victims demanding money. One victim died on scene whilst other suffered gunshot wounds. 
4) Possession stolen property Mmakau relating to house robberies in Skeerpoort. Three suspects arrested. 
5) Theft general near Westlake. Fishing nets stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 19/ 20 October 2015.                                              

Sector One.                                    

1) Burglary residential Karel st Schoemansville. Sunglasses and Ipad stolen.

2) Burglary residential Baldwin st Schoemansville. Taps, shower heads and pipes stolen. 
3) Attempted burglary Meintjies St Schoemansville. Suspect apprehended and arrested. 
4) Burglary residential Melodie Plots. Handbag and cash stolen. 
5) Theft out of motor vehicle pub Damdoryn. Valuables stolen from inside and back of LDV.


Reported criminal cases for  21 and 22 Oct 2015.
Sector One:
1) Possession of dagga Damdoryn. Suspect arrested. 
2) Burglary business Melodie plots. Safe containing locks stolen. 
3) Fraud Harrington St Schoemansville. Victim paid deposit for article on internet scam. 
4) Theft of motor vehicle Jasmyn complex Meerhof. Ford Batum bakkie stolen.                    

Sector Two:
1) Theft general estate Broederstroom. Laptop stolen.            

Sector Three:
1) Possession of dagga Skeerpoort. Suspect arrested. 
2) Assault gbh Skeerpoort. Female stabbed by female suspect.


Crime Report for 22/23 October 2015.

Sector One.
1) Assault GBH Marais st Schoemansville. Victim alleges he was assaulted by Police Officer whist being arrested. 
2) Burglary business Scott st Schoemansville.Cash till stolen. 

Sector Two.
1) Theft general Pelindaba Road Broederstroom. Drawing plans stolen. 
2) Drowning security estate Broederstroom. Deceased found dead on side of boat.            

Sector Three.
1) Theft general time share resort De Rust. Laptop and cellphone stolen. 
2) Possession of dagga Orange Farm. Two suspects arrested. 
3) Possession of stolen property Orange Farm. Suspect arrested in possession of presumed stolen watch.


Reported criminal cases for 23 to 26 Oct 2015
Sector One
1) Theft out of motor vehicle guest house Scott St Schoemansville. Two cases reported whereby various valuables stolen. 
2) Illegal sale of liquor. Rietfontein. Three shebeens closed down.
3) Drinking in public Kuyper and Scott st Schoemansville. Four suspects arrested. 
4) Drunkenness Verdi St Melodie. Truck drver arrested. 
5) Drunken driving vd Hoff st Rietfontein. Suspect arrested. 
6) Burglary residential and possession stolen goods Sunway. Laptop stolen but later recovered in possession of suspect whom was arrested. 
7) Malicious damage Sunway. Glass windows broken during domestic violence. Suspect arrested. 
8) Business Robbery Ouwapad Ifafi. Victim alleges he was assaulted by three suspects prior to computer being stolen from office. Police investigating further.                                              

Sector Three:                                          

1) Burglary residential Skeerpoort. Tools and equipment stolen. 
2) Illegal sale of liquor Schaumberg. Suspect arrested.


Reported criminal cases for 26 and 27 Oct 2015

Sector One:                                          

1) Business Robbery Pub Old Rustenburg Road. Staff held at knifepoint by three suspects and cash, tablet and liquor stolen. One victim stabbed in back and hospitalised.

Sector Three:                                  

1) Burglary residential estate Kosmois. TV stolen. 
2) Disturbance of Peace Orange Farm. Loud music at shebeens


Reported criminal cases for 27 and 28 Oct 2015.  
Sector One:
1) Burglary residential. Karel St. Schoemansville Valuables stolen.
2) Burglary residential Rietfontein. Valuable stolen. 
3) Malicious damage vd Hoff Road. Truck windscreen broken by stone thrower. 
4) Theft from motor vehicle Village Mall. Spare wheel stolen. 
5) Theft from motor vehicle flats Mauser st Ifafi. Radio stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 28 and 29 Oct 2015.   

Sector One:
1) Possession of dagga Damdoryn. Seven suspects arrested. 
2) Illegal sale of liquor Damdoryn. Suspect arrested. 
3) Robbery with firearm Zilkaatsnek. Security guard held at gunpoint and robbed of cellphones, cash and takkies. Getaway vehicle believed to be white Toyota Corrolla. 
4) Theft of motor vehicle Karel St Schoemansville. Toyota Avanza stolen. 
5) Robbery with firearm near Cable Way Melodie plots. Hitchhiker picked by white Toyota Corrolla and later held at gunpoint by two suspects and robbed of cellphone, cash and I'd book. 
6) Trespassing Rietfontein. Five suspects entered private property whilst attempting to illegally connect power.                                              
Sector Two:
1) Burglary residential Broederstroom. Tools and equipment stolen. 
2) Burglary residential Golfing estate Broederstroom. Numerous valuables stolen.                             

Sector Three:
1) Illegal sale of liquor Skeerpoort. Suspect arrested 
2) possession of dagga Skeerpoort. Suspect arrested. 
3) Assault GBH Schaumberg. Student stabbed by three student suspects.


Reported criminal cases for 29 and 30 Oct 2015
Sector One:
1) Fraud bank Sediba Plaza. Deposit paid for goods never delivered 
2) Theft from motor vehicle Mauser St Ifafi. Wheels stolen off vehicle within apartment block premises. 
3) Theft general Estate Ifafi. Jewelry stolen. 
4) Fraud bank Sediba Plaza. Large amount of cash fraudulently withdrawn from victims account.


Reported criminal cases for 30 Oct to 2 Nov 2015.  
Sector One:
1) Possession of dagga Ten Rooms. Two suspects arrested 
2) Theft of motor vehicle Village mall. Green Citigolf stolen but after thirty minutes recovered by Police at Skietfontein near De Wildt. Suspects fled in black Golf 4. 
3) Assault Gbh Rietfontein. Victim assaulted by boyfriend.
4) Burglary resiudential Longtom st Ifafi. Two Tvs, camera, laptop and cellphones stolen. 
5) Reckless and negligent driving and drunken driving old Rustenburg Road Suspect arrested after mva. 
6) Culpable Homicide MVA Saartjiesnek Three victims killed in accident involving four vehicles.                                               
Sector Two:
1) Illegal sale of liquor Sangiro B roederstroom. Suspect arrested 
2) Burglary business caravan park near Pelindaba. Multiple items stolen out of store.                         

Sector Three.
1) Possession of dagga Skeerpoort. Three suspects arrested. 
2) Burglary business Bultfontein. Cash, moneybox and handgun stolen. 
3) Housebreaking and malicious damage Orange Farm. Suspect arrested.


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