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Reported Cases Hartbeespoort SAP - November 2015

Reported Criminal Cases for 2 and 3 Nov 2015.       

Sector One:
1) Theft from motor vehicle Anaboom st Meloidie. Battery stolen. 
2) Possession of dagga Damdoryn. Suspect arrested.          

Sector Two:
1) Theft general Kalkheuwel. Motor vehicle parts stolen.


Reported Criminal Cases for 3/4 Nov 2015.

Sector One
1) Burglary residential security estate Rietfontein. Cellphone, cash and game stolen. 
2) Common robbery Scott st Schoemansville. Victim robbed of wallet and cellphone.                   

Sector Two.
1) Theft out of motor vehicle and negligent loss of firearm Mountain Lake parking. Tablet, sunglasses, camera and firearm stolen.


Reported Criminal Cases for 4/ 5 Nov 2015.

Sector One.                                    

No crime reported.
Sector Two.                                      

No crime reported.
Sector Three.                                          

1) Intimidation Remhoogte. Complainant received threats via sms from former employee whom is suspected of theft


Reported Criminal Cases for 5 and 6 Nov 2015

Sector One
No cases reported.  
Sector Two:
1) Attempted carjacking Mountain Lake area. Female victim alleges that two suspects in a white Ford Bantum bakkie gunpointed and assaulted her. She managed te escape from suspects.                                          

Sector Three:
1) Theft general De Rust. Suspect hired trailer but failed to return it. 
2) Burglary business boat club Kosmos. Batteries stolen.


Reported Criminal Cases for 6 to 9 Nov 2015. 

Sector One:                                    

1) Burglary business bottle store Melodie plots. Cash and expensive camera stolen. 
2) Burglary business restaurant Scott St opp Snake park Schoemansville. Liquor stolen. 
3) Theft general Chameleon Village. Cash and jewelry stolen.

4) Theft out of and attempted theft of motor vehicle R511 near Aquarium. Radio/ tape stolen as well as ignition damaged. 
5) Drinking in public Damdoryn. Suspect arrested. 
6) Theft general Syferfontein Meter control box stolen. 
7) Fraud Village Mall. Victim scammed at ATM by unknown suspect. 
8) Common robbery Schubart st melodie. Victim robbed of hanbag and contents 
9) Theft of motor vehicle restaurant opp Village Mall. Silver Audi A4 stolen. 
10) Theft out of and from motor vehicle Monene st Schoemansville. Tools and battery stolen. 
11) Burglary residential Appelblaar St Melodie . Two TVs and duvets stolen. 
12) Theft general Scott st Schoemansville. Jewelry and gold coins stolen. 
13) Burglary residential and theft of motor vehicle Harrington St Schoemansville. Cash, TV, laptop in addition to Mazda 3 stolen.                                                      

Sector Two:                                    

1) Inquest Matshelapatta. Victim found hanged in shack.

2) Theft of motor vehicle and fraud estate Broederstroom. Suspects purchased grey Renault Clio with fraudulent cheque and disappeared with vehicle. 
3) Robbery with firearm near Mountain lake. Two hitchhikers picked up by old blue Toyota Corrolla with three suspects and robbed of cash, cellphones and clothing.                                          


Sector Three:                                                  

1) Theft general Skeerpoort. Cable stolen. 
2) Theft general Remhoogte. Simcard stolen. 
3) Possession of dagga Schaumberg. Suspect arrested.


Reported Criminal Cases for 9 and 10 Nov 2015.     

Sector One:
1) Driving vehicle without licence Rietfontein. Suspect apprehended and fine imposed. 
2) Illegal sale of liquor Rietfontein. Suspect arrested. 
3) Theft general Vodacom tower Meerhof. Batteries stolen. 
4) Assault GBH tavern Sunway Rietfontein. Victim assaulted by two suspects with beer bottle.           

Sector Two:
1) Burglary residential Hartbeeshoek Road. Tools stolen.


Reported Criminal Cases for 10 and 11 Nov 2015.

Sector One:
1) Theft general security estate Rietfontein. Valuables stolen during move from one house to another. 
2) Possession of dagga Syferfontein. Three suspects arrested.                           

Sector Two:
1) Theft general resort Broederstroom. Firearm stolen from security officers room.            

Sector Three:
Drunken driving Randburg bridge. Female motorist arrested.


Reported Criminal Cases for 11 and 12 November

Sector One
1) Fraud Melodie. Cash unlawfully withdrawn from account. 
2) Theft of motor vehicle Village Mall parking. White Ford Bantum bakkie stolen 
3) Theft of motor vehicle Marais st Schoemansville. Grey Honda Ballade stolen.

4) Theft general estate Ifafi. Laptops, camera, Iphone and cellphone stolen 
5) Inqest syferfontein. Victim found dead on bed.               

Sector Three:
1) Burglary residential Hartbeesfontein. Equipment, household goods and firearm stolen. 
2) Theft general Skeerpoort. Tools stolen.


Reported Criminal Cases for 12 and 13 Nov 2015.  

Sector One: 
1) Fraud supermarket Village mall. Suspect arrested after fraudulent use of bank card 
2) Business Robbery filling station near Xanadu. Client and employees held at gunpoint by five suspects in white single cab Isuzu bakkie. Personal belongings as well as cash, computer, printer and cellphones stolen. 

Sector Three:
1) Theft general Bultfontein. Tools stolen. 
2) Stocktheft poultry farm Skeerpoort. 100 chickens stolen.


Reported Criminal Cases for 13 and 16 Nov 2015.
Sector One
1) Fraud Sediba Plaza. Cash fraudulently withdrawn from account. 
2) Inquest Refentse Rietfontein. Female found hanged in her bedroom. 
3) Fraud filling station atm Damdoryn. Cash fraudulently withdrawn .

4) Theft of motor vehicle Village Mall. Toyota Tazz stolen. 
5) Assault GBH Sunway. Suspoect arrested after assaulting girlfriend. Assault GBH tavern Ten Rooms. Two cases whereby two suspects stabbed each other with broken beer bottles.                                    

Sector Two: 
1) Malicious damage and theft two cases reported cellphone towers near Peaconwood and Hartbeeshoek Road. Pallisade fences damaged, spotlight and eight batteries stolen. 
2) Theft general supermarket Hartbeeshoek Road. Cash stolen by former employee. 
3) Possession stolen property R512 Broederstroom area. Truck transporting yellow catterpillar hijacked in Krugersdorp apprehended by Pretoria Flying Squad and two suspects arrested. 
4) Theft out of motor vehicle Kalkheuwel East. GPS and expensive surveying equipment stolen from vehicle. 
5) Theft general Kalkheuwel East. Water pump stolen. 
6) Theft general Welgegund. Copper cable stolen. 
7) Drunkenness resort Broederstroom. Suspect arrested.                                               

Sector Three:  
1) Theft out of and from motor vehicle Remhoogte. Radio and battery stolen. 
2) Assault GBH Remhoogte, Daughter assaulted by father.


Reported Criminal Cases for 16 and 17 Nov 2015
Sector One:                                      

1) Theft out of motor vehicle Canon Crescent Ifafi Laptopo stolen. 
2) Theft from motor vehicle Ouwapad Ifafi. Battery stolen from bakkie. 
3) Burglary business school Rietfontein south. Fruit and vegetables stolen. 
4) Malicious damage nursery Rietfontein south. Infrastructure damaged, nothing stolen.   

Sector Two:                                  

1) Negligent loss of firearm resort Broederstroom. Firearm not kept in safe.  

Sector Three:                                  

1) Stock Theft Skeerpoort (Two cases) two cows stolen and slaughtered. 
2) Possession of stolen property Schaumberg. Four suspects arrested whilst attempting to sell stolen meat. 
3) Contravention of Court Order Simon Bekker st Kosmos. Court Order relates to access into Kosmos security gates.


Reported Criminal Cases for 17 and 18 Nov 2015. 

Sector One:                                                

1) Burglary residential Lemetfort St Ifafi.TV, laptops and harddrive stolen. 
2) Illegal Sale of liquor Ten Rooms. Two suspects arrested. 
3) Possession of dagga Ten Rooms. Suspect arrested. 
4) Burglary residential Karel St Schoemansville. Harddrive and Iphones stolen.  


Sector Three:                                    

1) Theft general Skeerpoort. Water pump and cable stolen.


Reported Criminal Cases for 18 and 19 Nov 2015.   

Sector One:                                    

1) Theft general Refentse Rietfontein. Cable stolen. 
2) Possession of dagga Damdoryn. Two suspects arrested. 
3) Theft general restaurant R511 near Aquarium. Cellphone allegedly stolen by two females posing as clients 
4) Drunkeness Ifafi. Suspect arrested. 
5) Burglary residential Melodie Plots. Welding machine stolen from store. 
6) Theft general Rietfontein. Borehole pump and cable stolen.                                      

Sector Two:                                  

1) Theft from motor vehicle Mountain Lake parking. Tools, generator and equipment. Stolen from back of bakkie 
2) Malicious damage Hartbeeshoek Road. Thousands of hectares of grazing destroyed by fire. 
3) Burglary business lodge Hartbeeshoek. Generator, compressor, grinder and drill stolen.


Reported Criminal Cases for 19/20 Nov 2015.

Sector One.                                                              

1)Possession of dagga Damdoryn. Suspect arrested. 
2) Theft general Cloister St Meerhof. Currugated iron sheets, patio frame and table legs stolen. 
3) Fraud Bach st Melodie. Suspect arrested after applying for work with security firm using fraudulent documents.                                         
Sector Two.                                              

1) Burglary residential estate Broederstroom. Household hardware stolen                                                       

Sector Three.
1) Burglary residential security estate De Rust. Three houses broken into whereby numerous valuables stolen including TVs, laptops and cellphones.


Reported Criminal Cases for 20/23 Nov 2015.

Sector One.
1) Inquest Ten Rooms Rietfontein.Now  deceased person with two other male persons were shocked in October 2015 whilst allegedly attempting to connect electricity illegally.Now    deceased was admitted to hospital with multiple burn wounds and subsequently died. 
2) Fraud Sediba Plaza. Elderly female person scammed at ATM and cash fraudulently withdrawn. 
3) Illegal use of gill netting near Meerhof bridge. Three suspects arrested. 
4) Theft general school security estate Rietfontein.Camera and mountain bike stolen. 
5) Possession of dagga Ten Rooms area. Six suspects arrested. 
6) Culpable homicide vd Hoff Road near Ten Rooms( Two separate cases. Eight year male child hit by motor vehicle and declared dead upon arrival at hospital. In other case Zimbabwean national hit by motor vehicle and declared dead on scene by paramedics. 
7) Burglary business Scott St opp Snake Park. Liquor stolen from restaurant. 
8) Assault GBH Ten Rooms. Victim assaulted with beer bottle. 
9) Intimidation Boom Crescent Ifafi. Victim threatened with death via sms.        

Sector Three.
1) Driving vehicle without licence. Skeerpoort R 560. Suspect arrested.
2) Burglary residential Karin st Kosmos. Laptop, Charger and bags stolen. 
3) Burglary business Telkom Exchange near Kosmos. Twelve batteries and cable stolen.


Reported Criminal Cases for 24/25 Nov 2015.

Sector One
1) Theft of motor vehicle and dog poisoning Powder st Ifafi. Honda motor cycle stolen and dog  died from poisoning.
2) Burglary business Ouwapad Maluti centre. Two shops broken into and generator, tools computer, radio, cash and other items stolen.
3) Theft general filling station Damdoryn. iPhone  stolen.
4) Possession of dagga Damdoryn. Suspect arrested.

Sector Three.
1) Theft general near Kosmos MTN tower. 8 batteries stolen.
2) Burglary residential Dullapark informal settlement Hartbeesfontein. Numerous household goods stolen.


Reported Criminal Cases for 26/27 Nov 2015.

 Sector One
1) Theft general Rietfontein. Transformer and wooden poles stolen. 
2) Theft general Sediba Plaza. Handbag stolen in shop from trolley. 
3) Theft general Melodie Plots. Sideboard, microwave and other goods stolen.                                               

Sector Three.
1) Stock Theft Bultfontein. Five pigs stolen.


Reported Criminal Cases for 27 to 30 Nov 2015.

Sector One
1) Rape Beethoven Road Melodie Plots. Female minor allegedly raped by Male suspect whom was subsequently arrested. 
2) Burglary residential Dam Drive Ifafi. Jewelry, clothing and VCR stolen. 
3) Drinking in public Melodie. Two suspects arrested. 
4) Drunken driving Damdoryn crossing. Five suspects arrested. 
5) Burglary residential Canon Crescent Ifafi. Two adjoining houses broken into whereby numerous household goods stolen. 
6) Burglary business restaurant old Rustenburg Road. Laptop, TV and DVd stolen. 
7) Theft general guest house Scott st Schoemansville. Iphone stolen. 
8) Burglary residential Ten Rooms. Clothing and cash stolen.

Sector Two.
1) Assault GBH tavern Broederstroom. Female victim assaulted  with beer bottle by female suspect and subsequently arrested. 
2) Theft of motor vehicle. Lodge Hartbeeshoek Road. Motor cycle and quadbike stolen.                               

Sector Three.
1) Theft general Paul Kruger st Kosmos. Laptop and modem stolen. 
2) Possession stolen property Skeerpoort. Two suspects arrested whilst stealing railway lines. 
3) Burglary residential Skeerpoort. Towels and bedding stolen. 
4) Stock Theft poultry farm Skeerpoort. Chickens stolen. 5) Theft general R512 near Kosmos. Telkom cables stolen. 
6) Drunkenness Skeerpoort. Suspect arrested. 
7) Burglary residential Remhoogte. Pump,sewing machine, and two way radio stolen.



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