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Crime Reports - Jan 2016

Reported criminal cases for 31st Dec 2015 to 4th Jan 2016.

Sector One.                                    

1) Theft from motor vehicle Rietfontein. Batteries stolen from truck.

2) Theft general Scott st near Snake Park Schoemansville. Camera stolen out of bag.

3) Drunkenness and drinking in public over whole sector. Three suspects arrested.

4) ATM bombing Sediba Plaza. Two suspects , one armed with pistol threatened security staff. After which ATM was blown up. Suspects believed to have fled in white VW Polo with tinted windows.

5) Assault GBH Damdoryn. Victims seriiously assaulted by father and son suspects.

6) Burglary residential Caperbush St Melodie. Numerous electrical goods stolen.


Sector Two.

1) Assault GBH bar Broederstroom. Victim stabbed with knife by suspect.                


Sector Three.

1) Stock Theft Skeerpoort. Three pigs stolen.

2) Burglary residential near Kosmos. Two security estates whereby suspects broke into separate houses and stole numerous household goods and jewelry.

3) Burglary residential Skeerpoort. Tools stolen.

4) Assault GBH Kommandonek. Female assaulted with broomstick.

5) Burglary residential Schaumberg. Groceries stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 5 and 6 January 2016.  


Sector One:                                   

1) Theft general Melodie plots. Nine 9kg gas bottles stolen.

2) Fraud Jan Smuts ave Meerhof. Victim deposited cash for goods never delivered.

3) Driving vehicle without licence Ouwapad Ifafi. Fine imposed.

4) Arson Hertzog st Schoemansville. Two vehicles burnt out as well as portion of carport roof.                                


Sector Two:                                      

1) House Robbery Skuilkloof. Victims held at gunpoint by single suspect and robbed of three cellphones and laptop.                  


Sector Three:                                    

1) Assault common Schaumberg. Female assaulted by boyfriend with stick. Suspect arrested.


Reported criminal cases for 6 and 7 January 2016


Sector One:                                  

1) Burglary residential Syferfontein. Laptop. Iphone and jewelry stolen.

2) Burglary residential Kuyper st Schoemansville. Two TVs and playstation stolen.

3) Theft general Sunway. Gas bottle and CDs stolen.

4) Inquest Waterfront st Schoemansville. Apparent death by suicide being investigated by Police of 36 year old male person.                 


Sector Two:                                  

1) Theft general resort near Moutain Lake. Iphone stolen.

2) Common Robbery Oberon Road. Female robbed of cellphone and perfume by ex boyfriend whom was arrested.

3) Burglary residential Broederstroom. Bar fridge and generator stolen.                            


Sector Three:                                                    

1) Intimidation Kommandonek. Victim threatened after transformer was repaired.

2) Fraud time share resort De Rust. Victim defrauded of large sum of cash by bogus agent selling club points.


Reported criminal cases for 7 and  8 January 2016.


Sector One:                                   

1) House Robbery manor estate Syferfontein. Two suspects posing as Eskom workers held female at gunpoint and robbed her of cellphones, tVs, laptops, jewelry and safe.. Suspects believed tio be driving blue Audi.


Reported criminal cases for 8 to 11 Jan 2016.


Sector One.

1) Burglary residential Nursery Melodie Plots R511. Electrical appliances stolen.

2) Possession Dagga.Scott st Ext Damdoryn. Three suspects arrested.

3) Burglary business pub Melodie. Cash and liquor stolen.

4) House Robbery Saartjiesnek Rietfontein. Victim assaulted by three suspects prior to being robbed of laptop, clothing, cash and bb gun. Victim sustained injuries on head and hands.

5)Theft general Village Mall. Female victim alleges she was pickpocketed of Iphone by two suspects.

6) Robbery with firearm near filling station Damdotyn. Female victim alleges she was held at gunpoint by two suspects and robbed of her handbag.

7) Theft out motor vehicle guesthouse R511 Melodie plots. Silver Ford Ranger stolen.

8)Assault GBH Rietfontein. Female victim assaulted by husband whom was subsequently arrested.

9) Burglary residential Scott st Schoemansville. Laptop, Tv, playstation and computer stolen.

10) Malicious damage Baldwin St Schoemansville. Window broken nothing stolen.      


Sector Two.                                    

1)Burglary residential Broederstroom. Laptop, cellphone and Ipad stolen.


Sector Three.

1) Malicious damage village Kosmos. Wall damaged.

2) reckless and negligent driving road near Magaliespark. Silver Bantum bakkie collided with bridge wall wherupon driver hospitalised.

3) Drinking in public Skeerpoort. Three suspects arrested.

4) Burglary residential pig farm Skeerpoort. Household goods stolen.

5) Stock Theft game park de Rust. Two leopards missing. 6) Burglar residential estate near Kosmos. Iphone stolen.

7) Assault gbh tavern Schaumberg. Victim assaulted with stones by unknown susoects

8) Robbery with firearm Kosmos Road. Victim alleges he accepted lift from two suspects whom robbed him at gunpoint of cellphone and cash.

9) Malicious damage Karin st Kosmos. Window removed, nothing stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 11 to 12-January-2016:

Sectors 1, 2, and 3:


1) Shamburg, selling liquor without a license, four suspects arrested at four sites

2) Shamburg, drinking in public, suspect arrested

3) Shamburg, possession of Dagga, suspect arrested

4) Leeuwenkloof Broederstroom, Carjacking, victim assaulted with unknown weapom/object on forehead

5) Rietfontein, malicious damage to property. Victim was asleep when he heard a noise from outside his house, four suspects were observed who fled after throwing a stone at a window of the house

6) Zandfontein, Kommandonek, Nissan 1400 stolen

7) Van der Hoff Rd, Rietfontein, burglary at a business premises, cigarettes and cash stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 13-January-2016:


Sectors 1, 2, and 3:


1) Estate Rietfontein, theft general, girls pink and white bicycles stolen.

2) Meerhof, attempted motor vehicle theft

3) Melodie, theft general, wheels stolen from trailer

4) Damdoryn, possession of dagga, suspect arrested.


Reported criminal cases for 14-January-2016:


Sectors 1, 2, and 3:

1) Schoemansville, drowning of adult male

2) Kosmos, Hartbeespoortdam, theft in terms of the Estate Agents Act.


Reported criminal cases for 15 – 18 January 2016


Sector 1, 2 and 3:

1) Rietfontein, business burglary, computer equipment stolen.

2) Scheerpoort, theft general, lawnmower stolen.

3) Schoemansville, attempted motor vehicle theft.

4) Schoemansville,  theft out of motor vehicle, left rear window broken and computer equipment stolen.

5) Scheerpoort,  theft general, Samsung tablet stolen.

6) Broederstroom,  theft out of motor vehicle,  computer equipment stolen.

7) Melodie,  theft general, gate motor stolen (a)

8) Melodie, theft general, gate motor stolen (b)

9) Melodie, reckless driving.

10) Schoemansville, malicious damage to private property.

11) Melodie,  common assault.

12) Rietfontein, residential burglary, electrical appliances and linnen stolen.

13) Rietfontein, possession of Dagga, eight suspects arrested. 14) Rietfontein, selling of liquor without a liquor licence,  suspect arrested.

15) Melodie,  fuel station, theft general.

16) Broederstroom, residential estate, malicious damage to private property.

17) Bultfontein, possession of stolen property,  suspect arrested.

18) Kalkheuwel, R512, truck hijacking.

19) Scheerpoort, residential burglary.

20) Scaumburg, assault GBH.

21) Schoemansville, residential burglary.


Reported criminal cases for 19 and 20 Jan 2016


Sector One:                                        

1) Burglary residential Beethoven Road Syferfontein. Cellphone and camping chairs stilen.

2) Burglary residential Karel st Schoemansville. Laptops and tv stand stolen.

3) Burglary business vd Hoff Road Rietfontein. Cigarettes and grocceries stolen.

4) Possession dagga Damdoryn. Suspect arrested .

5) Theft of motor vehicle Kuyper St Schoemansville next to GHS. White Ford Ranger stolen.                    


Sector Two:                                      

1) Robber with firearm Pelindaba Road.Victim alleges he was stopped by white Toyota bakkie with blue lights on dash and robbed by two suspects at gunpoint of cellphones.



Reported criminal cases for 20 and 21 Jan 2016.


Sector One:                                          

1) Possession of dagga Damdoryn. Four suspects arrested.

2) Burglary residential Kuyper st Schoemansville. TV, jewelry, cellphone and other items stolen.

3) Burglary business Dreiers complex Melodie. Solar panel batteries and equipment stolen.

4) Robbery with firearm resort waterfront Schoemansville. Fisherman alleges he was robbed by three suspects at gunpoint of cash.


Sector Three:                                           

1) Assault GBH Orange Farm. Female victim beaten up by boyfriend.

2) Possession dagga Orange Farm. Suspect arrested.


Reported criminal cases for 21 and 22 Jan 2016.  


Sector One:                                    

1) Fraud Schubart st Melodie. Victim paid deposit in quotation scam.

2) Theft general complex Melodie plots. Laptop and cellphone stolen.                             

Sector Three:                                   

1) Theft general Pig farm Skeerpoort. Batteries and wheelbarrow stolen.

2) Burglary residential Skeerpoort. Cable, corrugated iron and gas bottle stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 22/25 Jan 2015.


Sector One                                                                                

1) Theft from motor vehicle Karel St Schoemansville. Wheel caps stolen off vehicle

2) Assault GBH high school Melodie. Student assaulted by student suspect.

3) Theft general Syferfontein. Cable stolen.

4) Drunk in public Schoemansville,Melodie and Ifafi. Three suspects arrested.

5) Theft general Rietfontein. Gate motor stolen.

6) Assault GBH Rietfontein. Victim stabbed by female suspect

7) Malicious damage Sunway. Fixtures removed from RDP home.

8) Fraud and forgery store Village Mall. Suspects attempted to purchase Laptops with fraudulent credit card and documents. Suspect arrested.

9) Burglary business Village Mall. Two stores broken into whereby two suspects stole numerous cellphones and laptops from mobile phone store and stationary store. 10) Malicious damage garage Melodie. Suspect damaged tablet.                                         

Sector two.                                            

1) Illegal sale of liquor Broederstroom. Two suspects arrested.

2) Theft general and malicious damage Restaurant Broederstroom. Victim alleges liquor stolen and premises damaged by suspects in leasing dispute. 3) Burglary residential Kalkheuwel. Clothing and groceries stolen.


Sector Three.                                

1) Robbery with firearm Kosmos road. Victim alleges he was robbed at gunpoint by one female suspect and four male suspects of personal belongings when he stopped his vehicle along roadside.

2) Erecting of snares and maliciious damage Kommandonek. Fence cut and game snares found.

3) Assault GBH Schaumberg. Female victim assaulted by son whom was subsequently arrested.


Reported criminal cases for 26/27 Jan 2016.


Sector One.

1) Theft general Rietfontein. Gate motor stolen.

2) Burglary residential Waterfront st Schoemansville Laptop stolen.

3) Theft from motor vehicle Village Mall. Sparewheel stolen.

4) Theft general Syferfontein. Garden chairs, fridge and electrical appliances stolen.

5) Malicious damage bottle store Melodie plots. Door damaged in supposed attempted burglary.

6) Burglary residential Syferfontein. Clothes and electrical appliances stolen. 7) Burglary residential Scott St Schoemansville. TV stolen.

8) Illegal sale of liquor Ten Rooms. Three suspects arrested.

9) Child neglect Sunway. Three children found unattended.               


Sector Two

1)Burglary residential golf estate Broederstroom. Screen, safe and speakers stolen.                  


Sector Three.

1) Theft general Skeerpoort. Cable stolen.

2) Robbery with firearm Randburg bridge Road De Rust.. Victim alleges suspects held him at gunpoint at stopstreet and robbed him of cellphone, bank cards and other personal belongings subsequent to tying up his hands


Crime Report for 27 and 28 January 2016.    


Sector One:                                    

1) Burglary business battery store Maluti Centre. Batteries and laptops stolen.

2) Theft out of motor vehicle Ouwapad Ifafi. Laptop and other items stolen.

3) Fraud Sunway. Cash allegedly paid for RDP house in fraudulent transaction.



Sector Two:                                       

1) Theft general Lion Park Kalkheuwel. Solar panels and waterpump stolen.


Sector Three:                                             

1) Theft general Skeerpoort. Chairs, tables and valves stolen.

2) Possession of dagga Skeerpoort. Suspect arrested.


Reported criminal cases for 28 and 29 Jan 2016


Sector One:                                    

1) Theft out of motor vehicle Buskruit st Ifafi. Shoes stolen.

2) Fraud bank Village Mall. Cash unlawfully withdrawn from account.

3) Theft general nursery R511 Ifafi. Plants stolen.

4) Possession of dagga Ifafi. Suspect arrested,

5) Drunkenness Ifafi. Suspect arrested.

6) Fraud Sediba Plaza. Cash deposit paid for vehicle which was never delivered.

7) Burglary business church Paradise Creek centre. Cash, flatscreen and sound equipment stolen.  


Sector Three:                                       

1) Burglary residential Skeerpoort. Cellphone, portable radio and blanket stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 28 Jan to 1 Feb 2016.                                             

Sector One.                                    

1) Possession of dagga Ten Rooms. 2 suspects arrested

2) Drunkenness pub parking Melodie. Suspect arrested.

3) Burglary business bar Handelspos Melodie. Liquor stolen.

4) Shoplifting supermarket Sediba plaza. Suspect arrested.

5) Assault GBH Sunway. Shop owner and son beaten up by 2 suspects.

6) Murder Ten rooms. Victim  attacked by numerous suspects and beaten with sticks and stones. Victim certified dead on crime scene by EMS

7) Theft out of motor vehicle Dam Drive Ifafi. Laptop, bag and harddrive stolen.

8) Murder vd hoff Road near Ten Rooms. Victim believed to have been attacked by mob with knives and stones and lay in road where he was runover by several vehicles.                                 

Sector Two.                                     

1) Theft from motor vehicle Broederstroom. Mag rims, tyres and radio stolen.

2) Drowning near Eagle Waters. Body of deceased recovered b SAPS Waterwing.

3) Drunkenness R512 Broederstroom. Suspect arrested.                                            

Sector Three.                                    

1) Assault GBH Schaumberg. Victim badly assaulted by suspect in cash dispute. Suspect arrested.

2) House robbery and rape in addition to theft farm Skeerpoort. Female victim tied up and raped prior to be robbed of cellphone and cash by three suspects. Suspects also stole two cellphones from adjoining dwelling. Police subsequently arrested 2 suspects.

3) Burglary residential boat club Kosmos. Sound system and battery stolen.


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