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Anica And The Pearls

Anica and the Pearls


Anica was a beautiful little daughter with bright blue eyes and  long blonde hair.  She was the only child of her mother and father, and how they loved her! How happy they were when she played around the house, as  five year olds do. Every evening mommy used to  put her in the bath and played  with her, finally dressed her, and then daddy took her to bed, told her a story, helped her to say a prayer. tugged the blankets around her and then kissed her good night

Anica had  a doll named Annie and a kitten named  Frosty that she was madly in love with. She took Annie with her wherever she went, and Frosty even slept with her in bed at night. What a  wonderful and peaceful trio they were! These three were inseparable and  to try and remove one of the trio was as unthinkable as death  in the family

One day Anica went to shop with her mother. At the exit of the shop she saw a string of pearls for R5 and was immediately in love  with it. She pleaded  with her mum to buy her the pearls, but her mommy said that she  had to buy it for herself

At home  she emptied her piggy bank. Therein she had the  three Rand coins that she carefully saved up after her  birthday party, and another 50c that she  received  from the tooth-mouse. For a whole week she washed the dished  for her mommy for another Rand and she cleaned daddy’s shoes in exchange for another 50c. She was extremely proud of herself when she went to the shop with her mom, and brought the pearls home. They were extremely precious to her, and  every night she placed them in a small sachet under her pillow

One night, about a week later, just as her dad was kissing her goodnight, he asked her : “ Anica - do you love daddy ?”  “Oh yes  daddy” she said.  “Then give me your pearls” She was visibly shocked, and  clung tightly to the sachet under her pillow

A few nights later daddy again asked: “Anica - do you love daddy?” “Yes daddy, I love you” she said. “Then give me your pearls”. After a long silence she said in a  timid voice : “ No daddy - won’t you rather have Annie?

The next night, when daddy came to say goodnight, there was uncertainty in her eyes. Then came the dreaded question : “Anica - do you love daddy? Then give me your pearls”  “Oh my daddy - please  would you rather take Frosty!

The next night, as  her daddy came into the room, Anica  was burying her face in the pillow. Her tender body shook as she wept from her heart. As he sat down at her bedside she took out a small parcel from under her pillow. It was crudely made up and in her own hand there was  written upon - “Daddy” Tears freely flowed  over her cheeks as she parted  with her precious jewels

Daddy reached into his pocket and pulled out a  black velvet sachet, that he had kept so long, and gave it to her. With a question in her large blue eyes she opened it and shook out a string or real pearls! Her  joy  knew no bounds!  “ Oh Daddy I love you, I love you!” she said while embracing him

Dear friends, how  many times are we like Anica,  not willing to let go of the imitation while our gracious Father has something far better to give to us


KPJ Nel An old story retold


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