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Harties SAP Reported Criminal Cases: February 2016

Reported criminal cases for 1/2 Feb 2016.       

Sector One                             

1) Malicious damage Louis Botha ave. Window smashed and padlock broiken.

2) Theft general Rietfontein, Electric cable, motor and transformer stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 3rd to 4th Feb 2016.

Sector One.

1) Burglary residential Church Marais st Schoemansville. Thieves upon entering attempted to steal various goods but fled when security arrived.

2) Burglary residential Rietfontein. TV stolen.

3) Burglary residential security estate Ifafi. Watches, cellphones and laptop stolen

4) Business robbery supermarket Sediba Plaza. Two suspects robbed manager at gunpoint after assaulting him and an undisclosed amount of cash taken before robbers fled. Police recovered one getaway vehicle on Saartjiesnek. Police investigating leads.


Sector Two.

1) Theft general estate Broederstroom. Cash stolen. Domestic worker missing after discovery of theft.

2) Theft general golfing estate Broederstroom. Jewelry, clothing and liqour stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 4/5 Feb  2016.

Sector One.

1) Theft general Syferfontein . Copper cable stolen.

2) Dealing and possession of dagga/drugs Schubart st Melodlie. Three suspects arrested.


Sector Three.

1) Dealing in dagga Schaumberg. Suspect arrested.

2) Theft of motor vehicle Bultfontein. Motor cycle stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 5th to 8th Feb 2015.


Sector One.

1) Theft general Rietfontein. Cable stolen.

2) Possession of dagga Sunway. Suspects arrested.

3) House Robbery Oxford st  Meerhof. Domestic worker tied up by two suspects where upon four firearms stolen from safe after it was cut open with grinder.

4) Malicious damage and theft. Plastic tunnel and pick and shovel stolen.

5) Carjacking vd Hoff Road. Victims stopped by bogus traffic officer where upon they dragged into bushes, robbed of personal belongings whilst suspects fled in victims vehicle.

6) Fraud Canon crescent. Suspect made fraudulent payment fot generator which was advertised on internet. When drver and crew tried to collect generator they were arrested.

7) Assault GBH canon crescent Ifafi. Victim stabbed by landlord with knife.

8) Burglary residential Scott St Schoemansville. TV stolen.

9) Burglary business pub near damdoryn. Coffee machine. Till and speakers stolen.

10) Malicious damage Meintjies st Schoemansville. Pallisade fence damaged.

11) Theft general Malan st Schoemansviille. Gate motor stolen.

12) Possession stolen property dam wall. Suspect found in possession of stolen vehicle.


Sector Two

1) Malicious damage Mathselapata. Music system damaged.

2) Theft from motor vehicle resort Broederstroom. Radio and amps stolen.

3) Robbery with firearm filling station Broederstroom. Victim robbed by four suspects at gunpoint of cellphone, cash and bank cards.


Sector Three.

1) Theft general estate near Kosmos. Jewelry stolen.

2) Illegal sale of liquor Schaumberg. Suspect arrested.

3) Burglary residential Skeerpoort. Equipment stolen.

4) Theft out of motor vehicle Paul Kruger st Kosmos iPhone, bank cards and cash stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 8/9 Feb 2015.


Sector One.         

1) Burglary residential resort near Damdoryn. Two cases reported whereby bedding liquor, laptops and cameras stolen

2) Malicious damage Scott st Schoemansville. Window frame broken.

3) Burglary residential Sunway. Clothing stolen.

4) Robbery with firearm Chameleon village centre. Female hitchhiker with baby held at gunpoint by three suspects and robbed of cash and cellphone.


Sector Two.

Fraud golf estate Broederstroom. Victim paid for printing of menus which were never delivered.


Reported criminal cases for 10/11 Feb 2016.

Sector One

1) Possession dagga Damdoryn. Suspect arrested.

2) Malicious damage R511 Melodie. Taxi driver allegedly damaged victims vehicle with stone.

3) Theft of motor vehicle outside school Marais St Schoemansville. Toyota Conquest stolen

4) Burglary residential Baldwin st Schoemansville. Clothing and handbags stolen.


Sector Three

  1. Burglary residential Skeerpoort. Tools and other equipment stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 11/12 Feb 2016.


Sector One.

1) Burglary residential vd Hoff Road Rietfontein. TV stolen.

2) Theft of motor vehicle Jasmyn parking Meerhof. Toyota Corrolla stolen.


Sector Two.                                          

1) Burglary residential Kalkheuwel West Tv and duvet stolen.


Sector Three.                                   

1) Illegal sale of liquor Orange Farm. Suspect arrested.


Reported criminal cases for 12 to 15 Feb 2016.


Sector One.                                   
1) Possession of stolen goods Ten Rooms. Three suspects arrested for aluminium cable and a knife.

2) Theft of motor vehicle restaurant parking near aquarium. Toyota Yaris stolen.

3) Drinking in public Ten Rooms, Melodie plots and Schoemansville. Six suspects arrested.

4) Illegal sale of liquor Ten Rooms two suspects arrested.

5) Possession of dagga Ten Rooms. Suspect arrested.

6) Theft of motor vehicle Jasmyn workshop parking. Toyota Corrolla stolen.

7) Theft of motor vehicle Sediba Plaza. Maroon 1991 Toyota Corolla stolen.

8) Burglary residential High School Melodie Plots. Private house and Girls hostel broken into whereby numerous valuables stolen. 9) Theft general Chameleon Village. Two cell phones allegedly stolen from shoppers.


Sector Three.                                         

1) Theft general guest house Skeerpoort. Two geysers stolen.

2) Theft general Skeerpoort. Transformer stolen.

3) Culpable homicide R560 Skeerpoort. Two vehicles involved in mva whereby one person died and three injured.

4) Assault GBH Simon Bekker str Kosmos. Female victim beaten up by boyfriend.


Reported criminal cases for 15/16 Feb 2016.


Sector One.                                       

1) Keeping off vicious animals Sunway. Female victim bitten on shoulder by neighbours dog.

2) Reckless and negligent driving c/o Schubert and Bach st Melodie. Female motorist bumped cyclist at stop sign and allegedly sped off.

3) Assault GBH Scott st Schoemansville.. Victim alleges suspect sprayed him with pepper gas


Sector Two.                                    

1) Assault GBH near Lion Park Lanseria Road. Victim allegedly assaulted with fists and stones by suspect.

2) Theft general Broederstroom.. Deposit paid for goods that were never delivered.

3) Malicious damage Jalalpor Road Broederstroom. Female suspect set fire to victims clothing, shoes and documents. Whereby house almost burned down.


Sector Three.                                    

1) Theft general Pig farm Skeerpoort. Tractor battery stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 16/17 Feb 2016.


Sector One.

1) Theft general school Melodie plots. Mirrors stolen and recovered.

2) Theft general Baldwin st Schoemansville. Copper pipes stolen.                       


Sector Three.

1) Assault GBH tavern Skeerpoort. Victim assaulted with bottle.

2) Burglary residential Skeerpoort. Valuables stolen.

3) Theft general lodge Skeerpoort. Pool pump stolen.

4) Stock Theft Bultfontein. Sheep stolen.

5) Malicious damage boat club Kosmos.Damage to premises incurred by alleged housebreakers.


Reported criminal cases for 17/18 Feb 2016.


Sector One

1) Burglary residential Karel sr Schoemansville. Laptop and tablets stolen.

2) Illegal sale of liquor Rietfontein. Suspect arrested.

3) Intimidation Sunway. Suspects surrounded victims house.

4) Theft general filling station near Xanadu. Petyrol stolen.


Sector Two.

1) Theft general Kalkheuwel. Gas bottle stolen.


Sector Three.

1) Malicious damage estate De Rust. Cable damaged.

2) Theft general lodge Skeerpoort. Purse stolen.

3) Burglary residential Paul Kruger st Kosmos. Saucepans and toaster stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 18/19 Feb 2016.                                          

Sector One.

1) Burglary business Rietfontein. Cucumbers stolen out of tunnels.

2) Theft general clothing shop Schoemansville. Cellphone allegedly stolen by couple posing as clients.

3) Theft general shop Village Mall. Cellphone allegedly stolen by suspect posing as client.

4) Theft general trailer hire business Ifafi. Trailer hired and never returned

5) Robbery with firearm vd Hoff Road Rietfontein. Truck driver allegedly robbed at gunpoint by four suspects of wallet with bankcards and licence.


Sector Two.

1) Theft general Telkom exchange Broederstroom. Cab le stolen.

2) Theft general Hartbeeshoek Road. Solar panels stolen.

3) House Robbery near Pelindaba Broederstroom. Female victim with two daughters held at knifepoint by two suspects prior to stealing laptop, cellphone. TV, cash and jewelry.                                               


Sector Three.

1) Culpable homicide Kommandonek. Truck and two cars involved in mva. Driver of one vehicle died on scene.

2) Burglary residential adjoining houses Paul kruger st Kosmos. Two houses broken into. Undisclosed items stolen.

3) Malicious damage residential complex Skeerpoort. Windscreen and side windows of vehicle smashed.


Reported criminal cases for 19th to 22nd Feb 2016.


Sector One:

1) Pointing of firearm Beethoven Road Melodie plots. Road rage incident.

2) Burglary business Dreiers complex. Solar panels and invertors stolen.

3) Burglary business Telkom towers Ifafi.

8 batteries stolen.

4) Malicious damage cellphone tower Syferfontein and near Xanadu. Padlock broken and container damaged. 5) Theft from motor vehicle estate Rietfontein. Sparewheel stolen.

6) Burglary residential Buskruit ave Ifafi. Tv and camping gear stolen.

7) Possession of dagga Scott st and Damdoryn. Seven suspects arrested.

8) Burglary residential resort near Damdoryn. Cellphones and handbag stolen.

9) Malicious damage Rietfontein. Gate damaged

10) Business Robbery  departmental store Village Mall. Two guards held at gunpoint prior to store being broken into whereby expensive perfumes stolen in addition to guards cellphone.

11) Common assault and contravention of protection order Schubert st Melodie. Couple arrested in domestic violence incident.

12) Theft general Cloister st Meerhof. Furniture stolen.


Sector Two.

1) Failure to stop after accident R512 Lanseria Road.


Sector Three.

1) Reckless and negligent driving c/o R512 and R560.Mva between two vehicles.

2) Business burglary Mtn towers Skeerpoort. Eight batteries stolen.

3) Assault gbh Skeerpoort. Victim attacked by group of suspects.

4) Theft general Skeerpoort. Irrigation pipes stolen.

5) Assault GBH Orange Farm. Two victims assaulted by same suspect.

6) Illegal sale of liquor Orange Farm. Suspect arrested.


Reported criminal cases for 22/23 Feb 2016.                                           

Sector One.

1) Malicious damage Syferfontein. Suspect broke complainant,s cellphone.

2) Theft general Ten Rooms. Cash stolen

3) Burglary residential Cloister st Meerhof. Gate motor, scrap metal, gazebo and bags stolen.



Sector Two.

1) Attempted housebreaking lodge Broederstroom. Sliding door of chalet forced open.

2) Fraud estate Broederstroom. Cash fraudulently withdrawn from account.


Sector Three.

1) Burglary residential Paul Kruger St Kosmos. Numerous household goods and clothing stolen.

2) Assault GBH Schaumberg. Female badly assaulted by suspect whom was arrested.


Reported criminal cases for 23/24 Feb 2015.


Sector One.                                                                 

1) Possession of dagga Damdoryn. Two suspects arrested

2) Burglary residential long Tom st Ifafi. Laptop and harddrive stolen.

3) Attempted robbery Dozi Road Rietfontein.Suspect attempted to rob female victim but she managed to runaway.                     


Sector two.

1) Theft general Welgegund. Solar panels and control box stolen.

2) Malicious damage lodge Broederstroom. Cable and electric box damaged.                        


Sector Three.

  1. Burglary residential Bultfontein. Grinder, crates, kettle and extention cord stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 24/25 Feb 2016.


Sector One

1) Burglary buisiness Dreiers complex trailer hire Melodie. Four trailer wheels stolen.

2) Possession of dagga Damdoryn. Suspect arrested.


Sector Two.

1) House Robbery Kalkheuwel. Victim held at gunpoint by three suspects and robbed of cellphones and shoes.


Sector Three.

  1. Theft general Skeerpoort. Irrigation valves stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 25/26 Feb 2016.                                          

Sector One.

1) Burglary residential estate Rietfontein. Laptop and cellphone stolen.

2) Shoplifting supermarket Village Mall7m Suspect arrested.

3) Burglary business restaurant near aquarium. Computer, bicycle and liquor stolen.


Sector Two.

1) Attempted murder Kalkheuwel. Three suspecs were spotted attempting to break into premises whereupon they fired shots at complainant.

2) Posession stolen property tavern Broederstroom. Two suspects arrested.

3) Burglary residential Kalkheuwel. Speakers stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 26 to 29 Feb 2016


Sector One.

1) Theft from motor vehicle restaurant Saartjiesnek. Spare wheel stolen.

2) Malicious damage Scott st Schoemansville. Pipes damaged.

3) Burglary residential Cassien st Schoemansville. Tv, laptop and speakers stolen.

4) Theft general Village Mall Cash stolen.

5) Malicious damage Devalera st Schoemansville. Window smashed.

6) Assault GBH. Three cases reported from Ten Rooms / Sunway and one from Kleinste st Ifafi.

7) Theft from motor vehicle Strydom st Schoemansville. Radio and battery stolen.

8) Theft general Rietfontein. Tools. Cash, fridge and cellphone stolen.

9) Burglary business bar opp Telkom tower Ifafi. Cash, liquor and cigarettes stolen.


Sector Two.

1) Theft general estate Broederstroom. Jewelry and keys stolen.

2) Fraud Kalkheuwel. Health care info obtained without consent.                    


Section Three.

1) Reckless and negligent driving R512 and R560 roads. Three accidents whereby multi car accidents and several persons seriously injured.

2) Malicious damage estate near Kosmos. Fence cut

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