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Reported Cases Harties SAP - March 2016


The cases as indicated below are those as received for Hartbeespoort SAP. It must be noted that this is not necessarily all official cases and unreported criminal activity will also not be reflected. No reports have been received for the period 18-24 March.


Reported cases for 1/2 March 2016.


Sector One

1) Burglary residential boat club Ifafi. TV stolen.

2) Burglary residential Sunway Cash, clothing, groceries and cellphone stolen.

3) Possession stolen goods Silverton relating to business robbery Village Mall


Sector Two

1) Robbery with firearm Lanseria Road. Victim stopped by bogus traffic official and robbed at gunpoint of cash and cellphone.

2) Malicious damage Broederstroom. Fence cut. 3). Theft out of motor vehicle adventure club Broederstroom. Cellphones.


Reported cases for 2 and 3 March 2016.                                             


Sector One:                                     

1) Theft general h/school Melodie plots.

2) Theft general trailer hire Melodie. Trailer hired but not returned.

3) Theft general Melodie Plots. Gate motor stolen.

4) Drinking in public Scott st Schoemansville. Suspect arrested.

5) Possession of dagga Damdoryn. Suspect arrested.

6) Theft general school Marais st Schoemansville. Laptop stolen. 


Sector Two:                                     

1) Theft general Welgegund. Gate motor stolen.

2) Theft out of motor vehicle Mountain Lake parking. Laptop, Ipad and other items stolen.

3) Theft general Broederstroom. Circuit breaker stolen.

4) Theft general Kalkheuwel. Pump, DV board and cable stolen.                                  


Sector Three:                                    

1) Burglary business lodge Skeerpoort. Household goods stolen.

2) Burglary business MTN site De Rust. 13 batteries stolen.

3) Burglary business Skeerpoort. Grinder, drills and other tools stolen.


Reported cases for 4th to 7th March 2016.


Sector One.

1) Burglary residential Rietfontein. Solar panels stolen out of container.

2) Theft general estate Melodie. Contents of purse stolen.

3)Burglary business and possession stolen property resort Melodie plots. Suspect apprehended by security officer with 16 chairs stolen from resort and subsequently arrested by Police.

4) Burglary residential Bloodwood st Melodie. Tv, Ipad, laptop and clothes stolen.

5) Burglary residential Harrington st Schoemansville. Cell phone and laptop stolen.

6) Burglary residential Karel st Schoemansville. Tv stolen.

7) Common assault Ouwapad Ifafi. Domestic violence.

8) House Robbery guesthouse Scott st Schoemansville. Two guests held at gunpoint in separate rooms and robbed of cash and cellphones.


Sector Three.

1) Theft general Kommandonek. Solar pnls stolen.

2) Stock Theft Bultfontein. Two goats stolen.

3) Theft general resort Kommandonek. Solar panel stolen.

4) setting of snares Kommandonek. Two black Impalas injured and subsequently euthanised.

5) Burglary residential estate De Rust. Unknown items stolen.

6) Assault GBH tavern Skeerpoort. Victim stabbed by suspect.

7) Rape Schaumberg Skeerpoort. Eleven year old female raped by suspect known to her.


Reported cases for 8/9 Mar 2016.


Sector One.

1) Theft general Village Mall. Medical kit allegedly stolen out of trolley

2) Illegal sale of liquor Ten Rooms. Two suspects arrested.


Sector Three.

  1. Theft general Skeerpoort. Ten horse bridles and saddles stolen.


Reported cases for 10/11 Mar 2016.


Sector One

1) Fraud Sediba Plaza. Money fraudulently transferred into wrong account.


Sector Two.

1) Theft general Mountain Lake. Two Tvs stolen.


 Sector Three.

1) Possession of dagga Skeerpoort. Suspect arrested.

2) Common assault Shaumberg. Victim assaulted by boyfriend.




Reported cases for 11 to 14 Mar 2016.


Sector One.

1) Theft general Syferfontein. Pump. Cable and plastic piping stolen.

2) Possession of dagga vd Hoff Road Rietfontein. Two suspects arrested.

3) Theft out of motor vehicle Beskruit ave Ifafi. Schoolbag stolen. 4) Drunk in public R511 Melodie. Three suspects arrested.

5) Malicious damage near MBT garage R511. Vehicle bonnet damaged.

6) Burglary business Trailer shop Melodie. Cash and laptops stolen.

7) Burglary business Rietfontein. Cash, camera and printer stolen.

8) Theft out of motor vehicle R511 near KFC. Cellphone stolen. 9) Malicious damage Damdoryn.Musical instruments damaged. 10) Burglary residential Scott st. Household goods and liquor stolen.

11) Assault GBH Sunway. Victim badly beaten by brother.


Sector Two

1) Theft general estate Broederstroom. Corrugated iron stolen.

2) Malicious damage Leeuwenkloof. Borehole blocked with stones.


Sector Three

1) Reckless and negligent driving near Schaumberg. V ictim sustained serious injuries.

2) Common robbery Orange Farm. Female robbed of cash by two known suspects.


Reported cases for 14/15 Mar 2016.


Sector One.

1) Malicious damage Marais st Schoemansville. Husband burnt wifes clothes and passport in domestic violence related incident.

2) Theft general Rietfontein. Cable stolen.

3) Theft general Powder ave Ifafi. Bicycle stolen,

4) Theft general estate Meerhof. Cycling bag with contents stolen.


Sector Two.                                   

1) Theft general Kalkheuwel. Cable stolen.

2) Malicious damage Kalkheuwel. Fence cut and cable dug up.


Sector Three.

1) Possession of dagga Orange Farm near Kosmos. Suspect arrested.


Reported cases for 15/16 Mar 2015


Sector One.

1) Possession of drugs Damdoryn. Suspect arrested.

2) Fraud Karel st Schoemansville. Victim paid deposit for repair work never done.

3) Arson resort near near Damdoryn. Garage burnt down.

4) Theft of motor vehicle Village Mall. Whitye Toyota Conquest stolen.

5) Theft of motor vehicle Medical Centre Melodie. White single cab Isuzu bakkie stolen.


Sector Three.

1) Malicious damage Skeerpoort. Vehicles tyres slashed.

2) Possession of dagga. Skeerpoort. Suspect arrested.

3) Attempted rape Skeerpoort. Victim managed to flee from knife wielding suspect, whom was subsequently arrested.


Reported cases for 17/18 March 2016.                                         


Sector One.                                    

  1. Robbery with firearm Cloister st Meerhof. Two victims held at gunpoint in their courier vehicle and robbed of their cargo of cellphones.  2) Burglary residential Louis Botha ave Meerhof. Five flats broken into whereby mainly tvs and jewelry stolen. Suspects driving white Volvo suv are thought to be same suspects as in (1).                     


Sector Two.                                   

1) Burglary residential Broederstroom. Mattress, jewelry and clothing stolen.


Reported cases for 24 to 29 March 2016.                                   


Sector One:


 1) Theft General Ouwapad Venice Village Ifafi . Fence cut and cable stolen.

2) Burglary residential Rietfontein. Taps and door handles stolen

3) Possession of Dagga Damdoryn. Five suspects arrested.

4) Burglary residential Scott St Schoemansville Two separate cases household goods stolen.

5) Shoplifting supermarket Village Mall. Suspect stole chocolates.

6) Common Robbery c/o Tielman and Marais st Schoemansville. Teenage victim robbed of mountain bike by two suspects after they threw beerbottle against front wheel.

7) Malicious damage Schubert st Melodie. Window shattered by stone.

8) House Robbery Marais st Schoemansville. Couple robbed by knife wielding suspect of two cellphones.

9) Theft general Rietfontein. Four folding chairs stolen.

10) Burglary residential Ouwapad Ifafi. DVDs and cellphone stolen.

11) Burglary residential high school Melodie Plots. Many household goods stolen.

12) Burglary residential Canon Crescent Ifafi. Laptop and books stolen.

13) Attempted housebreaking Harrington st Schoemansville. Nothing stolen.

14) Theft general Syferfontein and Rietfontein. Two cases of cable theft.

15) Theft general Howitzer st Ifafi. Gate motor stolen.

16) Burglary residential Malan st Schoemansville. Battery, Car radio, TV and amplifier stolen.

17) Theft out of motor vehicle Saartjiesnek Rietfontein. GPS, charger and manual stolen.   


Sector Two:


1) Burglary residential Skuilkloof. Wallet and cellphone stolen.

2) Intimidation lodge Broederstroom. Suspect threatened convenor during hearing.   



Sector Three:


1) Burglary residential de Rust. Three units broken into at timeshare resort whereby numerous personal belongings stolen.

2) Burglary residential Skeerpoort. Infra-structure fittings and pipes stolen.

3) Burglary residential De Rust. TV and tools stolen.

4) Stock Theft Bultfontein. Two goats stolen.


Reported cases for 29/30 Mar 2016.


Sector One

1) Burglary business clinic Marais st Schoemansville. Medicine stolen.

2) Burglary residential St Monica st Schoemansville. Fridge, stove and clothing stolen.

3) Burglary residential Devalera St Schoemansville.  DVD player, computer equipment and tools stolen.

4) Burglary residential Sunway Rietfontein. Household goods stolen.

5) Burglary residential resort near Damdoryn. Cellphone and tyres stolen.

6) Common Robbery Chameleon Village. Cellphone stolen.

7) Malicious damage Canon Crescent. Sliding door damaged.

8) Possession of unlicenced firearm and live ammunition Sven St Ifafi. Suspect arrested.

9) Burglary residential Powder Ave Ifafi. TV, projector, DVD player and gold coins stolen.                              


Sector Three.

  1. Stock Theft Skeerpoort. Goat stolen and slaughtered


Reported cases for 30/31 Mar 2016.                                               

Sector One.

1) Theft general Beethoven Road Syferfontein. Mag wheels , nuts and tyres stolen

2) Burglary residential St Monica St Schoemansville.Household goods stolen.

3) Theft from motor vehicle security estate Rietfontein. Sparewheel stolen.

4) Malicious damage Danie st Schoemansville. Windows smashed.


Sector Three.

1) Theft general Paul Kruger st Kosmos. Gas stove, gas cylinder and microwave stolen.

2) Culpable homicide R560 Skeerpoort. Pedestrian hit by Toyota Hilux whereby victim died on scene.


Reported cases for 31 March to 1 April 2016.


Sector One.                                    

1) Burglary business Dreiers Centre Melodie. Batteries, inverters and cables stolen.

2) Burglary business Trailer shop R511 Melodie Plots. Kettle stolen.

3) Contravention protection order Rietfontein. Windows broken by suspect.

4) Burglary residential Rietfontein. TV, sound system, clothing and bedding stolen.



Sector Three.                                 

1) Malicious damage Remhoogte. Wall damaged and fence cut.

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