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Harties Tourism Got Balls!

Ntombi Nyabonda, Managing Director of Chesterfield Guest House set us all up for this adventure. And with her sparkling personality; did an excellent job and one noticed her youthful passion throughout.


It’s not difficult to feel trapped by the rush and roar of our everyday reality; so we all ended up at the
4-Stars Seasons golf, leisure & spa just outside Harties at Winchado guest house.  Everyone received a goody bag with discount vouchers, info, relevant business cards... and a golf ball.

Our balls were color-coded so we could be divided into groups for the mysterious surprises that lay ahead.

Starting this year, Harties Tourism Association (HTA) has adopted a brilliant new approach to our monthly lunch meetings. Once a month, HTA selects a venue in Harties and invites members and non-members to a meet and greet networking session that actually adds value to our otherwise hectic lives. Gone are the ‘boring’ meetings sitting around a table, listen to a few announcements, eat lunch, have a drink and go home.

Now the host venue is encouraged to have HTA participants experience everything a visitor or tourist would when they book a stay.

Our mysterious journey consisted of a visit to the Lodge, Restaurant, Spa and Boma; with more than enough snacks, food and drinks included along the way. Everyone was in awe of the beauty and tranquility of Seasons’ facilities.


  • Outdoor shoulder messages; picnic blankets under the trees in the lovely sun

  • Indoor heated (jet) pool; floatation therapy pool; indoor heated Roman pools; cold pools; more

  • Manicure & pedicure lounge; sleep therapy rooms; ladies & gents steam rooms

  • Single & double (couples) treatment rooms; outdoor rock pools; in/outdoor relaxation areas

  • Men’s & ladies fully equipped restrooms; outdoor spa vertical garden

  • Tanglewood Terrace Restaurant


    Prior to our walk-about, we all first gathered in the function hall for the important, necessary announcements.

    Ian Gunn from Harties Cableway opened the proceedings with an inspiring, emotional talk around ‘let’s support small(er) Harties businesses; refer each other’s business; work together; there is ample opportunity for all of us here! If you can only cater for 6 to 10 guests, then direct the remainder to your ‘competition’; build a friendly, mutually rewarding business association with your neighbor. There is more than enough pie for all of us to share; and there will even be some left-overs to deal with.

    This radical new HTA recipe is working and proving that there is no need to ‘cut each other’s throats’ because you happen to provide similar services in Harties. There is no more need for childlike animosity between businesses or take the sun away from your competitor! What we sow, we will reap and if we all follow this new networking concept; the rewards will be amazing! So the challenge, the dare has been put before you to test it and see the huge impact it makes and the good feeling it’ll provide you!

    Ian continued to inform us that a lot is happening in the background and huge opportunities are coming for all of us to put Hartbeespoort on the Map! Harties has the biggest concentration of tourist accommodation in the province, and not to forget our historical treasure trove of old, rich, colorful history, monuments and landmarks that are all around us and we’re not even aware of all of them. is making an effort in conjunction with Cupro Consulting to list all these jewels in an online interactive map that will be beneficial to all of us!

    We the people make our town – NOT the municipality! So we have to target the problem areas! What have we done; what are we doing to improve our situation?

    NB: Hartbeespoort is the GATEWAY to North West, Pretoria & Johannesburg. (plus the future development of Lanseria International Airport which will be bigger than OR Thambo will swamp our Harties tourist industry in a major way and we’ll need to be prepared soon!

    With this in mind, Ian and the Cableway developed a new updated 3D visual google map of Harties on a 20/20km scale. The purpose of which will be to selectively show the current tourist attractions, guest houses, monuments and noteworthy locations and activity places. (Ian will provide us further info on how we can get involved and or shown on this visually stunning 3D map!)

    Next we were introduced to Wilma and Elize, owners of Winchado Guest House;

  • 8x rooms; of which 4 are self-catering units; and 2x luxury tents

  • They cater from 20 intimate guests to up to 80 for functions

  • As of now there is no Chapel for weddings but they do provide a beautiful arch for the vows

  • Birthday parties are especially popular and kids are absolutely welcome

  • The Estate is safe and secure

  • Meals can be arranged on request

    Dave Johnson handles Seasons’ Sports & Spa; Ernest Hugo & Derrick handle Sales & Marketing

    Beverly form NW Tourism Department spoke to us about grading of an establishment and