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Harties Crime Statistics Up To 2013 - Part 6

Crime Statistics for Harties up to 2013  – Part 6

The crime statistics for the past 10 years for the whole of SA is annually made available on the SAPS website and the database can be downloaded from there. It however consists of a vast amount of data which is difficult to comprehend, unless analysed or made visible in graphical form. The graphs below make the trends visible that are contained in the data. Due to the fact that only numbers of occurrences are given, it is very difficult to draw comparisons between different areas. Perhaps that is purposely reported such. One would need at least corresponding population figures – but that is difficult to obtain.

To somehow make comparison possible we have chosen to portray the data for the different crime categories for Harties, North West Province and the RSA together, so that at least a comparison about the trends could be made.

If the SAPS would allow more detailed scrutiny and analysis of the data, much more usable facts can be deduced that can be directly used in the fight against crime. The SAPS however jealously guards this data and even an official request on the prescribed forms to the SAPS to get access to the data for study purposes was not even found worthy of an answer by the relevant office.

The  numbering of the crime categories below follows from the previous article in the series.

18. All theft not mentioned elsewhere

Figure 18a: Hartbeespoortdam                            

Figure 18b:  North West Province                     

Fig 18c:  Republic of South Africa

The decline in levels of theft for Hartbeespoort since 2008/09 is significant, probably due to good policing measures. The absolute numbers are however still high.

19. Commercial crime

Figure 19a: Hartbeespoortdam                            

Figure 19b: North West Province                      

Figure 19c: Republic of South Africa

This type of crime is also on a steady increase in Hartbeespoort (as well as country wide) and should be analysed in more detail to see in what areas the growth is taking place. The SAPS do not have adequate mechanisms in place to control this crime. Presumably white-collar crime is included in this category.

20. Shoplifting:

Figure 20a: Hartbeespoortdam

Figure 20b: North West Province

Figure 20c: Republic of South Africa

The incidence of this petty crime is erratic in the Hartbeespoort data and no real trend is visible. It may seem that current control mechanisms are somewhat effective.

21. Car hijacking

Figure 21a: Hartbeespoort

Figure 21b: Nort West Province

Figure 21c: Republic of South Africa

No trend can be recognised in this data set for Harties. Fortunately the numbers are small but arguably this crime causes considerable financial loss and emotional trauma to the victims thereof.

22. Truck hijacking

Figure 22a: Hartbeespoortdam                            

Figure 22b:  North West Province                     

 Figure 22c: Republic of South Africa

The peak during 2006/07 for Hartbeespoort was significant, although the absolute numbers are still low. It may seem that measures have been introduced (possibly by fleet owners) to try and curb this crime.

23. Robbery at residential premises

Figure 23a: Hartbeespoortdam                            

Figure 23b: North West Province                      

Figure 23c: Republic of South Africa

The decline in this tendency  since 2009 at Hartbeespoort is pleasing, and the functioning of the CSS may be a contributing factor. The rise for the 2012/13 year, although possibly not significant, is unexpected.


This set of articles was compiled to draw the attention of the public to the existence and value of the police crime statistics. Greater visibility will enhance our preparedness against crime, since we’ll become more aware of the realities of crime. The purpose of the SAPS “Community Policing” philosophy is to embrace the society and request their support in the fight against crime. The public can indeed be of great help to the police, of which the functioning of Community Watches is but one avenue.

The undersigned would gladly invite comments and suggestions from the reader on how we  as a community/ society can further utilize crime statistics in our fight against crime.






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