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Author:  JFK
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Needy BM Ifafi Carwash Guy...

So atleast once a week, a BM shouts for me at my gate... he wants to wash my car - and he does it flawlessly in and outside every time! for a mere R40 a wash. - and nothing gets damaged or dissappears from my car.

My heart started going out to him and I've even paid him for a wash when my car did't need it, plus once paid a week in advance cause he asked pleadingly for some food money.

He's an old BM about 70 I think, clean, neat and courteous; always on foot and brings his own bucket & stuff.

So the other day I asked for his cell nr and told him I could place an ad in for his 'walking carwash' and maybe help him earn a few other regular clients like me? He said he doesn't own a phone - got stolen by tsotsies.

That night it bothered me and I recalled having an old nokia laying about. I located it with it's charger; charged it overnight; went and bought a pay-as-you-go simcard the next day; activated it for him and even loaded R60 airtime to help out.

Honestly, I was quite excited to wait for him to come around again so I could give him the sincere gift and help him out a tad.

Two days later he showed up and I eagerly invited him in and presented him with the phone, showed him how it works, what his nr is etc etc...

He wasn't quite impressed and I couldn't figure out if he didn't like the basic phone or hated it cause it wasn't a smart phone?

Either or, he said thanks and left....

Now I was bothered - I did something good didn't I? I did not expect anything in return! Just truly believed I'd be helping him in some small way...?

So now I don't know if I'll see him again and/or if he'll come and do the wash I paid for in advance???


I believe I get too damn emotional about small things and should learn to stop exposing my heart.

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