Published:  2016-04-29 Views:  1606
Author:  JFK
Published in:  Harties Tourism Association
North West Tourism Board Stakeholder Engagement Roadshow With Harties Tourism Association

Today was a good day!

I was so excited when my alarm went off at six this morning and getting ready to attend this important Harties event. They say good things come to those who wait; well, our wait is over; the good has arrived!

This Friday, 29 April 2016 at 9h00, we all gathered at the Harties Cableway Conference Facility to meet, listen and talk with our elected NW Tourism Board members and management on the current state of tourism in our Province. The overall mood was light hearted but with an understanding the seriousness of this meeting.

The main message for this occasion; The Focus - Culture and Tourism.

After introductions, Ian Gunn from Harties CableWay started proceedings with the most important part for this gathering; our Harties concerns.

  • Signage – Crucial ‘welcome to’ and direction boards on routes to and in Harties

  • Roads – the current condition of our roadways and issues around traffic flow

  • NB: Access to our Dam – the problems with current restrictions

  • Media – newspapers, print media, advertising and marketing

  • Awareness – local Harties’ers not aware of all we have to offer

Ian further stated that Harties Tourism needs free, easy access and cooperation with communication to our local municipality and we believe this platform will now assist hugely in this matter.

Investors are badly needed for current and future projects and let’s not forget the importance of job creation in our industry provides.

This roadshow is seen as a positive feedback and cooperation session rather than the usual complaining and trying to be heard recipe that hasn’t worked in the past.


The general topics that were mentioned;

  • Our Magalies Biosphere – the meaning and importance

  • Harties history – the vast wealth of our heritage, monuments and sights

  • Local publications – IT and social media

  • NW Tourism Board is now our spokesperson going forward

  • Harties is nr 7 for tourism in the province – we need to be in the top 5

  • The Harties tunnel accounts for 60% of Trade access

The Q&A session was especially positive and NW Tourism Board really took note of all our concerns and agreed that all the above issues are going to be addressed now.

Further mentioned;

  • Water Affairs has opened applications for new leases

  • Information is knowledge

  • To look at how we can create Partnerships

  • Do a benchmark study

  • Change political mind-set’s

  • Partnerships in Research

  • New Marketing Model

  • Investments needed

  • Media and Marketing events

  • The importance of Lanseria airport

  • Success is based on local Entrepreneurs – us!