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Harties Reported Criminal Cases For April 2016

The Hartbeespoortdam SAP station criminal cases as distributed publicly for April 2016:


Reported criminal cases for 1 to 4 April 2016:

Sector One

1) Burglary business school Rietfontein. Cash register stolen.

2) Reckless and negligent driving near Damdoryn. Vehicle overturned whereby passenger injured.

3) Possession of dagga and resisting arrest Damdoryn. Suspect arrested.

4) Possession of dagga and drugs Damdoryn. Three suspects arrested.

5) Theft general Old Rustenburg Road. Laptop stolen.

6) Drinking in public, Drunkenness and drunken driving Zilkaatsnek, Melodie and Damdoryn.Four suspects arrested.

7) Attempted Housebreaking Rietfontein. Suspects broke into house but fled after being spotted. Nothing stolen.

8) Burglary residential Long Tom St Ifafi. TV and DVD player stolen.

9) Burglary business R511 Melodie Plots Trailer shop. Computer box stolen.

10) Possession stolen property near Caltex Garage Xanadu. Two suspects arrested after being found in possession of 24 presumed stolen cellphone tower batteries.

11) Theft general church Rietfontein. Gate motor stolen.

12) Malicious damage Ten Rooms. Victims clothing, laptop and I'd documents burnt.

13) Theft general vd Hoff Road Rietfontein furniture factory. Tools stolen.

14) Reckless and negligent driving Total 4 way Stop. VW Polo collided into back of Mercedes. Polo driver arrested for drunken driving. 15) Assault GBH Rietfontein. Suspect arrested for domestic violence related case.

16) Burglary residential Saartjiesnek. Cellphones, meat and documents stolen. 17) Assault GBH old Rustenburg Road. Two female suspects arrested.


Sector Two

1) Theft out of motor vehicle Mountain Lake Centre. Two cases whereby laptops were stolen out of vehicles.

2) Malicious damage Poland Broederstroom. Victims personal belongings damaged by boyfriend.


Sector Three

1) Culpable homicide Skeerpoort. 18 month old child run over by trailer being towed by tractor. Child died on scene.

2) Theft of motor vehicle Simon Bekker st Kosmos. Suspect allegedly disappeared with employers vehicle.

3) Contravention of Protection order Schaumberg. Ex boyfriend in violation of protection order.


Reported criminal cases 4th/5th April 2016

Sector One

1) Burglary residential Aquatic club Ifafi. Three laptops, two TVs, Jewelry and other items stolen.

2) Malicious damage vd Hoff Road Rietfontein, Victims vehicle stoned by unknown suspect,

3) Robbery with firearm Damdoryn near Water Affairs. Female victim accepted lift in vehicle with three suspects. She was subsequently held at gunpoint and robbed of her handbag with cash and cards in addition to cellphone before being loaded off.


Reported criminal cases 5/6 April 2016.


Sector One.                                   

1) Theft general Powder ave Ifafi. TV stolen from lapa.

2) Child neglect Sunway. Four year old female child left unattended for several days by mother.

3) Theft general Village Mall. Mountain bike stolen.

4) Malicious damage Rietfontein. Electric cable cut.

5) Fraud Ouwapad Ifafi. Suspect paid for goods with fraudulent cheque.

6) Burglary residential Rietfontein. DVD player, mountain bike and extension cable stolen.                                    


Sector Three.                                     

1) Theft from motor vehicle Skeerpoort. Trailer wheels stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 7/8 April 2016.


Sector Two.                                   

1) Theft general Broederstroom. Solar panel stolen.                          


Sector Three.                                 

1) Burglary Business Bultfontein. Core armoured cable stolen. 2) Theft general and possession stolen goods. Simon Bekker st Kosmos. Theft of shoes. Employee arrested in possession of shoes. 3) Theft out of motor vehicle guesthouse Skeerpoort. Sunglasses and hair straightener stolen.


Reported criminal cases 8 to 11 April 2016.


Sector One.

1) Fraud Village Mall. Complainant alleges fraudulent transaction regarding Iphone.

2) Possession of dagga and drinking in public Damdoryn and Melodie. Three suspects arrested.

3) Pointing of firearm Sediba Plaza. Victim alleges he was pointed with firearm after agument about parking space.

4) Burglary residential and Possession stolen firearm. Meerhof Oewer. Hand bag stolen from tent containing firearm, tablet and drivers licence. Firearm later found in possession of suspect at tavern in Broederstroom. Three suspects arrested.

5) Theft general Rietfontein. Cable stolen. 6) Business Robbery Sunway. Three Somalian nationals robbed at Spaza shop by six suspects,three carrying handguns. Victims were stabbed with knives before suspects robbed them of cellphones,airtime and cash. 6) Common assault estate Syferfontein. Security guard assaulted by suspect.

7) Reckless and negligent driving Schubert St Melodie. MVA between motor cycle and double cab vehicle resulted in injuries to motorcyclist.


Sector Two.

1) Malicious damage Broederstroom. Vehicle smashed into fence and wall damaging both.


Sector Three                           

1) Burglary residential Bultfontein. TV and curtains stolen.

2) Theft general Schaumberg. Three boxes frozen chickens stolen and suspect arrested.

3) Reckless and negligent driving Kommandonek. Taxi lost control and ploughed into bushes resulting in injury to one passenger.

4) Theft general garage Skeerpoort. Electric cable stolen whereby suspect arrested in possession of stolen cable.

5) Burglary residential Skeerpoort. Wheelbarrow, lawnmower and watering can stolen from store.


Reported criminal cases for 11/12 April 2016.


Sector One

1) Theft general shoe store Village Mall. Shoes stolen.

2) Robbery with weapon other than firearm Ouwapad near sub station Ifafi. Victim alleges two suspects beat him with a stick and robbed him of cash.

3) Business robbery Ten Rooms Rietfontein. Two Somalians in Spaza shop assaulted by five suspects, three with firearms and robbed of cash, airtime and cellphones

4) Business burglary restuarant Silverside Centre Ifafi. Three Tv s and liquor stolen.


Sector Three

  1. Fraud Schaumberg. Suspect attempted to cash stolen cheque and subsequently arrested.


Reported criminal cases for 12/13 April 2016.

Sector One

1) Possession of stolen property Ten Rooms. Two suspects arrested in connection with business burglary restaurant at Silverside centre.

2) Theft general Melodie Plots. Bicycle stolen and suspect arrested.

3) Conducting business without trading rights Ten Rooms.

4) Theft general Caperbush st Melodie. Taps and copper pipes stolen.

5) Common assault two charges whereby one is a counter charge estate Melodie plots. Disorderly conduct within estate.


Sector Three

1) Stock Theft Skeerpoort. One sheep stolen.

2) Attempted Housebreaking Skeerpoort. Window forced open, nothing stolen.

3) Illegal traps and/or snares Kommandonek. Two wildebeests found dead with snares around their necks and a third one injured.


Reported criminal cases for 13/14 April 2016.

Sector One.  

1) Burglary business st Monica st Telkom Towers Schoemansville. Batteries stolen.

2) Shoplifting Village Mall. Suspect arrested after stealing groceries.

3) Theft from motor vehicle Ouwapad Ifafi. Battery stolen.

4) Possession stolen property Rietfontein. Suspect arrested after stolen property found in his vehicle.

5) Theft of motor vehicle Malan st Schoemansville. Blue Toyota Corolla stolen.

6) Business Robbery Refentse. Two victims held at gunpoint by four armed suspects at spaza shop and robbed of cash, airtime and cellphones.


 Sector Three

  1. Burglary residential estate De Rust. Valuables stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 15/18 April 2016.


Sector One

 1) Burglary residential Malan st Schoemansville. Three laptops stolen.

2) Drinking in public Melodie and Damdoryn. Three suspects arrested.

3) Possession drugs and dagga Damdoryn. Five suspects arrested.

4) Robbery with weapon other than firearm.Two suspects armed with knife and wooden pole robbed victim of cellphone prior to being arrested shortly thereafter.

5) Theft general Melodie plots. Chainsaw, game wire, drop gates and other items stolen from store.

6) Possession presumably stolen goods Ten Rooms. Three suspects arrested two of which were escapees from Modimolle. Suspects believed to be involved in numerous housebreakings in sector one.

7) Murder Sunway. Victim assaulted by suspect with pole and later died of injuries sustained. Suspect arrested.


Sector Three.

1) Reckless and negligent driving near Schaumberg. Jeep Cherokee collided with pedestrian whom was hospitalised.

2) Robbery with firearm Kommandonek.Victim accepted lift from two suspects in white Opel Astra whom later held him at gunpoint and robb ed him of two cellphones,cash and leather jacket.

3) Illegal snares Kommandonek. Two Impalas found with snares around their necks.

4) Malicious damage Kommandonek. Door damaged.

5) Assault GBH Schaumberg. Victim badly assaulted by two suspects with iron rod and subsequently hospitalised.


Reported criminal cases for 19/20 April 2016.


Sector One.

1) Malicious Damage Scott st Schoemansville. Mattresses and blankets torn.

2) Theft general venue Melodie plots. Soft drinks stolen.

3) Negligent safekeeping of firearm Rietfontein. Firearm not kept in safe prior to being stolen.

4) Fraud guest house Melodie Plots. Patrons made false deposit payment and left without paying for use and services of facility.

5) Fraud Canon Crescent Ifafi. Cash fraudulently withdrawn from victim,s account.


Sector Three.

1) Theft general restaurant Golf estate De Rust. Cellphone stolen.

2) Reckless and negligent driving/ Drunken driving/ Obstruction of justice R560 near Kosmos. Female motorist arrested.


Reported criminal cases for 20/21 April 2016.


Sector One

1) Burglary residential Rietfontein. Batteries, screen and other items stolen.

2) Fraud Dam Drive Ifafi. Victim paid for goods advertised on internet which were never delivered.

3) Assault GBH Madeleine st Ifafi. Child allegedly assaulted.

4) Possession suspected stolen goods Damdoryn. Suspect arrested in possession various suspected stolen goods.

5) Business Robbery Sunway. Three armed robbers held shop owner at gunpoint and robbed him of cash, cellphone and airtime before fleeing the scene.


Sector Three.

  1. Theft general estate near Kosmos. Aircon and various foodstuff stolen. Suspect arrested by security.


Reported criminal cases for 21/22 April 2016.


Sector One

No cases reported.


Sector Two.

1) Burglary residential Kalkheuwel. Bedding and radio stolen.


Sector Three.

1) Burglary residential Skeerpoort. Tv, laptop,projector,speakers and curtains stolen.

2) Burglary residential and malicious damage estate Kosmos. Storeroom door damaged, but nothing stolen.


Reported criminal cases for 22 to 25 Apr 2016.


Sector One

1) Theft from motor vehicle church Marais St Schoemansville. Spare wheel stolen from Toyota Fortuner.

2) Theft out of motor vehicle Chameleon Village. Two laptops stolen.

3) Shoplifting store Village Mall. Suspect arrested fort stealing slippers.

4) Burglary residential Cassien St Schoemansville. Tv, Laptop and cash stolen.

5) Business Robbery vd Hoff Road Rietfontein. Two Bangladesh nationals held at gunpoint by four suspects of which two with firearms and robbed of cash, cellphones, cigarettes and airtime.

6) Theft general Rietfontein. Gate motor and batteries stolen.


Sector Two.

1) Burglary residential Skuilkloof. Tv and laptops stolen.

2) Malicious damage resort Broederstroom. Security camera damaged at gate.


Sector Three.

1) Burglary business Timeshare resort De Rust. TV stolen.

2) Burglary residential Schaumberg. Tv, Dvd player and amplifier stolen.

3) Burglary residential Schaumberg. Wallet with bank card stolen.

4) Assault GBH De Rust Victim beaten up in dispute with suspect

5) Assault GBH Schaumberg. Three suspects badly assaulted Somali tuckshop owner.

6) Fraud estate De Rust. Victim alleges unlawful deductions from his account by insurance company.


Reported criminal cases for 25/26 April 2016.


Sector One.

1) Possession of dagga Damdoryn. Suspect arrested.

2) Drinking in public Damdoryn. Suspect arrested. 

3) Inquest Melodie Plots. Male person died from unnatural causes.

4) Common robbery Zilkaatsnek. Pedestrian offered lift in white VW golf and robbed of cash and clothing. CSC later arrested three suspects in white Golf.


 Sector Three                                                 

1) Illegal sale of liquor Orange Farm. Suspect arrested.

  1. Malicious damage Skeerpoort. House infra structure damaged


Reported criminal cases for 27/28 April 2016.



  1. Assault common and malicious damage Silverside centre parking. Vehicle bumped and counter assault case during argument.


  1. Burglary business Rietfontein plots. Microwave, battery, tools and foodstuff stolen


Reported criminal cases for 29/30 April 2016.


Sector One.

1) Malicious damage Ten Rooms. Ex boyfriend allegedly burnt victims clothing.

2) Theft of motor vehicle Scott St Schoemansville. Toyota Corolla stolen.

3) Burglary residential Waterfront st. Schoemansville. Infrastructure and electrical appliances stolen.

4) Illegal sale of liquor Ten Rooms. Suspect arrested


Sector Three.

1) Theft general Skeerpoort. Large quantity beetroot stolen.

2) Child neglect Schaumberg. Three children left without parental supervision and care. Parents arrested.

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