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Hartbeespoort Reported Criminal Cases - June 2016

Reported Criminal Cases for 1 and 2 June 2016.

 Sector One:

1) Theft general complex Mauser St Ifafi. Complainant alleges two Jack Russels stolen.        


Sector Two:                                      

1) Assault GBH Broederstroom. Victim hit over head with gate lock.


Sector Three:

1) Burglary business Cafe Skeerpoort. Cash register with cash and battery stolen.

2) Burglary residential boat club Kosmos. Tv, crockery, pots, bedding and towels stolen


Reported Criminal Cases for 2/3 June 2016.       

Sector One.

1) Reckless and negligent driving and Driving without licence Rietfontein. Driver lost control of white Isuzu bakkie and smashed through fence.

2) Reckless and negligent driving cnr Devalera and St Monica st Schoemansville. State vehicle damaged after hitting drain pipe.

3) Failing to stop after accident Saartjiesnek. Victim claims he sustained injuries to his hand after being hit by car on April 29 2016.


Sector Two.

No cases reported.


Sector Three.

No cases reported.


Reported Criminal Cases for 3 to 6 June 2016.


Sector One.

1) Robbery with weapon other than firearm Handelspos Melodie. Victim alleges he was held at knifepoint by two suspects whilst trying to enter his vehicle and robbed of laptop. Iphone and I'd .

2) Theft out of motor vehicle Jasmyn complex parking. Cash stolen.

3) Drunken driving Damwall. Suspect arrested.

4) House robbery and burglary  business restaurant Old Rustenburg road. Employee held by three suspects with unidentified weapon, assaulted and robbed of cellphone and cash prior to suspects stealing tv and monitor from storeroom.

5) Fraud Scott st Schoemansville. Victim paid deposit for live chickens on internet scam.

6) Reckless and negligent driving Zilkaatsnek. Two cars and motor bike in mva resulting in injuries to two persons.

7) Fraud Hendrik Schoeman st Meerhof. Victim paid cash amount for internet scam.


Sector Two.

1) Assault GBH and Malicious damage filling station Broederstroom. Victim hit over head with wooden stick and his vehicle windscreen smashed with stone by female suspect .

2) Theft general Hartbeeshoek Road. Gas bottle, camping chairs. Gas stove, crockery and kitchen utensils stolen.


Sector Three.

  1. House Robbery Remhoogte. Female victim robbed of large amount of cash by single knife wielding suspect.


Reported Criminal Cases for 6/7 June 2016.    

Sector One.

1) Fraud guesthouse Melodie plots. Four suspects left guesthouse after making ficticious fraudulent payment.

2) Possession of drugs Damdoryn. Suspect arrested.

3) Theft general guesthouse Scott st Schoemansville. Laptop and other computer equipment stolen.

4) Possession of dangerous weapon Damdoryn. Suspect arrested in possession of knife.


Sector Two.

1) Theft general farm stall Broederstroom T junction. Orange coloured tent stolen.


Sector Three.                                   

1) Fraud estate Skeerpoort. Cash unlawfully withdrawn from victim's account.

  1. Burglary business function venue Skeerpoort. Table cloths, chandeliers, carpet and other items stolen from store.


Reported Criminal Cases for 7/8 June 2016.


Sector One.                                      

1) Burglary business creche Melodie plots. Foodstuff stolen.

2) Fraud estate Verdi st Melodie. Cash fraudulently withdrawn from victim's account.

3) Theft general Rietfontein. Blue Yamaha generator stolen.

4) Possession of dagga Damdoryn. Four suspects arrested.

5) Theft general pawn shop Schoemansville. Cellphone, gate remote, cash and passport stolen.

6) Common robbery Ten Rooms. Victim robbed at knifepoint by group of suspects of cash and cellphone.                     


Sector Two.

  1. Burglary residential Pelindaba Road Broederstroom. Laptop, tablet, cash, passport and numerous items of clothing stolen.



Reported Criminal Cases for 8/9 June 2016.


Sector One.

1) Possession of dagga Ten Rooms and Damdoryn. Six suspects arrested.


Sector Three.

1) Theft general Remhoogte. Cutlery stolen.

2) Carjacking near T junction of R512 and R560 Skeerpoort. Victim alleges he was robbed at gunpoint by three suspects of his company



Reported Criminal Cases for 10 to 13 June 2016.


 Sector One.

1) Shoplifting Sediba Plaza. Suspect arrested after stealing foodstuff.

2) Burglary business restaurant Saartjiesnek. Fish and wine stolen.

3) Theft general Devalera st Schoemansville. Jack stolen.

4) Drinking in public Schoemansville. Two suspects arrested

5) Possession of dagga Damdoryn. Suspect arrested.

6) Attempted robbery with weapon other than firearm.  Victim gave lift to three suspects one which stabbed in the whilst driving. After vehicle stopped, Police vehicle stopped whereupon all three suspects fled into the bush,

7) Burglary business Santa fe 4 way stop. Food and cigarettes stolen from tuckshop.

8) Attempted burglary Gas shop R511.Suspects fled when security arrived. Nothing stolen.

9) Theft from motor vehicle Strydom st Schoemansville. Battery stolen.

10) Theft general garage Damdoryn. Airtime stolen.

12) Drunken driving Syferfontein. Suspect arrested.

13) Theft general school Saartjiesnek. Cable stolen.

14) Theft out of motor vehicle Chameleon Village. Laptops and accessories stolen out of vehicle.


Sector Two.

1) Drinking in public Mountain lake. Two suspects arrested.

2) Public indecency Mountain lake. Suspect arrested for urinating in public.

3) Illegal gambling Mountain Lake. Two suspects arrested.

4) Murder, Possession of drugs and defeating ends of justice security estate Broederstroom Female allegedly murdered by son whom was arrested. 

5) Pointing of firearm R512. Victim alleges he was pointed with firearm at accident scene.


Sector Three.

1) Failing to stop after accident Schaumberg. Victim hospitalised after being hit by car.

2) Malicious damage Skeerpoort. Taxi window smashed.

3) Burglary residential Skeerpoort. Tv, dvd and jewelry stolen.


Reported Criminal Cases for 13/14 June 2016.


Sector One                                                     

1) Burglary business R511 bottle store Melodie plots.

Computer, grinder, welder. Tools and assorted liquor stolen.


2) Malicious damage Cable way Melodie plots. Cable cut.


Sector Three.                                  

1) Rape estate De Rust. Child allegedly raped by unknown suspect.

  1. Fraud Bultfontein. Cash fraudulently withdrawn from victims account.


Reported Criminal Cases for 14/15 June 2016.


Sector One

1) Theft general complex Schubart st Melodie. Jewelry and coins stolen.

Sector Three.

1) Theft general Schaumberg. Eggs and chocolate stolen from tuckshop.

2) Assault GBH Skeerpoort. Debt collector assaulted by suspect.

3) Pointing of firearm Skeerpoort. Female alleges her mothers boyfriend pointed firearm at her.

4) Theft general boat club Kosmos. Cash stolen.

5) Stock Theft poultry farm Skeerpoort.. Chickens stolen.

6) Possession stolen property Schaumberg. Suspect arrested.


Reported Criminal Cases for 16/17 June 2016.


Sector One.

1) Theft general Snake Park parking. Bag with laptop stolen

2) Theft from motor vehicle Melodie plots. Battery stolen.


Sector Two

1) Burglary business Broederstroom. Gas bottle. Tools,paint and other items stolen.


Sector Three

1) Burglary residential Abram Celliers sr Kosmos. Tv and amplifier stolen.

2) Theft from motor vehicle Bultfontein . Batteries stolen from two vehicles.


Reported Criminal Cases for 17 to 20 June 2016


Sector One

1) Fraud Village Mall. Cash fraudulently withdrawn from account.

2) Fraud estate Ifafi. Fraudulent payment made for goods delivered.

3) Use of vehicle without owner's consent Melodie plots. Trailer borrowed but never returned.

4) Theft general Rietfontein. Gate dialling system stolen.

5) House Robbery Marais St Schoemansville. Victim held at gunpoint by three suspects and robbed of three cellphones. Tv , cash and Hyundai I30 vehicle.

6) Theft from and out of motor vehicle lodge Scott st Schoemansville. Car radio and gps stolen.

7) Assault GBH bar Ifafi. Employee beaten up bypatron whom refused to pay.

8) Theft general Waterfront Schoemansville. Perfume, cellphone and duvet stolen. 9) Assault GBH Sunway. Female beaten up by husband.

10) Assault GBH tavern Melodie plots. Victim stabbed in face by unknown suspect.

11) Fraud James st Meerhof. Cash transferred into account but never received.


Sector Three.

1) Theft general Pig farm Bultfontein. Wood stolen

2) Assault GBH estate near Kosmos. Female pushed out of vehicle by boyfriend after argument.


Reported Criminal Cases for 20/21 June 2016.


 Sector One.                                    No cases reported.


Sector Two.

1) Theft general Broederstroom.R512. Clothing stolen.


Sector Three.

  1. Common robbery tavern Schaumberg. Victim assaulted by three suspects and robbed of cash, cellphone and shoes


Reported Criminal Cases for 21/22 June 2016.


Sector One.

1) Malicious damage Village Mall. Vehicle scratched in parking area.

2) Reckless and negligent driving near Cable way Melodie plots. Vehicle overturned whereby driver hospitalised.


Sector Three.

  1. Theft general Remhoogte. Clothing and fence stolen.


Reported Criminal Cases for 22/23 June 2016.


Sector One.

1) Theft general Waterfront St Schoemansville. Kreepy Krauly stolen from pool.

2) Pointing of firearm old Rustenburg Road. Wood collectors allege unknown suspect pointed firearm at them.

3) Culpable Homicide Bach st Melodie. Mazda drifter double cab smashed into security complex wall killing 54 year old driver instantly.


Sector Two.

1) Poisoning of cattle Leeuwenkloof. Three cows and calf died after allegedly being poisoned.


Sector Three.

1) Theft general Schaumberg. Cellphone stolen.

2) Attempted common robbery Skeerpoort. Victim alleges co-worker attempted to rob him of cash.


Reported Criminal Cases for 23/24 June 2016.


Sector One

1) Theft general school Saartjiesnek Rietfontein. Cable stolen.

2) Theft general Monene st Schoemansville. Pool pump and motor stolen.

3) Robbery with firearm Saartjiesnek. Victim alleges after stopping his vehicle he was robbed at gunpoint by 4 suspects in a red Toyota Conquest. Dart gun and gas gun stolen.

4) Theft of motor vehicle bar Ifafi. Hyundai vehicle stolen but later recovered after accident. Suspect arrested and hospitalised.


Reported Criminal Cases for 24 to 27 June 2016.

Sector One.

1) Assault GBH Ten Rooms. Female beaten up by boyfriend.

2) Robbery with weapon other than firearm Sunway. Victim held at knifepoint by two suspects and robbned of cash and cigarrettes.

3) Burglary residential Baldwin st Schoemansville. Two laptops and safe stolen.


Sector Two.

1) Drinking in public garage Broederstroom. Suspect arrested.

2) Theft general poultry farm Broederstroom. Meat stolen and suspect arrested


Sector Three.

1) Theft of motor vehicle Bultfontein. Motorcycle stolen.

2) Theft from motor vehicle Skeerpoort. Battery stolen.

3) Theft general estate near Kosmos. Golfbag with clubs and cellphone stolen.

4) Common robbery Orange Farm. Female robbed at tavern of cash by four suspects.

5) Burglary residential Schaumberg. Laptop, clothing and groceries stolen.

6) Theft out of motor vehicle Paul Kruger st Kosmos. Suitcase with contents stolen.

7) Assault GBH schaumberg. Victim assaulted by two suspects whom accused him of stealing their property.


Reported Criminal Cases 27 to 29 June 2016.


Sector One

1) Theft general estate Melodie plots. Jewelry stolen and suspect arrested

2) Burglary residential Rietfontein. Stove and cupboards stolen

3) Culpable Homicide near Cable Way Melodie plots. Driver of vehicle killed after mva between two vehicles. 4) Burglary residential Rietfontein. Tv, kettle, safe and crockery stolen.


Sector Three.

1) Theft general Skeerpoort. Waterpump stolen.

2) Burglary residential Boat club near Kosmos. Music system. Dvd player, clothing and duvets stolen


Reported Criminal Cases for 29/30 June 2016.


Sector One

1) Theft from motor vehicle Village Mall. Four hubcaps stolen.

2) Fraud Water Affairs. Two cases relating to alleged misappropriation of budgeted funds.

3) Fraud filling station Damdoryn. Cashier defrauded of R100.

4) Burglary business pub Beethoven Road Melodie Plots. Tv, laptop, mixer and liquor stolen.

5) Shoplifting Village Mall. Female arrested after attempting to steal 6 pairs of takkies.

6) Burglary residential Scott st Schoemansville. Tv and laptop stolen.

7) Possession housebreaking implements vd hoff road Rietfontein. Suspect arrested.


Sector Two.

1) Theft from motor vehicle Broederstroom. Two batteries stolen from truck.


Sector Three.                                  

1) Fraud Skeerpoort. Email hacked and cash fraudulently withdrawn.

  1. Theft general near Schaumberg. Panels stolen from transformer.

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