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Harties Comparative Crime Statistics In 2014 – Part 2

Harties Comparative Crime Statistics in 2014 – Part 2

This article is a continuation of the reporting on the crime statistics for Harties, the province and the country, based on the SAPS public domain database. The use of the crime incidence per 100000 population-metric, makes the figures more directly comparable, but because the Harties population is not known, certain assumptions were made that do have an influence on the figures as described in the previous article. The numbering continues from the previous article.

10. Burglary of Non-residential properties

Figure 10:  Comparative Statistics for Burglary of Non-residential Properties

This figure and the next 3 are alarming, indicating that Harties has in comparison much more  active and successful thieves and burglars than the province or the nation. Fortunately the trends are mostly downwards but still significantly higher than that for the nation and province.

11. Burglary of Residential Properties

Figure 11: Comparative Statistics for Burglary of Residential Properties

Nice trend for Hartbeespoortdam!

12. Theft of Motor Vehicles and Motor cycles

Figure 12: Comparative Statistics for Theft of Motor Vehicles or Motor Cycles

Nice trend for Harties!

13. Theft out of Motor Vehicles

Figure 13: Comparative Statistics for Theft out of Motor Vehicles

Really alarming situation in Hartbeespoort!!!! Or are we much more careless in leaving our valuable stuff in our cars than the rest of the country?

14. Stock Theft

Figure 14: Comparable Statistics for Stock Theft

Concerning this crime Harties does not seem to have much of a problem.

15. Unlawful posession of firearms and ammunition

Figure  15:Comparative statitstics for  Unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition

Bad spike seen in Harties during the last year!!

16. Drug Related Crime:

Figure 16: Comparative statistics for Drug Related Crime

Although the level of this crime is on par with that of the province and the country, the trend is alarming.

17. Driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances

Figure 17: Comparative statistics for driving under the influence.

There is an unwelcome trend in Hartbeespoort the last three years.

18. Theft not mentioned elsewhere

Figure 18: Comparative statistics for Theft not mentioned elsewhere.

We seem to have relatively many more thieves in our local society than in either the province or the country!! The same goes for the next figure – commercial crime.

19. Commercial crime

Figure 19: Comparative statistics for Commercial crime.

Clearly we are relatively a bunch of crooks in Harties!!

20. Shoplifting

Figure 20: Comparative statistics for Shoplifting.

Worse than the country and just as bad as the province. Nothing to be proud of.


In looking at these statistics we are examining the pathology of our own society. We see the symptoms of our own illness as the local expression of some kind of civilisation. These figures are  part of the face of our community and in a sense we all are related to this – either as spectators, victims or perpetrators. One thing that won’t help is to shift blame for the situation – it will bring no improvement. Anyone and everyone can do something incremental to help alleviate the situation, since in the end the question that must be answered is: How can we  heal our society? And policing is only but a small part of the answer.

These graphs were shared with the SAPS in a discussion with Lt Col van der Walt on 1 October 2014, but he had no comment to make since the SAPS have their own means to record and manage crime statistics.




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