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Conspiracy Theory – Part 4 : Topical Conspiracies

Conspiracy Theory – Part 4 : Topical conspiracies


The previous articles in this series discussed the subject of Conspiracy Theory in some depth. As a part of that study (conducted in 2000) during the Executive National Security Program of the SANDF, a literature study was undertaken  on different conspiracies that could be found, to see what could be learnt from them on the subject. They will be briefly discussed below for the interest of the reader. References are available but have been removed for ease of reading.


The Cancer Conspiracy:

Allegations are being made in this theory that the US National Cancer program is  deliberately ineffective and hamstrung. A 1953 Senate investigation reported on a conspiracy that existed to suppress effective cancer treatments. Apparently the Senator  leading the investigation died prematurely. In 1964 the Food and Drug administration stopped alternative cancer medicine that cured many people. In the 60s  two doctors injected 22 unknowing patients with living cancer cells. While they were only on probation, the whistleblower was dismissed. The American Medical Association and the American Cancer Society have co-ordinated lists of  innovative cancer researchers who are to be ostracised. There is a 50 year history of corruption, incompetence and organised suppression of cancer therapies that actually work


The Aids Conspiracy:

The conspiracy holds that the disease was  specifically engineered to destroy the undesirable elements of society (Black, Hispanic and homosexual populations). The idea  came from a study  of the Club of Rome that indicated that the systems of the world would collapse by the year 2000 unless the population growth is curtailed. The development took place in 1970 at Fort Derrick, Maryland, with funding from the US Congress in 1969. In 1972 the Bulletin of the World Health Organisation acknowledges the existence of a virus that can only be described as the Aids virus. The homosexual population was infected in 1987-1981 in hepatitis-B experiments conducted by the New York City Blood Centre. The Surgeon General in 1981, Everett Koop desperately wanted to inform the public about the virus in 1981, but was not allowed to. The African population was infected via World Health Organisation small-pox vaccine programs in Central Africa, at about the same time. Dr Robert Strecker MD did a study  for the Health Maintenance Organisation in 1983, and his research indicated that the virus was  deliberately  created and deployed. He has  been denied every opportunity to make the results of his study public.


The Conspiracy to erect an Electronic Iron Curtain:

The advent of the Internet, that was a powerful people-to-people  information exchange medium, shattered  information control, which meant that  information could no longer be filtered by interested “middle men”. The ideas of men are shaped by what they are told. The CIA in Virginia  started working on methods  how to control the net by means of a system that will act as a strainer of unwanted electronic information flow.


The Chupacabras Phenomenon:

Since 1994 the Island of Puerto Rico has been the site of a wave of UFO sightings, as well as  apparitions of strange  creatures that kills livestock by sucking out its blood. These creatures have the body of a bipedal, erect dinosaur, with no tail. There may be a link between these creatures and UFOs or else they are the product of sophisticated  genetic manipulations. Both the Puerto Rican- and US government  were found to cover up these  sightings by either  forwarding alternative theories or ridiculing investigators into the matter.


The Roman Catholic - Apparitions of the Virgin Conspiracy:

It is alleged that the apparitions of the Virgin Mary of which over 300 appearances  had been claimed since Fatima in 1917,  is a Roman Catholic Conspiracy whereby  world-wide  rule of the Roman Catholic Church would be established. Superstitious people are being influenced by these supernatural events, brought about by powerful sorcery, to submit themselves to Mary, which  would be more or less amounts to slavery to the church.


The Anti-Semitism Conspiracy:

A body of knowledge exists that challenges some of the facts, and in particular the scope of the Jewish Massacres during WWII in Germany. Many proponents of this view have tried to advance this point but were persecuted or sentenced for ‘denying crimes against humanity’ Such incidents  from Germany, France and Canada had been reported. In Germany and France Zionism is propagating imprisonment for academics that do not agree with the established notions about  WWII. The renegade Chief Rabbi of the Satmar, Joel Teitelbaum, claimed that the Zionist movement has a vested interest in provoking anti-Semitism.


The White Separatist Conspiracy:

The group wants white people to control their own destiny in their own territory. They hold that over the centuries there was international treason of a segment of the white ruling class, that it had become dynastic, and had been institutionalised within Freemasonry. Zionism is not the sole domain of Jews but some Aryan Zionists are also involved to “correct” the universe. According to them the white Christian is increasingly being marginilized and victimised and scandalised  in representing an intact white ethnic culture. They believe that separation of the different peoples were divinely ordained to prevent wars and secure the peace.


The Ku Klux Klan:

The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan were organised on Christmas eve 1865 in Pulaki Tennessee as a secret underground guerrilla army to overthrow the Federal Occupiers of the Southland. They were led by Confederate General Bedford Forrest, who permanently disbanded the group in 1869. In the 20th century the Klan was revived under Masonic auspices by Col Simmons in an occult ceremony on Jekyll Island. This organisation was a union busting, anti-Catholic organisation.  Today the organisation is a component of the B’nai B’rith organisation and Hollywood. They are pawns of their alleged enemies and act out a pre-determined role in a pre-determined script.



This material makes interesting reading and the reader will agree, as was stated in the first article in the series, that some of these theories sound so convincing and are difficult to disprove without much study. The article following will summarise a number of national conspiracies.





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