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Conspiracy Theory – Part 5 : National Conspiracies

Conspiracy Theory – Part 5 : National conspiracies

In the first articles in this series it was shown that conspiracy theories can loosely be classified into three groups: Topical Conspiracies (dealing with a specific subject), National conspiracies (dealing with elements of national power) and International conspiracies (dealing with elements of international power). This article discuss a number of interesting National conspiracies.

The Committee for Environmental Justice:

A middle class group functioning on the far right of the political spectrum of the USA. Prevalent amongst them is the  UN Invasion conspiracy theory, in which the sovereignty of the US is being threatened by an invasion of the UN. Some of the grievances are aspects like : The collapse of economies (local), Taxation structures; Lack of a free press; Arrogance of regulations; Increasing political, cultural and social marginilization of individuals in favour of  chartered institutions; The debasement of the political process by self-interest; The Power of  concentrated wealth. The group has good relations with other like-minded groups e.g. The Wise Use group, the Christian Patriots and the Christian White Supremacists. Their opponents see this group as fanatical and the typical breeding ground for revolution.

The Anti-democratic Movement in America:

This grouping, so named by their opposition, of Right-wing organisations in the USA forms  a strong pressure group for the preservation of conservative values. The following organisations or ideologies are included in the movement , overlap one another and  have contact with right-wing militia groups:

  • Post Millennial theology : Their viewpoint is that a Christian Kingdom must be established on earth before Christ will return

  • States Right Movement: Attempts to undo social, political and economic gains of minorities.

  • Radicalised Gun rights Movements: Claims the ‘Constitutional right’ to keep and bear arms

  • The Wise Use Property Rights Movement : Holds the view that property owners are entitled to be reckoned as a higher class of citizen. It is a right wing business lobby. It creates and uses local ‘property rights’ groups as political fronts. This movement was formed as the environmental arm of Rev Sun Myong Moon’s American Freedom Coalition, and it was Moon’s attempt to establish political hegemony over the religious right.

  • The violent anti-abortion underground: Were involved in bombings, arson attacks, harassment, intimidation and physical assault to the abortion environment.

  • The Fully Informed Jury Association: Promotesa “right” of jurors to “nullify” certain laws by acquitting people even though the facts of the case would justify conviction where they deem laws to be unfair. The "doctrine of nullification" is a sub-unit of government unilaterally declare a law passed by a supreme authority null andvoid. The nullification concept underlies the attempts of the anti-democratic right to deny, challenge andsubvert the authority of the Federal

  • The Right-wing Tax Resistancemovement

  • Christian Identity Group : believes that only Anglo-Saxons (Aryans) are true Christians. They are anti-Semitic

  • Christian Patriots: Is a broad movement on the far right. A racist organisation where only white property owning males can possess first class citizenship. They often refer to the Illuminati, International Bankers and the New World Order. Many of them deny the holocaust .

  • Christian Right : Is a loose alliance of politicised religious groups with a reactionary agenda. It is separate and distinct from the Patriot Movement Their main issues are Opposition to progressive social programs, Public education, civil liberties, reproductive choice and women'’ equality

    The Communistic Conspiracy within the USA:

    Documents released from Soviet archives in 1995 proves that the Communist Party of the USA operated a clandestine apparatus in the US to penetrate the Manhattan project. This party was heavily subsidised by Moscow.  Ethyl and Julius Rosenberg were Soviet spies that were tried in the USA by Judge Irving Kaufman for spying on the nuclear field

    The New York-Washington Conspiracy:

    It seems that the advances made by Communism and socialism had not only to do with policies from Moscow, but also from those in Washington. It was the vast  transfusion of Western technology and money from America that on various occasions saved Communism  from collapse. American officials on many occasions appointed communists or sympathisers to sensitive positions, and many American bankers and  industrialists arranged loans and financial aid to the Kremlin. Many Americans were alarmed about the role played by large tax-exempt foundations played in providing funds to individuals and organisations identified with communism and socialism. A former member of the National Committee of the US Communist Party once remarked: I think the Communist Conspiracy is merely a branch of a much bigger Conspiracy.

    Mafia in the US:

    In 1957 the New York State Police discovered a meeting of 61 top Mafia officials in  New York. The Mafiosi called their syndicate in the US Cosa Nostra (Our Thing). The Mafia is a massive transcontinental, transgenerational, selfperpetuating , criminal conspiracy that has operated in the US  since the turn of the 20th century, and in Italy and Sicily a ¾ century before that. There was a symbiotic relationship between the Mafia and the US Communist Party since 1924. It was revealed that the Kremlin in the 1950s decided to more thoroughly penetrate organised  crime in all countries. The result is that the Communist Conspiracy and the Mafia  working hand in hand has had  tremendous power.

    The Conspiracy of Caesarism:

    This  popular conspiracy theory holds the view that the virtues of the Republic, namely limits on power, rule of law and various  checks and balances, should be degraded to have  unlimited rule or ‘Caesarism’. There are apparently many remarkable parallels between the situation of the US and that of Imperial Rome. The position of the President lends itself to Caesarism , and functioned as such  during crisis periods, but  always  returned to Congressional bickering after the crisis has passed. They hold that the Masonic conspiracy modelled America’s political system according to the Roman model, since they knew that it would be compatible with the future world imperial role foreseen for the US. The Presidency was  fashioned so that it would be  as “Imperial” as required, but could always be checked by the “money powers” through Congress and the Supreme Court.

    The CIA-Cocaine/ Crack Conspiracy:

    This theory has it that the CIA is heavily involved in  smuggling drugs  for arms to Columbia, Honduras, Costa Rica and the Golden Triangle. Apparently the CIA have erected the necessary infrastructure and organisational structures  within these countries to do the trade, as well as the access to airports where the cargo of their planes are not inspected by customs.  There is a clear correlation between the volume of the drug trade and the intensity of the war in the mentioned areas.

    The Gemstone file - Conspiracy (1975)

    This is a complex, comprehensive and integrated conspiracy theory about events in the United States since the 1930s.  It begins with Onassis, a Greek drug pusher, who had interests in the golden triangle who made several illegal deals with Joseph Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt. He also signed an oil cartel agreement with Rockefeller and the Seven Sisters (Major oil companies) World war II was very profitable for all the parties mentioned by selling oil, arms and drugs to both sides of the war. Hughes, a Texas millionaire , was obtaining considerable influence in US politics through the bribing of Congressmen, but this was acquired by Onassis by kidnapping Hughes, and establishing control over the US Mafia. With Onassis’s  and Mafia support JF Kennedy won the election as President and many Mafia candidates were placed into influential positions. After the death of Joseph Kennedy , JF Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy started interfering with Mafia drug operations, and JF Kennedy was  assassinated after careful planning by the Mafia. Onassis restored control over Lyndon Johnson, and in Mafia tradition, married Jackie Kennedy. Mary Jo Kopechne and Bobby Kennedy were also  assassinated in the cover-up of the JFK assassination. Discovery of certain fake ‘Pentagon Papers’ in 1971 indicates that the Vietnam War was fought on behalf of Onassis’s drug interests in the golden triangle. The Watergate scandal , carefully orchestrated, caused Nixon to lose the presidency and Ford to become president. At the death of Onassis the Mafia Organisation regrouped itself.

    The Decrespany - Blue Gull Conspiracy:

    After the 1964 station bomb in South Africa, Harris was arrested and before he was hanged he confessed that he co-operated in bringing arms into the country of  which a huge cache was  found on the slopes of Table Mountain, too huge have been brought in by hand.  Harris had mentioned that the weapons came in by means of a ship, the Blue Gull, belonging to a family in Wales, the Descrespanies. The investigation was inconclusive and the docket was closed in 1968. In 1964 Beyers Naude got a grant from the US/UK to produce a study about the transformation of South Africa, and the SPROCAS organisation was established, which published its report in 1968. Dennis Worrall , one of the subcommittee chairmen was subsequently appointed ambassador to Australia, and thereafter to the UK, where he recruited knowledgeable people  for the Atomic Energy Corporation, Armscor, as well as Professor William Decrespany for the University of Cape Town. Descrespany got citizenship to the country after a short while and was appointed to the President’s council, and thereafter on the political committee (of  which he became the chairman) that  drafted the constitution that was voted on in 1983.  His name, published in the papers, attracted the attention of a NIS official who started investigating the original case, finding that Decrespany was involved  in the Blue Gull affair. When he was confronted with the facts he left the country on short notice. This leaves the suspicion that there  possibly could have been  MI6 involvement in the political affairs of South Africa during these years.

    The Third Force:

    During the run-up for the democratic elections in South Africa in 1994, high levels of violence, with political undertones, were perpetrated. Since much of this was so-called black-on-black violence (e.g. the train massacres) , the instigators of these acts, as well as their specific motives were not clear. Some analysts view them to be elements from the SADF, particularly MI, that trained such a force for destabilising opposition politics. Other analysts blamed the South African Police, or the Special Forces complement of the SADF. On the other hand some viewed it to be the work of units of MK or other liberalisation armies that were not assimilated into the new Defence force, or members remaining from the various Self Defence Units. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission could not explicitly identify such a  force.

    The US-SA Flood Conspiracy of February/March 2000:

     According to Die Beeld in March 2000, Eddie von Maltiz , well-known in rightist circles, reported that the Americans did, by means of fantastic technology caused the epic floods in Mozambique during February/March 2000 in an evil plot to force South Africa to its knees. They allegedly want to take over the country. They allegedly use lasers and electromagnetic rays and a magnetic wall to deliberately cause these floods. When the Americans can control South Africa, then they can control the world, because the country possesses all 40 minerals that is needed for  space-warfare. While planes are being used to burn clouds away and dry the country out, in recent times rain weather was stopped against a magnetic wall at the north of the country. This confined the weather in a type of pressure cooker that caused a violent outbreak. The Americans can control air- and seacurrents. They can make wind and decide where  it should rain and where not. It is a war of weather to bring SA on to its knees, and consequently take over the country.

    The Rhodes - Milner- Jameson Conspiracy:

    Cecil Rhodes  succeeded in monopolising the diamond and goldfields in South Africa as De Beers Consolidated and Consolidated Gold fields. In 1891 Rhodes and others  organised a secret society which consisted of  an inner circle of associates and an outer circle of helpers, that was later organised as the Round Table Organisation. These semi-secret groups were organised throughout the chief British Dependencies. The political control of the Transvaal Republic by the Boers, while all financial control was in the hands of industrialists, created an untenable situation, and Rhodes made plans to overthrow Paul Kruger’s government. He organised an uprising in Johannesburg, led by his brother , Frank Rhodes, that would be followed by an invasion of the Transvaal by Jameson from Bechuanaland and Rhodesia. Although the revolt fizzled out, the Jameson raid took place but was  easily contained by the Boers. After about two years of relatively quiet, a brilliant young student of  Cambridge and  vigorous supporter of Rhodes, Jan Smuts, came to Transvaal and by his violent anti-British agitation, became the State Secretary of Transvaal and the Chief Political Adviser of President Kruger. Smuts drew up an ultimatum insisting that  threatening troop movements should cease, which was  rejected by Milner, and directly led to the Boer War of 1899-1902. As is well known Smuts played an important part in the politics of the Union of South Africa, till the National Party came into power in 1948.

    The Cult of Thugee:

    This was a vile and dangerous cult that operated as a secret society in India which combined robbery with religious devotion that involved  ritual murder and sacrifice to the goddess Kali. This transgenerational conspiracy  dates back as far as the 12th century but thrived  during the 17th - 19th centuries. It took an  all-out “war” of the British to deliver India from this organisation by 1830.

    The Order of The Assassins:

    The order was founded in Persia by Hasan Saba in 1090, and soon spread through Asia and the Middle East. While professing to adhere to orthodox Islam, and maintained an outward facade of piety, they perfected the use of murder, deception , corruption, and subversion to achieve their ends.


    What is the truth and what is fiction? This is always the question that presents itself when conspiracy literature is encountered. And the answer is by no means simple. These type of theories are by no means just innocent literature because they represent what some people honestly believe about society, the past and the future – and they shape their lives and actions accordingly, even sometimes irrationally so.

    It would be interesting to know what conspiracy theories are living in our country at this point in time. Any one would like to contribute?


    KPJ Nel


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