Harties Hydro-electric Power Station?

What happened to…

there were plans ‘afoot to resurrect the hydro-electric power station. The Department of Water Affairs plans to recommission the plant and use the electricity to power the equipment needed to remove silt from the bottom of the lake. Huge suction pumps will be needed for this operation and their power consumption will be such that it will be economical to have the power generated locally.

Mr Petrus Venter, regional director of the department, says that the whole plant will have to be refurbished, which would amount to virtually a new plant.

But with the cost of power generation and the possibility of selling excess capacity to the Eskom grid (the so-called REFIT – Renewable Energy Feed In – option) it could just be a viable proposition.

Written by Willie Meyer – First published in Kormorant on 30 July 2009′