Interview with crowbar housebreaking suspect who was involved in more then 40 house breaking cases

What the best days to break in a house?

Monday night is burger night buy one get one free at spur, we drive past spur to check how full the parking lot that mean less people home.

Tuesday night is pizza night

Wednesday is wacky Wednesday.

What about day time ?

Outside lights that are left on is a indication that no one is home and owners left very early when it was still dark. Avoid traffic times.

The flashing blue light of the alarm by the door  is a indication that the alarm is activated and no one is home. To confirm we ring the doorbell.

Sliding gates driveway with no vehicles make perfect cover to reverse into yard.

How long does it take to break into a house?

Houses with no outside beams: when the door is broken open there a time delay on the alarm before it go off this is set by owner most likely 1 minute…by that time plasma TV’s are in the getaway vehicle.

Then when the alarm goes off the phone will ring that gives enough time to look for jewellery and safe when the phone stop ringing 2 minutes to remove safe if bolted…  then alarm response vehicle gets radio and takes about  5 minutes to get to house. You can drive slowly past respond vehicle as he is not allowed to chase vehicles he first have to determine what occurred at house.

When there are beams in the yard ring bell, run past break open door with crowbar and pik grab tv and any small items run out and drive calmly out the area.

How does the vehicles work?

Hired vehicles and pay someone at rental company to provide info when police show up at company.

Dump the vehicles as soon as police sniff around at hire company…

Vehicles use is vehicles that can blend in



VW polo high in demand

Hyundai i 10

Toyota Etios

Toyota Corolla new model

How do you choose the areas?

Look at the selling price of houses in that area also the level of security in the area/ house and also the race sometimes. So called predominant White areas have more safes in their houses and invest their money in gold, jewellery, kruger rands and most have a firearm safe with multiple firearms.

Houses close to exit routes are better. And also areas situated closer to a informal settlement, in order to escape when police chase.

Areas with increase neighborhood watches is a risky area.


Always dress smart as people still have the perception that there is a dress code when u a skollie……if u dress smart creates the impression u have money, all they will see is nice car nice clothes, while u ringing bell.

How do u find safes?

Most safes are main bedroom either in the clothing cupboard some are not even bolted, but bolted don’t work hit hard with hammer put the crowbar behind and take it out wall run out with it open when we home with grinder.

Firearms safes ver in the y have so most of big ones we try open in the house but if to difficult we leave it but small ones we take.

Other safes are built in the wall behind paintings I watch alot of movies and that stupid to put safe there if I hit hard with hammer and crowbar it opens.

How much money you  make a week?

Team of 3 R8000  each by Thursday when u start Monday that only for TV sales, what we call winning with  Lotto bonus ball is when we find a safe with Kruger Rands expensive jewellery…firearms we sell them cause I don’t like guns.  Money in safe most white people hide lots of money in safes to avoid tax most I found was 150000 including foreign currency.

Plasma screen TV depending on size and model R7000 minimum.

That is guaranteed money aslong there is a dstv dish we know there is a plasma sometimes 3 or more in one house most expensive tv is in the lounge somtimes the main bedroom also very expensive tv.

Who are your buyers?

Mostly foreigners who pay well and take the plasma tv out the country. Or sell it on Gumtree.

Gold we sell in Cape Town by cash for gold places.

Kruger rands we have a buyer that pays well but can not disclose him.

Firearms we sell to gangsters we know in township who is involve with armed robbery or hijacking.

Ever broken into a policeman’s house ? Yes only realise when I was inside I saw the photos, was very disappointed.

Why? Police don’t have money took the safe found only papers for divorce!!!!