T HE Chameleon Village African Curio Market has been the centre of attraction for many tourists over the years.

Located at Hartbeespoort Dam, North West, the market offers visitors paintings and hand-crafted pottery, among other goodies.

But now there’s a new player in its turf.

The recently-opened Green Outdoor Gym (GOG) has added some spice to the vibrant business corner.

The GOG for kids is located next to the Reptiles and Lions parks.

Unlike the Soweto GOG, the Hartbeespoort Dam GOG offers exclusive party venues and kiddies’ tables and chairs with tablecloths and runners.

Each of the five party houses is themed and named accordingly: Cowboys, Zukiland, G-land, Hooah and Princess.

Each party house accommodates about 20 children.

Parents also can braai or sit for drinks at a nearby restaurant.

But more adventure awaits both kids and adults alike at the Reptiles and Lions parks.

The three venues have formed a partnership operators hope will last a lifetime.

And if you visit one place, you get a discount at the other two.

Inside the Reptiles Park, visitors get to see the world’s poisonous and non-poisonous serpents.

Some of the snakes include both black and green mambas, pythons and different kinds of cobras. But as a movie-lover, the one interesting snake I saw live for the first time was the anaconda.

Althought it was small in size, compared to the one in the legendary movie of the same name, it still looked scary.

According to Desiree Aspey of the Reptiles Park, they also conserve spiders.

She said visitors were taught all there is to know about snakes and what to do when bitten or how to react when they saw one.

Nextdoor is the Lions Park, where various wild cats, including the so-called king of the jungle, and tigers are housed in massive enclosures.

GOG’s general manager David du Preez, said his organisation is in a collaborative partnership with the Reptiles and Lions parks.

He said they offer patrons combo packages to the parks and a chance to shop at the Chameleon Village African Curio Market.

Entrance fee to the GOG is R150 for kids and R50 for adults.

He said: “Kids under the age of four enter free. The entrance fee allows you access to all the parks’ amenities, including our rubberised spray pad, jungle gym play areas, swimming pool, beach play area, beautifully landscaped lawns and picnic area, with indigenous trees.”